Show and Tell

Show and Tell Ben wreaks havoc at school when he decides to bring his baby sister for show and tell

  • Title: Show and Tell
  • Author: Robert Munsch Michael Martchenko
  • ISBN: 9781550371970
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ben wreaks havoc at school when he decides to bring his baby sister for show and tell.

    One thought on “Show and Tell”

    1. Another winner from Munsch!Like all Munsch books, this book starts with an absurd premise - a boy brings his baby sister to school for show-and-tell - some over-the-top adult goofiness - the teacher makes the baby cry by rocking her too quickly, the nurse decides to give the baby a shot for crying and pulls out a HUGE needle bigger than the baby! - and a cheerfully silly happy ending - afterwards everybody brings something silly and special for show-and-tell. (This is a great scene, because you [...]

    2. This story is hilarious.Ben decides he's going to take his baby sister in his back pack for show and tell, but he didn't seem to count on the fact that when she woke up she would scream and cry. The noise frustrates his teacher who tries to sooth the child and goes about it all wrong. The principal comes down to see what the matter is and can't get the child to stop screaming so they call in a doctor.Mean while Ben's mum can't find the baby.The children in my class love to read along with me, so [...]

    3. Ben decides to take a unique object to school for show and tell, however, the unique objects happens to be his baby sister that he puts inside his backpack! The baby causes quite a commotion when she realizes that her mother is not around to comfort her!This book would be good to use for predictions prior to reading. Read the story and see if any of the students predicted that he would bring his baby sister in! Students can then write about an object that they would love to bring to school but k [...]

    4. Today is show-and-tell at school and Benjamin decides to bring something unique, his baby sister. He puts her in his back pack and goes off to school.Then Ben sits down for class his sister wakes up crying. The teacher is horrified but takes the baby in her arms to sooth her but she can't get her to quite down. The principal comes in and tells the baby, "Hey, you! Be Quiet!" The baby keeps crying. The principal decides the baby is sick and calls the doctor in. Of course that only makes her cry m [...]

    5. Ben decides to take his baby sister for show and tellbut all she does is WAAA, WAAAA, WAAAAA! The teacher can't make her quiet, the principal can't make her quiet, and the doctor with her GREAT BIG needle can't make her quiet either. Robert Munsch's Show and Tell is a silly story with a sillier ending. Used for "Show & Tell" Storytime- October, 2010.

    6. Bro took his baby sister to school for show & tell IN HIS BACKPACK? REALLY? gah. And when the teacher and principal couldn't get her to stop crying, they called a DOCTOR? REALLY? Not her mom?As you can tell . . . we didn't like this book much. Mommy has trouble suspending belief for stories that are in all other ways supposed to be realistic.

    7. Again, good, but not the best Munsch. I can't give him a bad review (except for "A promise is a promise", that book was terrifying) but I didn't love this the way I love the best of Munsch. He's a reliable author though and perfect for any elementary school storytime.

    8. Another, rather typical Robert Munsch book. Fun to read. Kids get a kick out of it. But for the most part not particularly memorable.A good read for that bed-time book when you're looking for something light and different.

    9. We first started reading this when Annaka was first born and all the kids would giggle and tell me that they now "knew" what to take for show and tell that week.

    10. I love this book about how everyone panics when a little boy brings his crying baby sister in to school for show and tell. Great story!

    11. The K-3rd graders I read this to howled with laughter and cried right along with the baby in the book. :)

    12. I really like Robert Munsch but have only included my absolute favorites--Kate would have taken her baby sister for show and tell if she could have gotten away with it.

    13. like all of Robert Munsch book this is a good familly and class room style book this book ben takes his baby sister to show and tell let the fun readings beginning! a must read

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