Aleck Noel Keating loves her job as talent scout Link Murphy s assistant Traveling to exciting places and searching for the next big star with her boyfriend is the perfect mix of business and pleasure unti

  • Title: Aleck
  • Author: V. Vaughn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Noel Keating loves her job as talent scout, Link Murphy s assistant Traveling to exciting places and searching for the next big star with her boyfriend is the perfect mix of business and pleasure until they land in Brunswick, Maine Sent to scope out an underground sensation, Noel meets a Nordic god of a man that rocks her world beyond her wildest dreams And all she evNoel Keating loves her job as talent scout, Link Murphy s assistant Traveling to exciting places and searching for the next big star with her boyfriend is the perfect mix of business and pleasure until they land in Brunswick, Maine Sent to scope out an underground sensation, Noel meets a Nordic god of a man that rocks her world beyond her wildest dreams And all she ever wanted is no longer good enough Aleck Lindquist lives life behind the scenes As a talented composer and lyricist, it s not often he has to deal with than a few people at a time But when his brother is thrown into the limelight, fame shines on Aleck too He d turn it down in a heartbeat if the deal didn t include one on one time with the sexy brunette that happens to be his true mate Now he ll do anything to convince Noel she s the one.

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    1. Aleck: Mating Fever V. VaughnReviewed by SFF DragonA shallow woman gains depth and a bear gets his mate in this terrific paranormal romance. I absolutely loved it.'Aleck' is the third book in the new Rocked by the Bear series by V. Vaughn, one of my favourite authors, part of the ongoing saga of the Le Roux and De Rozier clans, it's also part of the new multi-author Mating Fever Collection of stand alone paranormal romances that's taken over from the terrific Mating Season Collection. Well writt [...]

    2. I love these series of books.I love V. Vaughn books. They are hot, sexy, sexy stories of finding your true mate. The way the characters interact with family, friends & other people who come into lives is important to the plot & stories.

    3. Aleck: Mating Fever Rocked by the Bear Book 3by V. Vaughn ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️OMG! What a SHIFTACULAR & magical story!! I ABSO-TALON-LUTELY loved it! This great storyline is filled with sweet & touching, lust-filled, lots humor, family, friendship, romance as well as heartbreak, fear and lots of other great moments that enrich this BEARTASTIC story!I'm such a romantic and this storyline brings it out of me. WOW I Really Enjoyed Reading Rocked by the Bear series. I adore and lov [...]

    4. ALECK; MATING FEVER ROCKED BY THE BEAR-Book 3 A CAPTIVATING ROMANTIC STORY;The story focuses on; NOEL, a sexy, sassy talent scout; ALECK, is head-turning gorgeous, writes the music and lyrics for his band Second Sound, plays keyboard and is a powerful werebear.What you’ll find in this story; a cast of remarkably impressive and engaging characters, spectacular story-line, picturesque and dynamic scene descriptions, phenomenal banter, heart-rending moments, spiraling emotions, a bit of drama, [...]

    5. A WONDERUL THIRD BOOK TO THIS SERIES I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK FOR AN HONEST REVIEW OVER 18 READERS Aleck Lindquist, 3rd of the four quadruplets to meet his true mate, the one of the four who would like to be in the background just as manger and songwriter, till the night Noel Keating , talent scout working as Link Murphy's ass. and girlfriend(and unknown to her a bear descendant) comes to town to hear them play and see if they are as good as they seem on u tube. From the moment he meets her he k [...]

    6. If you have been reading Rocked by the Bears by Violet Vaughn. Then you know Aleck is the third book in these series.Noel Keating grew up in a small town in Northern Maine. As soon as she graduates high school, she takes off to college in California. Her senior year of college her life changes when she lands a internship with music agent Link Murphy. It doesn’t take her long to prove her worth to Link before she moving up in the company to his assistant. Noel loves her job as talent scout, tra [...]

    7. I received this for a honest review. V. Vaughn once again has brought us another amazing book. If you have read any of the series then you know that Aleck Lindquist is in the band called Second Sound. He is also the band manger as well. Second Sound is on their way to be signed. It is a very exciting time. Aleck is this handsome polar bear shifter and he is also the shy one of the group. Noel Keating loves her job as a talent scout. I actually found her sort of interesting. Here she not knowing [...]

    8. noel loves what she does and she likes going after new bands her label could sign. and this was just what she was doing when she's scouting out Second Sound. the guys on stage looked like nordic gods, clear they were related. but the one she spots on the side as her stomach making somersaults. first contact is made and things with the band look promising. the one brother not on stage turns out to be aleck, their main songwriter/managerel can't help but feel those butterflies, something she never [...]

    9. Title: ALECK  Series: ROCKED BY THE BEAR            Mating Fever  Destination: Book 3, 63 Pages Author: V. Vaughn Reviewer: Ingrid Stephanie Jordan Genre:  #PNR.  #PolarBearShifter My Score: 5 Stars ☆☆☆☆☆●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●Words can't describe how I feel about this Series. Mating Fever is magical. Each Book seems to be better than the last,  yet the last books were amazing.  Ms. Vaughn has out done [...]

    10. This great story is filled with a cast of remarkably impressive and engaging characters, spectacular story-line, heart-rending moments, spiraling emotions, a bit of drama, secret revealed, family love, and a melt-your-heart conclusion that leaves you smiling and wanting more.Aleck Lindquist comes from a musical family. He is a talented composer, musician and lyricist who likes being behind the scenes and he isn't in to crowds, but compliments of his brothers band, Second Sound, he isn’t. Noel [...]

    11. Aleck is the bear shifter brother who prefers to not be on the stage and get attention. Noel is a talent scout that wants to manage the band. When they meet, the chemistry is intense. Noel is still in a relationship with her boss which makes it complicated. Noel has wanted a glamorous life for years and being with her boss has brought her closer than ever to what she wants. Her feelings for Aleck are strong but her desires for the high life may jeopardize their chances.I have enjoyed this series [...]

    12. This series is getting better and better.This is the third book in the series they all have their own endingsit is a good idea to read them in order so you can follow the story of all theMain players in theses books.This book is how Aleck and Noel got together .Noel has just broken up with Link how's her boss as well as her ex.Noel went to sign up Second Sound's foe Link and that is how she met AleckAleck new straight away that Noel was his mate. But both of them try to fight itey do get togethe [...]

    13. Noel Keating is a talent scout she has found her next big break with the band Second Sound. Noel believes that her boyfriend and boss is cheating on her, so when she breaks it off with him she asks him for the Second Sound account. Noel can't help by fall for Second Sound's song writer Aleck Lindquist, he's hot and sexy and one hell of a kisser! When Link thinks that Aleck and Noel are in a relationship he threatens to pull her off the account. When Link stages a publicity stunt that leaves him [...]

    14. On with this fun series. Aleck, does not like being on stage, he writes the music and the other band members play and sing it. They have been approached by an talent scout who can take them to the top. Aleck may not like being on stage but he does like Noel. The feeling is mutual. While the band goes through preparations the two make some discoveries of their own. The steam is there. The feelings, however their lives are very different. Are they too different? The two have so much love, I enjoye [...]

    15. This is the third book in the Rocked By The Bear Series by V. Vaughn and part of the Mating Fever Collection. Violet has done it again, this an amazing true mates shifters romance story. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This the story of Noel Keating a sexy brunette music talent scout and Aleck Lindquist a sexy a polar bear shifter, composer and lyricist for the band. The plot has drama, music, passion, love, and understanding. Noel is instantly attracted to Alec [...]

    16. Aleck knows the second he smells Noel she is his, but she is also the talent scout trying to sign Second Sight and she is with her boss. Noel wants Aleck something awful but it is a big issue to get involved with a client (although that did not stop her boyfriend and boss!). It does not take long to give in for both of them, but Aleck soon learns that Noel wants different things then he does and what she does for appearances to keep her job rub him the wrong way. He tries to let her go; leaving [...]

    17. I'm really enjoying this series! One thing in particular I enjoy is the little bit of overlap that happens with each book. There is an element that is retold but through someone else's perspective I think it gives better insight into the characters. I also liked that the characters had to work through a few of their own issues in order to be with each other - they had to work to get the HEA. As a result I think they made each other better. Ms. Vaughn has told another great story and I can't wait [...]

    18. 'Aleck' takes you back to that moment in 'Andre' when the talent scout first approached the band, you get to read first hand what is occuring in 'Aleck'. 'Aleck: Mating Fever' is book 3 in V. Vaughn's new series "Rocked by the Bear", I highly advise you to read this series in order. Noel is on a road trip to get her latest find signed up & famous, when she arrives at the bar where Aleck's & his brothers band are playing. Aleck notices Noel right away & understands just who she is, bu [...]

    19. Receive the book for an honest review. Just when I thought the series couldn't get any better. Aleck book three in the Rocked by The Bear series has Aleck, the quiet brother and band manager of Second Sound, meeting his true mate in Noel Keating. Noel is a talent scout and she knows talent when she hears it. She makes it her quest to make Second Sound the next best thing. She also knows she shouldn't mix business with pleasure, but Aleck it way too hot to ignore. Both are drawn together by the t [...]

    20. Aleck is the quiet, nerdy, but sexy brother of the quads. He wants to stay behind the scene when the band makes the big time. Noel has always wanted to be in the music business as a talent scout. When she sees Second Sound she knows that they are destined for stardom. Aleck knows that Noel is his True Mate but he has to compete not only with Link, her boyfriend but also her need for to have the best of everything. Noel feels the strong pull of being with Aleck and when she learns his secret she [...]

    21. Wonderful bear shifter romance, with passion, love, and understanding. Noel is a talent scout looking over Aleck's band, as soon as she sees him she's instantly attracted and continuously dreams of him, even though she has a boyfriend. From experience Noel knows that mixing business with pleasure does not always work, but she cannot help herself as they grow close as they work together. Will a difference in lifestyle choices ruin their chance at a life together? And when Noel finds out about Ale [...]

    22. Noel Keating works for Link Murphy as his signing agent and his girlfriend but Link has been spending more time with the lead singer of one of his bands then her. When Noel finds the group Second sound and her heart beats all to fast for Aleck the band's manger / song writer she knows she has to call it quites with Link. Good thing too because Aleck has found his mate! Love this story of the band hitting it big. It was so much fun to read. I can't wait to see what V. Vaughn comes up with next! B [...]

    23. Wonderful!! I was hooked from page one and couldn't put the book down. This is the third book in the series and it's great! Noel is the famous Link Murphy's assistant and girlfriend. She scouts out a band and meets Aleck The band manager and brother took two of the members. Attraction is immediate. Will Noel regret breaking up with Link?. Will love prevail with Aleck? I was given this e-book by the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. My conclusions are my own. I was not compensated in [...]

    24. This is the third book in the Rocked By The Bear series and is just as good as the other ones I could not put it down. Noel Keating is a talent scout and Link Murphy’s assistant/ girlfriend travelling with him is something she loves doing.They go to Brunswick Maine where she meets Aleck Lindquist a talented composer and lyricist who likes to stay in the background but with his brother Adrian Lindquist’s fame he is now exposed to fame because of his brother.Aleck knows Noel is his fated mate [...]

    25. Noel wanted to sign this band , Second Sound, meeting them she was attracted to Aleck the quiet one, getting them to Boston would be the first step , breaking up with her boss/ boyfriend easier or so she thought. Aleck knows she is his from the first scent of her, and when he sees her with her ex he almost loses it. True mates , but can she handle changing? she has dreamed of bears before, heard the growls from her past,

    26. A woman broken down because of a current bf slash boss, a man who would love her anyway he could have her, but a past may threaten to keep them apart.Noel kinda has everything she has always wanted Well kinda. Except for the boyfriend who she is pretty sure, he is currently cheating, she just can't prove it. So when the chance to break free comes up when she discovers a new band will she take. And the pianist what about him and his smoldering eyes, will she take that chance too?

    27. This book was good. It was way different then the others. Aleck is the shy one and had a few issues to resolve. Noel also has some issues to work out. Will they find the love they need or will they let it go? Will Noel learn to budget her money or let it come between them? What is next for this group?

    28. Aleck (Rocked by the Bear, #3) (Mating Fever Collection)by V. VaughnWhat could be better then finding the newest band to hit the charts? Finding the one person who can make you feel like you have hit the top of the list.Follow Aleck and Noel as they struggle to through work and personal feelings and commitments.*ARC given for an honest review*

    29. Another great read. The author takes you on the adventure with Noel and Aleck as they discover each other, through all the ups and downs they have to overcome. Theirs is a romance that happens so fast they have to catch up with it and when they do, wow. I was gifted this book for an honest review and this book is a must read.

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