Revealing Love

Revealing Love Saints Protection InvestigationA private investigation business pulling together men from the CIA FBI ATF DEA Border Patrol SEALs and police devoted to the missions that no one else wanted or

  • Title: Revealing Love
  • Author: Maryann Jordan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Saints Protection InvestigationA private investigation business, pulling together men from the CIA, FBI, ATF, DEA, Border Patrol, SEALs, and police, devoted to the missions that no one else wanted or could solve.Jude Stedson was a SEAL at least until an injury while on a mission left him with an honorable medical discharge and no direction as to what to do next He eSaints Protection InvestigationA private investigation business, pulling together men from the CIA, FBI, ATF, DEA, Border Patrol, SEALs, and police, devoted to the missions that no one else wanted or could solve.Jude Stedson was a SEAL at least until an injury while on a mission left him with an honorable medical discharge and no direction as to what to do next He even relegated his girlfriend to friend status until he could decide what he wanted to do with a life that had been dedicated to the SEALS.Sabrina Taggart loved the man not the title But until she could prove that their love would continue, she took the role of friend just to stay close.When a con artist set his sights on her family, Jude stepped in, willing to work with her cousin, a member of the Saints PI Keeping Sabrina safe gave him a new mission Finding a new mission gave him purpose When her life was threatened, Jude knew that nothing would stop him from saving her or loving her.Can he prove that he has what it takes to be a Saint

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    1. This book annoyed me to NO END. So, Jude and Sabrina meet at a party, and I assume start a relationship. We don't get to see any of that as we are fast forwarded 6 months. Jude is hurt in a hospital and decides Sabrina deserves a "whole" man (cue overused plot device music) so he starts pushing her away. He even goes so far as to set it up so she sees him leaving a bar with OW (he doesn't do anything) because she JUST WON'T LEAVE HIM ALONE. When even that doesn't work he friend zones her for a W [...]

    2. Book: Revealing Love (Saints Protection & Investigations)Author: Maryann JordanPublication Date: 1/26/2016Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts My Rating: 5 Stars REVIEW *May contain spoilers *Jude wanted Sabrina then life, as he knew it went wrong. Sabrina still stands by her man although life is making that real rough. When her cousin Bart comes to town and things are going bad for their family business Jude starts to feel alive again but will it be enough? Can Jude finally have a life [...]

    3. Received An Authors Copy for an Honest Review.I have long been Convinced that Maryann Jordan can do no wrong. She proved right with this Awsome book even this Novella she still managed to give us everything we have come to love about her Stories. Angst, suspense, Swoon worthy moments, moments that are so hot and moments where your heart just broke for the two H and h. Jude and Sabrina really shows us that love over comes all. And how with Patience you get everything that you deserve. Their story [...]

    4. "ARC provided for an honest review"I like the plot of the story but it was too short, I wish we got more suspense but for a short story it was developed good. I was happy that Jude finally got his head out his ass and finally changed Sabrina's status from friend to be mine. I get Jude was injured but he kept mopping around the first couple pages, until he finally met Jack and learned about his job. After that the book got more interesting and Jude and Sabrina got their HEA.Can't wait to read Bar [...]

    5. Ugh.I'm being generous and giving it 1.5 stars disappointed right now. I really liked the first two, but this one sucked.This one focused on Jude and Sabrina, two awful characters. After Jude gets hurt in the SEALs, he thinks Sabrina is too good for him. So he dumps her and then proceeds to stomp on her heart. Knowing she loves him, she remains his friend for a year until he gets his act together.PUH-LEASE!He was a total douche and I didn't find anything redeemable about him. The whole 'I know w [...]

    6. Revealing LoveMaryAnn Jordan4.5 starsLove this series. We have Jude Stedson Mr. Navy Seal YES! Jude’s story is a tough one. Wounded on a mission leaves him heading towards an honorable discharge but leaving everything he has ever wanted and known. His future is unclear as he knows nothing of what he wants to be or where is life is going to move from leaving his dreams to a dark future. Pushing everyone aside he feels that he cant be on the receiving end of anything good. A broken man doesn’ [...]

    7. 5 Stars! When I stumbled across this author's Love series, she completely captivated me and since then, I just keep coming back. Her alpha males fight hard and love even harder. And one thing you can expect is when they fall, it is so hard that they will do anything they can for the women they love. And her heroines are always kick ass and you will always find yourself rooting for them. This brand spanking new series by her is definitely one you don't want to miss. Be prepared to swoon, hard.I l [...]

    8. Revealing Love is Maryann Jordan third book in Saint Protection & Investigations Series. It's a novella a Kindle world book so it's going to be short.Jude Stetson a tall,muscular, Navy SeaL who's leg was badly injured on a mission. He is honorable discharge from the Navy and for once in his life his future is unclear to him. He fills like a broken man and a broken man can't provide for his woman. So he pushes Sabrina, his girlfriend, away from him until he can get back to the way he used to [...]

    9. All Jude wanted to be was a Navy Seal, it was what he was good at; but when injured during a mission his world as he knew it changed forever. jude can't deal with the fact that he can no longer be in the field with his fellow Seals and has been only medically cleared to desk duty. A man like Jude is not a sit behind the desk kind of guy and can't take the way his life is panning out. He feels like he is no longer worthy of anything especially not his girlfriend Sabrina, that is until he meets th [...]

    10. 5 starI was pulled right into this story. The story has laughs, betrayal, sadness, pain, kidnapping, and heartbreak. Before reading this story please read the below books firstSerial Love (Saints Protection & Investigation #1)Healing Love: Saints Protection & InvestigationThis is Sabrina and Jude’s story. Sabrina and Jude are in love but after he gets injured he does not want her to settle for him. When she wants to be friends as to not lose him he agrees. But when Sabrina might be in [...]

    11. It was a good story with good characters, but I didn't feel a connection to the hero/heroine, and I didn't feel the connection between the two of them. This ISN'T an author problem, because I LOVE Maryann's books. It's the hazard of the novella. When an author is strictly limited on word count it's hard to fully flesh out characters and scenes, especially when one writes as detailed stories as Maryann does. My favorite part of any romance is the build-up and tension between that "first look" and [...]

    12. Another great read in this amazing series. This story is about Jude and Sabrina. When they first meet there is an instant attraction, but when he is injured on a SEAL mission he doesn't feel worthy of having her in his life. Jude wants to see whats going to happen to him and his career before he can tell Sabrina he really loves her, but when a con man threatens her grandmother he reveals his true feelings. These stories get better and better with every read!! Jude may have thought he was a lost [...]

    13. I am very impressed with "Revealing Love." The characters are well-developed and realistic and the scam theme is a cause dear to my heart. It pleases me to see the issue receive more exposure! The story encompasses physical and emotional healing for our soldier wounded in action, while reassessing his relationship with Sabrina. Do you want to know what happens? Can they protect the elderly being preyed upon? Mafia? Did you say Mafia? This is a 'must read' book. Do not miss it!I've read and enjoy [...]

    14. I love how this series is evolving! I loved it This book you meet Jude and Sabrina Jude is a SEAL who isn't sure how to be anything else after his injury. Sabrina will not let him push her away. If he can only offer friendship then she'll take it. He and Sabrina have such a sweet love story. It's about second chances and over coming the odds. This book had just the right combo of heat and heart.

    15. another amazing story. I loved Jude and Sabrina's story. Maryann is an amazing author who can pull you right into the story so you really think you are right there. the suspense, romance and wow didn't see that coming makes her stories an excellent read. I can't wait for Bart's story.

    16. I absolutely love Maryann and all of her stories but this series is amazing I love it and once you start you can't stop

    17. >Book review – Revealing Love>I am an independent reviewer. This book is a novella in the Saints Protection and Investigations series and ends in an HEA. Bart’s cousin, Sabrina, falls for Navy SEAL Jude. The novella goes in to a suspenseful story putting Sabrina in danger. Of course Bart saves her and her grandmother. The plot of the story is unique and moves along quickly. The romance of the story is almost non-existent. The story show the scene where Jude and Sabrina meet, but totall [...]

    18. This is book 3 of the Saints Protection & Investigation series. I didn't enjoy this one as much as I have all of the others. Perhaps it's because I didn't really know Jude like I have the others because they have been in the other books too. It is a novella. We deal with con artists in this one. Dual point of view. No cliffhanger.

    19. SPI revealing love, novellaFor a novella, it was a good story. Not up to the previous books in the SPI series. It was choppy.

    20. I was asked for an honest review free of persuasion from the author or anyone else affiliated with this bookNTAINS SOME SPOILERSAnother wonderful book by Maryann Jordan! I love her work! These hot ex-military alpha males just make me drool. The women in her books are also strong and don't take no crap. This story was no different! Maryann Jordan is my favorite romance author! Jude Stedson was a SEAL. Once a SEAL, always a SEALat is until an accident takes it all away. Sabrina met Jude at a picni [...]

    21. Maryann Jordon - A KINDLE WORLD: “HOT SEALS” by Cat Johnson and the Saints Protections & Investigations crossover. – Book 3We are introduced to a new character, Jude Stedson. He is an ex-SEAL but he had to take a medical discharge from a mission gone wrong. Jude is angry at the world and doesn’t believe that he is good enough for his girlfriend, Sabrina Taggart. Sabrina has loved Jude forever. Even though he has closed off from her and will not let her in, she refuses to give up on h [...]

    22. Revealing Love a hitRevealing Love is Jude and Sabrina' s story. It is a part of the Saints Protection and Investigation series. These books are about ex-military men who have formed together to do work no one else wants to or can do. These are extremely well written and entertaining books about alpha males and the women they love. Every book has a different couple and situation but the same secondary characters which is nice because the feeling of family is very strong in these stories. In Reve [...]

    23. I always enjoy reading Maryann's stories. They always have that element of suspense and danger that keeps you interested. We get to know the guys pretty well throughout the series and so when it comes time for their story I feel invested in it before I start. I will say Jude didn't hook me as much as some of the others but I did LOVE Sabrina. I loved their story - that love turned cold , the friend card pulled and then the realization that there was no other person for them. Sabrina never gave u [...]

    24. This one begins just alittle different then usual with her novels when they are in a series which is good, keeps it fresh. You meet Jude and what is so special about him other than he is a Seal who will have to decide what fork in the road he is gonna take once life throws him a curve ball. By his side like glue has been Sabrina but since day one she has supported him but he feels she deserves better. Funny how men think they know what women deserve when half the time they do not understand us t [...]

    25. Jude is a SEAL in every sense of the word. His job is his life. He meets Sabrina and 6 months his world is perfect. Then he in injured in the line of duty. He can no longer do the job he loves and can no longer be the man that he thinks Sabrina deserves. He does his best to push her away. Sabrina loves Jude and knows he is being stubborn. When Sabrina's cousin comes into town with his boss, Jude receives a serious offer that he likes the sound of. Meanwhile Sabrina's grandmother and some friends [...]

    26. In this novella, we meet Jude, an injured SEAL, who is itching to get back into mission work.Of course being a Saint story, there is a love story involved. This one revolves around Jude and Sabrina (who happens to be "Saint" Bart's cousin).They meet at a party and hit it off, but after one tour of duty goes wrong for Jude, he pushes her away and they settle on just being friends (even though they both have strong feelings for each other). Eventually they do find their way back to each other (whi [...]

    27. Novella of the Hot SEAL's/Kindle Worlds crossover series. Jude is a SEAL who has been badly injured on active duty. After rehabilitation, he knows that his active duty days are over. His lady Sabrina has been willing to wait for him and be exiled to the "friend" zone while he comes to grips with the end of his active duty career.When he finds that a smooth con artist is trying to scam both Sabrina's grandmother and the mother of the Governor of Virginia, Jon's group G.A.P.S. and Jack Bryant's Sa [...]

    28. I understand this was a novella, but I still needed more to this book. The book starts off with Sabrina and Jude making eye contact at a party. Apparently they date for a while, but we don't see any of this as the book fast forwards 6 months to Jude getting injured and deciding he can't be what Sabrina needs. Then we fast forward again to when Jude decides they can get back together, and this is basically where the story stars. I felt no connection to the couple because we never really saw any o [...]

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