A Heart For The Taking

A Heart For The Taking Although his wife died years ago Chance Walker still blames his cousin Jonathan for her untimely death So when Jonathan returns from England with the widowed Lady Fancy Merrivale Chance decides to s

  • Title: A Heart For The Taking
  • Author: Shirlee Busbee
  • ISBN: 9781568654539
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Although his wife died years ago, Chance Walker still blames his cousin Jonathan for her untimely death So when Jonathan returns from England with the widowed Lady Fancy Merrivale, Chance decides to strike back at his cousin by wooing the beautiful Lady But revenge is bittersweet for Chance as he and Fancy find themselves hopelessly in love and in desperate danger.

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    1. 3.5 starsThis is a fairly straight-forward romance set in the Virginia Colony in the 1770s. There really aren't many surprises along the way since the prologue pretty much tells the reader who all the baddies are. That said, it was fun watching the sparring between Chance and Lady Merrivale (Fancy). “S-s-so soon?” ’Tis just merely letting us know that the beast is not completely dead. He will live to service you another day, m’lady.”Shirlee Busbee is new to me (I have a couple of her o [...]

    2. A Heart for the Taking is a story of greed, passion, and revenge. It begins on a dark and stormy night (my words, not the author's -- I promise!) when a 38-year-old woman, despairing of ever having a child, finally gives birth a stillborn son. Weak, tired, and desperately sad, she is given some drugs to help her sleep and misses the birth of a live, healthy twin. The midwife, also her stepmother-in-law, doesn't miss it, though, and she doesn't want this baby to steal any of the inheritance she f [...]

    3. A heart for the taking is a classic historic romance novel intermixed with greed and revenge. The plot was taken place on the 18th century in the Colony of Virginia. From the prologue you can identify the main character, Chance , and how all the events are turned around him, led him to be in a state of agony filled with revenge. Until he encountered Fancy, very fine English Baroness, in which a charming spark of passion fired between them, yet they are stubborn and constantly fought. This is a s [...]

    4. An exciting, well written story, I thoroughly enjoyed reading A Heart for the Taking. There is mystery, intrigue and manipulation, all culminating in the exposure of an old plot to gain access to riches and status. Added to that, the romance is sizzling. Chance and Fancy are well suited to one another despite coming from such different backgrounds. Chance is used to getting his own way, but Fancy doesn't make it easy for him. He finds that he has to work at winning Fancy over. Ellen and Hugh are [...]

    5. I thought this story was very entertaining. This is my first time reading a book by the author. It had romance and humor something I like in a story. I like that the heroine was not a weak female. I like the way she stood up for herself. I would have like to see more of how Chance and Jonathan's relationship developed as they grew up instead of the story really starting from adulthood. All we knew was that they hated each other. But overall a great love storyI received this book for free from eB [...]

    6. I received this book for free from eBook Discovery. I voluntarily post this review. This is my honest review:I wasn't as drawn in with this story as I have been with others but it was still a pretty good read.

    7. Shirlee Busbee is one of those romance novel authors I keep rereading the books of (the other one being Stephanie Laurens), even though I know what happens and they're all a bit similar with the rogueish smirks and the arrogant men and the swooning ladies and such. I don't care, they make me nostalgic about when I was a kid reading these and I love them! Chance and Fancy are one of my favourites, all frustration and circumstances and falling in love despite themselves.I won't say it's my favouri [...]

    8. The story kept me interested with its twists and turns and its happy ending. The characters are believable.

    9. A wonderfully exciting tale filled with greed based treachery that leads to more than one attempt on the life of an unforgettably sexy alpha hero! The first prolonged encounter between Chance Walker and widowed Lady Fancy Merrivale practically made the page sizzle. I became completely fascinated by the ins and outs, ups and downs of their unconventional love affair and the effect it had on their loved ones and enemies alike. The only reason this book is not a 5 star rating for me is the repetiti [...]

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