Hooked After a disastrous experience with a boyfriend who turned out to be a con artist the last thing Stacy Fielder is looking for is another guy But dashing devilish Englishman Rodney Charles seems deter

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  • Title: Hooked
  • Author: Cathy Yardley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 314
  • Format: ebook
  • After a disastrous experience with a boyfriend who turned out to be a con artist, the last thing Stacy Fielder is looking for is another guy But dashing, devilish Englishman Rodney Charles seems determined to change her mind.But when she realizes he s been keeping a secret from her and lying about who he really is will she be able to trust him with her heart

    One thought on “Hooked”

    1. This novella was a quick and fun read. This is one you definitely don't want to take too seriously. I mean, you've got a contemporary setting in which there's Rodney, a wealthy, twenty-eight year old English duke living in Seattle and working as a programmer for a small video game company.I generally don't like novellas because I don't like the instalust/instalove aspect of it, and this book definitely fell into that, with the two falling in love and consummating their relationship within two da [...]

    2. I enjoyed it, but it was too short - a novella. Not enough time to develop things.I enjoyed the 1st book in the series “Level Up” so much that I eagerly jumped into this book. I liked it because it kept me in that world a little longer. Both books have good dialogue. The author comes up with interesting sources of conflict.As of June, 2016, both books are free. Level Up is free on . Hooked is free if you go to the author’s website and sign up for her newsletter. The website is CathyYardley [...]

    3. I love, love, loved Level Up but Hooked had absolutely nothing about what I loved from Level Up. It was silly and lacked substance. :( Holding out hope this is just a weird novella and that future books in this series will be closer to Level Up.

    4. Hooked is a little novella that takes place at the same time as Level Up and follows Stacy. We met her as Adam and Tessa's super hot office manager who is sick and tired of being asked out all of the time. Now we know why. She's taking a year off from dating after her last boyfriend took her for $200,000 under false pretenses. He's in jail and she's under the careful eye of her parents whom hold her trust fund. In walks Rodney who respects Stacy's choice not to date, and yet ends up as her fake [...]

    5. Taking place concurrently with the events of Level Up, Hooked is the story of Stacy - a Once Upon a Time fangirl - and Rodney - a British ex-pat coder with a secret. Even more than Tessa and Adam's story in Level Up, in taking its inspiration from OUAT, here Yardley has penned a modern-day fairytale. This all the Captain Swan fanfiction goodness I never knew I wanted (the red dress! the ball! a dashing Captain Hook! THAT EPISODE!) with (considering the story's abbreviated length) a refreshing, r [...]

    6. Hooked: A Geek Girl Rom Com (Fandom Hearts) by Cathy Yardley is a short and sweet novella. I loved this story of Stacy and Rodney. Stacy has trust issues due to a jerk of an ex-boyfriend, and well Rodney has his own secrets. The attraction between the two is undeniable. I loved, loved, loved this story. There were moments where I wanted to smack Rodney and Stacy upside the head and tell them that they are being stupid. The characters are relatable, and the story is just charming. I will recommen [...]

    7. actual rating 4.5 Cathy does it again! This novella gave me everything I wanted and I cannot wait to read the final story in this series. Finally a NA author I can get behind! This was such a fun and sassy read and I enjoyed everyone word :)

    8. This one had novellaitis. The premise was silly, and the story was rushed. The charectors were good, but I didn't have enough time to get to know and care about them

    9. Very cute But one grumble: my usual grumble when non-Brits write about British people. 1) We're not all secret royalty. 2) We don't all drink tea. 3) Even if we don't drink tea, we know that Earl Grey should not be drunk with milk and certainly not with sugar. Seriously, get an actual Brit to proofread.However, I really did find this cute. I like this series a lot and I would have enjoyed it if this book had been a bit longer. Rodney was a poster boy for how men should behave in this post #MeToo [...]

    10. Happily Ever AfterA kind heroine who still believes in happily ever after, but not necessarily one for herself. A kind hero who never saw her coming. It's a novella, so everything happens quickly, but who cares? This book is the literary equivalent of a good cuddle under a soft blanket in front of a fire. With really rich hot chocolate and real whipped cream. P.S. Much of the timeframe overlaps with Level Up.

    11. There needs to be more of these! As always with a novella, there's not enough room for character development, conflict, plot and romance. I do enjoy this particular set of characters, and I want to see more. Also, I should clearly watch Supernatural.

    12. I really loved the first one of the series. This wasn't bad at any means, but still, I don't know What's with all the English guys being dukes by the way? I mean I don't know any or even know who would be one (and I know many English people). More realistic non-americans, please :)

    13. So we went from geekdom attempts to undercover rich and landed English Duke? Okay.Well, it was another fast read and still enjoyable, but fairly cliché overall.

    14. Novella that tales place during the events of the first book in the series, Level Up. I didn't love this one nearly as much as the first book, more's the pity.

    15. I think it's a cute mini story that fits in with the other books in the Fandom Hearts series. Over I think it's a really neat series letting nerdy girls find romance! There's hope for us all!

    16. I loved the humor. This is a quick rom com that quickly pulls you in with likable characters and cute story. I love this type of series and want more. I listened to this book on Audible

    17. Fairytaly and predictable. Had potential but it is way too short to give any depth to the characters. But what has annoyed me most has been the overexagerated British accent, slang and stereotypes.

    18. So cute. I recommend these books to the readers who love cute and quick romance reads. I’m looking forwards to reading the other characters books; if she’s writing them.

    19. Having read 2 other books of this series back in August and the next coming up at the end of the month I thought I`d finally pick this one up. I was not exactly waiting for anything in particular to start, it was delayed more so because when I read the first 2 it was on my Kobo and this one was not easily findable. So now I found it on my Kindle :) It was cute and quick just like the others and I look forward to Game of Hearts!

    20. SERIES: Fandom Hearts #1.5He made her hot, yes. But he also made her feel safe. Happy.He helped her feel like herself.I really enjoyed getting Stacey and Rodney’s story since we met them in Level Up. They both have pasts they are trying to get distance from and even though Stacey is jaded from her last bad relationship, she’s still hopeful. I just wish this could have been longer so we could spend more time with these two.British guys! I loved Rodney and I found myself reading this with a (p [...]

    21. The men in this series (so far anyway) seem to be carefully and relentlessly feminist. It comes across as awkward at times, if only because of the contrast with most other romances out there. I didn't enjoy this novella as much as 'Leveled Up', the previous entry in this series. Both main characters are sweet and engaging, but the relationship between them lacked natural development and depth. Like 'Leveled Up', this relationship turns on the magical kiss -- a kiss initially intended to annoy so [...]

    22. I received a free copy of this novella from the author for signing up to her newsletter.This is a cute, if unbelievable, novella featuring Stacey the temporary office manager at Mysterious Pickles Games. Stacey has been repeatedly asked out by all the guys at MPG but she always says no. She got badly duped by her ex-fiance and has sworn off men for 12 months. Unfortunately her loving mother refuses to accept this and constantly tries to set Stacy up with rich men from within their social circle, [...]

    23. A novella (free if you sign up for Yardley's newsletter) from the same 'verse as Level Up, Hooked is your classic get-together narrative about a young woman on the rebound from a nasty, double-crossing boyfriend and a British ex-pat who falls for her when she brings him the perfect cup of tea as a joke at the small gaming start-up where they both work. The novella's length ensures a rapid series of events from first flirtation to first kiss to first sexytimes to near-disastrous reveal and happil [...]

    24. NICE-FLUFF-TOO SHORT :DOkay so I know its supposed to be a quick read and just a sub book of LEVEL UP , but still I wish it was longer cause this just felt a rush . Trying to fit in a whole sub story of Rodney and STAcey in 60 pages just didNt do justice to their story cause honestly I loved this plot.It was as sweet as level up and I would have love to see a proper progress of these two awesome characters.Having said that it was still fun and sweet and just the right kind of chick flick you wan [...]

    25. This was a short novellas about Stacy one of the girls in the previous book in Level Up. This was a really sweet story about Stacy, the receptionist who gets hit on all the time. Stacy: Guys call her the Ice Queen, because she turns every guy who asks her out, because of her con artist of an ex. But Rodney is a guy who's she's trying not to be attracted to.

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