Measure for Measure

Measure for Measure The Arden Shakespeare is the established edition of Shakespeare s work Justly celebrated for its authoritative scholarship and invaluable commentary Arden guides you a richer understanding and apprec

  • Title: Measure for Measure
  • Author: William Shakespeare J.W. Lever
  • ISBN: 9781903436448
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Arden Shakespeare is the established edition of Shakespeare s work Justly celebrated for its authoritative scholarship and invaluable commentary, Arden guides you a richer understanding and appreciation of Shakespeare s plays.This edition of Measure for Measure provides, a clear and authoritative text, detailed notes and commentary on the same page as the text, a fullThe Arden Shakespeare is the established edition of Shakespeare s work Justly celebrated for its authoritative scholarship and invaluable commentary, Arden guides you a richer understanding and appreciation of Shakespeare s plays.This edition of Measure for Measure provides, a clear and authoritative text, detailed notes and commentary on the same page as the text, a full introduction discussing the critical and historical background to the play and appendices presenting sources and relevant extracts.

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    1. Shakespeare was pushing the boundaries with Measure for Measure.A royal proclamation under Elizabeth 1st in 1559 strictly prohibited stage plays from dealing with matters of religion or current public issues of governance. In the early years of the 1600's London was in a dilemma. The translation of the King James Version Bible had just begun yet lawlessness run rampant in London. Within sight of Shakespeare's own Globe Theater were houses of prostitution. Mr.Shakespeare had an idea for a play bu [...]

    2. Why is it that I love the universe of this "dark" comedy so much, and why does it strike me as not really being so "dark" after all? Could it be because it is presided over by a "god"--the young Duke--who is priggish, diffident and comically vain (when his reputation is attacked by Lucio), and yet is unfailingly just and honorably susceptible to the attractions of female goodness and beauty? Is it because the "villain"--Angelo--is so pathetic and small that one never seriously expects he will wi [...]

    3. Book Review3 out of 5 stars to Measure for Measure, written in 1603 by William Shakespeare. When I think of reasons why people find Shakespeare difficult to read or understand, this is the play that most comes to mind. It's a good play. But you won't get much from it on a single read. And if you're not a fan of classic literature, or easily able to understand language differences from 400 years ago, it will be even harder to digest this one. Part of me believes this isn't all that different from [...]

    4. I struggled with this, big time. But, when I read it for a second time I began to see how it all fit together. Then I went for a third attempt, and saw something else entirely. There are always different layers of meaning in Shakespeare’s work, and it’s always quite hard to make a solid interpretation. Someone out there will argue against what you are saying, and rightly so because who is to say where the true meaning of a piece of literature is? Not me, that’s for sure, all I can do is tr [...]

    5. This is a much more troubling play than a comedy really has a right to be. To be honest, it is very hard to call this play a ‘comedy’ – unlike Much Ado or Twelfth Night, the laughs don’t exactly come thick and fast. In general outline this could easily enough be considered a romantic comedy – girl in trouble, boy cleverly rescues girl, girl marries boy; a perfect description of the genre? But the central story to this one is a very strange idea for a comedy.Here’s the main story-line [...]

    6. “Alack, when once our grace we have forgot,Nothing goes right; we would and we would not.” ― William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure Let me start this review with a personal bias -- I PREFER it when politicos pretend to be priests, rather than when priests pretend to be politicos. Apparently, Shakespeare is on MY side. "Measure for Measure" is one of Shakespeare's "dark comedies" or "problem plays" like Troilus and Cressida and All's Well That Ends Well. It is certainly dark. It could eas [...]

    7. A Tale of Forgiveness30 October 2016 When I was recently in London I picked up a box set at The Globe containing a collection of plays that they had filmed and kindly decided to release. As such when I sat down on the train and began reading this play I half expected to be able to then go and watch it at a later date. As it turned out one of the plays that wasn’t included in the box set was this one, which was a real shame because when I was at the Globe I did see a number of plays that weren [...]

    8. Bugüne kadar okuduklarım arasında en akıcı ve keyifli bulduğum Shakespeare tiyatrolarından birisiydi. Elbette oynanmak için yazılmış, okunmak için değil. Yine de okuması pek çok Shakespeare tiyatrosuna göre kolaydı yani zihinde canlandırması kolaydı."Hem davet eder hem de ondan korkarsın, İkide bir uyanır, yaşıyor muyum diye sorarsın. Sen kendine yetmezsin, çünkü toprağın ürettiği binlerce tahıldan yalnızca bir zerresin. Mutlu değilsin, çünkü sende olmayana [...]

    9. The last of Shakespeare’s comedies and I get the distinct impression that he was already done with that genre and somehow got convinced to do “just one more.” As part of my goal to see all of Shakespeare’s plays performed, I attended a screening of Measure for Measure, filmed in Stratford, England. If you struggle with Shakespeare, I can’t recommend highly enough that you see performances of his works, rather than try to read them. In this production, I appreciated how well they used t [...]

    10. Wow. Only Shakespeare could take such an unlikeable bunch of characters and implausible plot and create such an enjoyable play, though a fair lot of the fascination is of the “train wreck” variety – desire to see Angelo get his “just” desserts, amazement at the Duke's stupidity, and disappointment at Isabella's priorities. The scene I really missed was the one where the oh-so-holy Isabella asks Mariana to “fill in” for her with Angelo in order to save Isabella's brother. That was a [...]

    11. Shakespeare'in diğer komedyalarına kıyasla daha ciddi bir tona sahip olduğu için tragikomedya olarak tanımlanabilecek "Measure for Measure / Kısasa Kısas", içinde birçok ahlaksal konuyu barındıran eleştirel alt metniyle oldukça başarılı bir eser. İnsan erdemliliği üzerine düşündürücü öğeler okuma şansı bulduğumuz oyunun cinsellik ve bekaret üzerine olan yenilikçi tutumu hem Shakespeare oyunları açısından hem de zamanının şartlarına göre fazlasıyla önem [...]

    12. 2015 Reading Challenge: A Book You Were Supposed to Read in High School But Didn'tI honestly don't have an explaination for this one. The characters didn't sit well with me. The dilemma about the brother's life(who was after all guilty), and the sistet's virtue annoyed me greatly, as I think that crimes deserve punishment. Also, whatever comic element there was in this, it was lost on me. I didn't find anything in "Measure for Measure" funny. All of the character were too flawed to be fun or in [...]

    13. Fast to read and very entertaining. Really excited to discuss this one in class!I have conflicting feelings about the Duke, honestly I think he is as bad as Angelo, even though he thinks himself above anyone else. The Duke simply didn't want to dirty his hands by tainting his otherwise "clean" reputation. So Angelo was put in charge. Angelo is a young, inexperienced man, who is very cold, detached from emotions and "virtuous" -or so did Shakespeare wants us to believe I don't think he is blamele [...]

    14. Me: Is this the most important Shakespeare play in our now?I: That's a bit of a leap, doesn't it? His histories are such powerful studies of leadership and war -- which seem pretty damn timely -- and what about his tragedies? Caesar? Hamlet? Titus? The Scottish Play (sorry, I'm performing Shakespeare at the moment)? Coriolanus? And the rest? They all seem pretty fucking timely.Me: Okay. Fair I: But?Me: But the problem plays. Are they less timely? Isn't the very nature of the problem play a mill [...]

    15. Probably my favourite Shakespeare I have read so far!!Really quite originally explores the very traditional issues of justice and equality, showing how no one's completely free from 'sinful' desires and temptations. Lord Angelo's terrible! Isabella's admirable! The innuendos laughable! A comedy without romance carrying the storyline though I thought there finally won't be any unrealistic crazy romances that drastically end the play in a marriage, in the end there were still more than one of such [...]

    16. Measure for Measure, as the title suggests, is all about weighing out appropriate portions – of love, of mercy, of justice. The plot is simple enough. The Duke of Vienna, concerned that his people have thrown off restraint and have sunk too far into liberty, leaves the city in the hands of Angelo, a man notorious for his strictness and inhuman discipline. As Lucio observes in two instances (once to Isabella and again to the Duke):“…Upon his place,Governs Lord Angelo; a man whose bloodIs ve [...]

    17. 'An Angelo for Claudio, death for death'!Haste still pays haste, and leisure answers leisure;Like doth quit like, and Measure still for Measure.Mariana by John Everett Millais (1851). 1. Plot type  Comedy1) Shadow of darkness2) Pressure of darkness3) Everything comes to light2. Claudio is sentenced to death for fornicating (having sexual intercourse) with his girlfriend and getting her pregnant. He is headed for the chopping block if someone doesn't intervene on his behalf.  Conflict 3. Is [...]

    18. Not my favorite play by shakespeare but it does open the door for a lot discussion and the sharing of opinions since it revolves around a moral dilemma and deals a lot with the social issues of its time.

    19. After reading "Of Spousals" in the Treasure Room of the Harvard Law Library, I wrote two Shakespeare Association of America papers on the handshake spousals-marriages in this play, approved by Judge Henry Swinburne of York Minster, whose courtroom still exists. (See google+ Alan Powers 21x16) Probably more than any other Shakespeare play, Measure for Measure gains immensely from the context in which it appeared. This Ivo Kamps brings to the play with myriad documents from 1604 or thereabouts, su [...]

    20. Not one of his best, I think. There's so much scope for moral debate here: the death vs dishonour theme is pretty dominant, namely in Isabella's refusal to give up her virginity to save Claudio, but her decision is never questioned and it should be. Instead Measure for Measure focuses on justice, slander and (of course) marriage. In the end, though, pretty much everyone gets what they deserve, at least in the eyes of the domineering Duke Vincentio, so if I compare it to the other problem play I' [...]

    21. I can't believe I made it 51 years on this earth without encountering Measure for Measure. Perhaps it's for the best: the mature theme of how to discern and judge justly is weighty with the cycles of human development it helps to have a few grey hairs to have lived through the many perspectives that Shakespeare offers through his characters.Perhaps we shouldn't mark the beginning of modern psychology with Freud. Shakespeare has the best character analysis of any modern thinker I know.

    22. Just another piece of homework for Contemporary British Theatre class. I watched one of the productions and it was a drama about justice and virtue. Also had an issue regarding the purity of humanity. I do appreciate different forms of art. :)

    23. So, this ended up being AWESOME! I'm kind of disappointed that I'd never heard of this play before, and that this isn't one of Shakespeare's giant plays!I found the plot of this story a lot more exciting than other Shakespeare's I've read (Tempest I'm looking at you) and I thought that the moral dilemmas and questions where a lot more interesting than other Shakespeare's I've read (Twelfth Night you're a let down).I think I know why it isn't so big though. For the same reasons I didn't give it 5 [...]

    24. The end reminded me a lot of Much Ado About Nothing, but it was still very good. Not my favorite Shakespeare, but as great as everything by him.

    25. This is probably my favorite Shakespeare work. Granted, I could do without Launcelot and the plot line isn't always logical, but by and large Measure is a superb mix of the satirical and poetic. A true "problem play", the give-and-take between comedy and tragedy makes the work rich and complex in a way that you don't find with more easily categorized works. Imperfect authority passing judgment on the imperfections of others, secular flaws and desires shielded behind the authority of spirituality [...]

    26. Willy Shakes plays binge-read number 2Well it was better than 'As You Like It' (I think I prefer his more 'serious' plays than his comedies) and had all the typical Shakespeare cliches in it like disguise, scheming behind someone's back, an ending where everything is suddenly resolved really quickly, etc.I quite liked how no one was really definitely 'good' or definitely 'bad' (i.e. morally grey characters, I suppose) and how it explored the theme of 'corruption' rather wellIt's not topped 'Macb [...]

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