The Best of Dear Abby

The Best of Dear Abby A compilation of the most provocative questions and the wisest and wittiest answers to appear in Dear Abby s thirty three years of syndication

  • Title: The Best of Dear Abby
  • Author: Abigail Van Buren
  • ISBN: 9780836262414
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback
  • A compilation of the most provocative questions and the wisest and wittiest answers to appear in Dear Abby s thirty three years of syndication.

    One thought on “The Best of Dear Abby”

    1. Pauline Esther Phillips - also known as Abigail Van Buren - was an advice columnist and radio show host who began writing her 'Dear Abby' advice column in 1956. During her decades writing the column, it became the most widely-syndicated newspaper column in the world, syndicated in 1,400 newspapers around the world with 110 millions readers. Pauline's twin sister, Esther Pauline Lederer - who took over writing the 'Ask Ann Landers' advice column after the death of Ruth Crowley, the first 'Ann Lan [...]

    2. It's something funny and unique. Some of the letters were somewhat bizarre but definitely funny and memorable. It's something you can read again and again and not get bored with it. And it's something that you don't see much of these days. And it's not all laughs, it has some sad things too. I definitely recommend this book.

    3. This was a fun read, as I grew up reading both Dear Abby and Ann Landers columns. It's interesting to see some of the old letters, and even more fascinating to find that some which were written over 25 years ago are still applicable to today. This is an easy read, and one that I would suggest for when you're in the mood to do some reading but not in the mood to get deep into a plot. It can be picked up, read for a bit, and forgotten again until you find yourself needing a few minutes of lighthea [...]

    4. This book is copyrighted 1981. While the terminology may have changed (“My friend gave birth to a Mongoloid; do I still need to congratulate her?”), the underlying issues still seem to be much the same. “My son is driving me crazy!” “I hate my parents!” “My daughter thinks she is a lesbian!” “My parents don’t understand me!” “My husband is cheating on me!” “My wife wants a divorce!” I guess some things never change.

    5. I actually read "Dear Abby on Marriage" but didn't have it, thus the wrong book. Dear Abby is hilarious. She has some great advice and a lot of her ideas make sense. But some of them are just plain funny. "Sorry girls, but it's still a man's world." (after advising women not to go to bars for girls night because it will end up with the little woman having an affair). Good stuff. It was a fun, quick read.

    6. The edition I have is red (well, it has faded to pink) and was published in 1981 soooo yeah. This book is great to read in between other books or on a plane or in the hospital or on a bus or at a family reunion or where ever. It is what it is- advice letters and a little blurb about her tumultuous relationship with her estranged twin.

    7. This was a fun, quick read. I always enjoy the daily column, so it was nice to go back and read some from the original.

    8. Interesting fun quick little read. Some was sad, some had happy endings but quite a bit of the book is just plain funny.

    9. This book was very emotional for me to read at some parts but over all it as a good back about peoples triumphs and life struggles

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