One thought on “Кренкбий”

  1. Anatole France is a master of story telling and using satire condemns the social disorders and mocks the judicial system and the injustice of the time in France where "in its majestic equality,forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges,to beg in the streets,and to steal bread”.In a very short story, he tells the story of a poor vendor,who fails to "move" in a crowded street when told so by a gendarme,so he gets arrested and is taken to the court.In the court the gendarme accus [...]

  2. This book of social satire was developed as a consequence of the Dreyfus incident, where the underlying anti-Semitism of France was brought into public view. Originally written in 1903 as a comedy in three acts, the main character of Crainquebille (old Bill of Paris) is a poor street vendor of vegetables out of a cart. He is falsely accused of insulting a policeman and even though a physician passerby comes to his defense, telling the officer and the judge that Bill is innocent, he is put in jai [...]

  3. "Imitation lies at the root of most human actions. A respectable person is one who conforms to custom. People are called good when they do as others do."A wise and timely meditation on social justice, stereotype threat, sophistry, and the consistently mistaken belief that we have moved beyond religious (with or without god/s) dogma. And the real motivations underlying the exercise of power, as displayed by the twist ending. A good story to reference when confronted with someone who is always loo [...]

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