Mother Holly

Mother Holly This Brothers Grimm classic fairy tale about a spoiled daughter and a lovely step daughter demonstrates how being honest and hardworking pays off in the long run

  • Title: Mother Holly
  • Author: Jacob Grimm Wilhelm Grimm Bernadette Watts
  • ISBN: 9780735842670
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This Brothers Grimm classic fairy tale about a spoiled daughter and a lovely step daughter demonstrates how being honest and hardworking pays off in the long run.

    One thought on “Mother Holly”

    1. 4 stars. This sounds close to the story of Cinderella, but not sure if it is exactly the one that inspired it. I enjoyed this one very much.

    2. I guess this was kinda like a Cinderella story in a way. For instance the step-daughter is "THE CINDERELLA" because the make her work and the ugly daughter is doted on by the step-mother.But that's the only part that is similar. Well, that and the pitch. There is pitch at the end.Cinderella (we'll call her that) is working over by the well and looses this thing that I'm not even sure what cuz I don't use a spinning wheel and goes to retrieve it.So, wait she jumps in the well cuz her step-mom te [...]

    3. My aunt brought me this book (which is printed on the same year I was born) from Germany when I was really too small to remember. The illustrations are just amazing.Pages 1-2

    4. Un cuento para esta época. Cómo siempre duro pero cargado de valores, en este caso nos invita a ser trabajadores y perseverantes.

    5. A much lesser known story of the Brothers Grimm, but one with a wonderful moral just as usual. I think Mother Holle may stick with me for a long time. I would definitely recommend this one for your children with the moral behind it - "work hard, you shall be rewarded, do not, you shall be punished". If my parents had shown me this when I was younger, I would have definitely been a lot better about doing my chores. Another beautiful story from the Brothers Grimm. Wonderful to read.

    6. A cute retelling of the classic Grimm tale, it had that whimsical feeling with the dark underbelly. I enjoyed it, but it didn't have that great read aloud factor, so I wouldn't use it in a story time.

    7. WrensReads Review:I have the complete set of the Grimm Fairy-Tales, and there are so many that I haven’t read! They are very short, as one would know, so I have decided to read each one and give them a review. Some are very vulgar, some are very cute and some don’t even make sense. Some of them are well known fairy-tales and some have never been told. Some are fairy-tales we know but are not the same because they have been downplayed for the children. So this very short story is all about be [...]

    8. Follows the traditional formula of a good child being rewarded and a bad child, sent to copy the good child's actions, behaving like a brat and being cursed. Forever. The Mother Holle of the title is only tangentially important, being involved in just a few lines, and meting out the rewards and punishments. The children are the more important parts.It should be noted, for combined families, that the wicked mother and sister are, in fact, step-mother and step-sister. Perhaps alter that in your te [...]

    9. Fantastic! Starts off as an amalgamation of Cinderella, Hansel & Gretel, and others but wow, what a moral tale it magically weaves. And yes, justice is served: Enthusiastic industry without expectation reveals a golden soul of beauty. Wonderful!

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