A Special Relationship

A Special Relationship Sally Goodchild is everything you d expect of a thirty seven year old American journalist independent strong willed and ambitious That is until she meets Tony Hobbs an English foreign correspondent

  • Title: A Special Relationship
  • Author: Douglas Kennedy
  • ISBN: 9780099415381
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sally Goodchild is everything you d expect of a thirty seven year old American journalist independent, strong willed and ambitious That is until she meets Tony Hobbs, an English foreign correspondent, on assignment in Cairo.

    One thought on “A Special Relationship”

    1. A really gripping tale well told, but what a hatchet job on us Brits! Made me feel seriously nauseous in its relentless condemnation of anything from this side of the pond. Nothing escaped the somewhat single-minded assassination: The NHS, the legal system, the weather, London, the very nature of the entire English population (apparently), corner shop owners, transport, cost of living, pre-natal care, post-natal care, English b@stard journalist men, posh English bitchy lawyers, drivers, old peop [...]

    2. gave up around page 180, then skim-read a chapter further along and then skipped to the very last chapter alltogether because I couldn't stand it anymore to read about the post-natal depression and the stupid British/American comparisons. But I needed to know that the baby was ok that'S why I read the last chapter

    3. Douglas Kennedy is one of my favorite authors - I will read anything he writes. Sometimes when you have a favorite author, you run the risk they will write subject matter that is a little too close to home. This was one of those books for me. Loved it, devoured it, but had to put it down occasionally to catch my breath.Sally is a journalist based in Cairo, meets and falls in love with and English foreign correspondent. They get pregnant, get married, then things start to go wrong.Kennedy has a w [...]

    4. 4.5Um livro totalmente diferente do que costumo lerGostei bastante, chega-se a uma fase do livro que não se consegue parar até terminar.Mas talvez também tenha gostado tanto por ser a primeira vez que li algo deste género com já referi.Recomendo :)

    5. This novel is so stupid in places I would have laughed except for the tremendously blatant racism towards anyone who wasn't American. I definitely will never read another book penned by this Author. This fabricated tale is interspersed with an appallingly huge number of medical inaccuracies which I'll touch on. American reporter meets male English reporter in Cairo, threatened at gun point by a teenage rebel, male 'overpowers' him, girl falls in love, gets pregnant, they marry in haste, move to [...]

    6. Douglas Kennedy is one of my new favorite authors. I read two of his books in less than a week (this novel and LEAVING THE WORLD). His novels appear to deal with very serious subject matter (suicide, guilt, post-partum depression) while still managing to be very intelligent page-turners. The novels I've read thus far were written in a female voice; Kennedy is superb at this. This novel is about Sally Goodchild, an American foreign journalist, and Tony Hobbs, a British journalist, who meet while [...]

    7. I didn't realise this book would focus so much on child birth and post natal depression (Yet another read where the blurb did not indicate this ) . Also the whole Brits versus the Americans in terms of emotions got boring. I'm really surprised Douglas Kennedy chose to right about post natal depression from a female perspective While some descriptions where accurate his voice as a first time mum recovery from an emergency Caesarian and severe post natal depression was not authentic ( having pers [...]

    8. Heart-breaking. Heart-wrenching. At some point, I can't help but feel the pain of anger. This book without noticing can completely wrap your feelings to understanding and pain. Two things that are hard to handle both at the same time. A page-turner. It made me feel victorious in the end though the journey beforehand is excruciating. I love this book. I love Douglas Kennedy. I love his brilliant mind.

    9. I had high hopes for this novel. Alas, some male authors should not write from the female point of view because they are entirely unconvincing. Douglas Kennedy is one of these authors. He has no clue what it is like to give birth or breastfeed a baby, and is sadly comical in his efforts to describe it. Waste of paper. Waste of my time.

    10. Аз, Нина Драганова официално съм пристрастена към книгите на Дъглас Кенеди :) И тази , както и останалите , които прочетох , ме накара да не спя и да не спра да чета , докато не я завърших.Започва по-скоро като любовен роман,чак ме изненада, за да премине към доста тежка психолог [...]

    11. Not only is this book not a good one to read while pregnant (or even with a new baby), but it doesn't offer anything to discuss. Except, perhaps, why Kennedy thinks he does such a good job at writing from a woman's perspective A woman in my Book Club commented that it makes her think of what Jack Nicholson says in "As Good As it Gets" in response to Helen Hunt's question about writing from a woman's perspective. He replies: I think of a man and take away reason and accountability. There is no su [...]

    12. This novel drew me in. It took a while to do so but once we got to the major turning point I was hooked. I particularly loved the narrating voice. For a man to get into the voice of a woman like this is a remarkable fit. It truly convinced me. True, you could always see the ending coming, but that didn't deteriorate, for me at least, the path there. And I must put in a special mention for that wonderfully drawn solicitor. Solicitous and determined, yet socially inept, he's marvellously drawn. A [...]

    13. I liked this book due to it's unpredictability. While the start was extremely plain, course of matters started to shake in a while. I also enjoyed cultural snapshots and how environment was shown being impacted by surrounding traditions. Also, common problems were shown in an absolutely unique light Not easy to read at times but definitely hard to put the book down.

    14. 3.5 starsA Special Relationship started out as a romance, but then it became much more about difficult relationship, betrayal, loneliness and despair Full review to come soon - for this one, I'll do a guest review atBetween Dreams and Reality

    15. Това несъмнено е една от най-завладяващите и правдиви истории на Дъглас Кенеди. Именно за „Специални връзки“ Сара Сандс от „Дейли Телеграф“ пише: „Трудно ми е да се сетя за по-обсебващ роман“. Колкото до Сали Гудчайлд, главната героиня на този разказ, тя е всичко, което би [...]

    16. I just finished Douglas Kennedy’s A Special Relationship, the second book of my dedication to summer reading. The cover is deceptive, and with no description on the back flap, I went into this intense and desperately unhappy novel blind. Thinking I was in for a quick beach read about love, the story instead followed the inner workings of a postpartum depression-haunted woman and a traumatizing divorce. This book was a combination of Jodi Picoult’s Keeping Faith and Tatiana de Rosnay’s Sara [...]

    17. It's like reading a living nightmare. American journalist meets British journalist and have whirlwind relatioinship. She becomes pregnant, they get married and things deteriorate very quickly from there. He is a rotten scumbag, she does nit understand his Englishness and can't communicate with him or anyone English for that matter. She gets pre eclampsia and has the baby prematurely, and is then hospitalised with post natal depression and just when you think the story can't get any worse, it doe [...]

    18. This is a really good bookI just wish he would have come up with a better title. You would think this is going to be a romance"S NOT is a riveting book about trust, betrayal, post partum depression, fighting for what belongs to you and fighting for what is right. It may start a little slow (that happens with so many books I've read lately) but WOW just hang on and keep reading and you will get a shock in short order! A really good author, I have read him before and knew I wouldn't be disappointe [...]

    19. just finished this book and was amazed with the detail and character built by a male author dealing with such female issues, very frank and very well written. The mix of British and American view points related well to the atmosphere of the book, shows there are other options to using the weather as a frame, I thought this worked well within the context of the novel and was well constructed as a theme. A satisfying read throughout and as a courtroom drama fan I enjoyed this book immensely in its [...]

    20. I loved this book. I was very scared for the character and what she was going through. As a mother I hated to see her treated the way she was. I couldn't wait to find out what happens. As with Douglas Kennedy's books I wasn't disappointed in it. I love them and I get so involved with them. This was a nail biter at the end and I couldn't wait to find out what happens. The thread in his books is depression, Bad men who leave their women, journalists and women who overcome terribe odds and come out [...]

    21. Това беше първата книга на този автор, която прочетох, и някакси остана най-силно в съзнанието ми.Умението му да пресъздава съвсем обикновени, чисто човешки, донякъде ежедневни истории, е уникално. И специално тук сякаш наистина е написана от женската гледна точка и пречупе [...]

    22. Une grande déception ! Je me suis arrêtée avant d'avoir atteint la moitié du roman, tant il est leeeeeeent ! Les 100 premières pages sont consacrées a: "oh mon dieu, je suis une Américaine qui s'installe à Londres" et les 100 suivantes "Oh ce que je suis relou avec tout le monde, et surtout le lecteur. Oh ce que je suis relou !" Je n'avais pas envie de me lancer dans les prochains thèmes

    23. I borrowed this book from my sister-in-law. I am glad I didn't read it when I was in the throes of post-partum depression! It's amazing to me that a man wrote this book, he nailed so many of the feelings of a woman going through post-partum. I don't want to ruin this book for anyone, but I would absolutely recommend it!

    24. Another great book. And again, another not happy topic. The character spirals downward after having a baby, but it is so neat to read how she recovers and picks up the pieces and fights for what she wants in life. So well written

    25. I do actually read it in French, so surely missing something.It is well written, and as usual with Douglas Kennedy so close to reality.The story is hard, what is happening to the newly Mother is a tragedyAt the middle of the book.

    26. الموضوع الي طرحو مهم ياسر الي هو اكتئاب ما بعد الولادة dépression postnatal اما الستيل متاعو رزيييييييين يعني عادي تعدي عشرين صفحة وهو يحكيلك كيفاه تحظر في قهوتها يعني بالغ ممكن حب يحط القارئ في الجو اما ياسر بالغ فديت كملتو بالسيفالنجمتين على الموضوع اكثر مالرواية

    27. I took it on holiday to Spain and couldn't put it down. A special insight into post-natal depression but it is still a book of hope.

    28. A very good - if slightly uncomfortable in places - read. Whirlwind relationship, pregnancy, post-natal depression and betrayal all in one book. Another book I found very hard to put down.

    29. Douglas Kennedy is quite credible writing as a woman the story offers nice little insights into Brit-American socio-cultural differences and some neat psychological twists and turns.

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