Penal Station 05

Penal Station Jared a guard on one of the many penal space stations is good at his job but painfully naive Getting convicted of a crime he didn t commit and being sentenced to a life in prison did not feature in

  • Title: Penal Station 05
  • Author: Valentina Heart
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jared, a guard on one of the many penal space stations, is good at his job, but painfully naive Getting convicted of a crime he didn t commit and being sentenced to a life in prison did not feature in his vision of the future When he gets rescued then promptly claimed as property by Sar, the most dangerous and biggest man on the penal station he s just about ready to fJared, a guard on one of the many penal space stations, is good at his job, but painfully naive Getting convicted of a crime he didn t commit and being sentenced to a life in prison did not feature in his vision of the future When he gets rescued then promptly claimed as property by Sar, the most dangerous and biggest man on the penal station he s just about ready to faintacefully, of course.But Sar is a genius with a hidden face and big expectations Sar expects Jared to learn to fight, to serve his sexual needs, and to socialize with Sar s friends So while Jared works on his stances and, surprisingly, can t get enough of sex, he still has trouble cheerfully conversing with the same men who would rather kill him or claim him for their own.All of that changes with new arrivals, a kidnapping, and secret agendas Will Jared survive torture and is Sar bad and mad enough to rescue him or are they likely to perish when the clock ticks down and the station blinks out with the sound of an explosion

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    1. I bow down to the wisdom of our Queens Lorraine and Lyn for literally commanding and nagging me to death to read this book. 😂👏 Because this was such a unique, different and fantastic book and I really enjoyed reading it. 😍 Sar is a very unique and interesting person. He was born and raised in penal station 05 and has been living there for his whole life. Despite being born in prison and never receiving a proper education, Sar is far from being stupid. In fact, the guy could have become [...]

    2. This was sooooooo out of my normal fluffy zone that I was shocked that I wanted more.d I do! Anyone know if there is going to be a book 2? Thank you James Cox for the recommendation, I loved it.

    3. 4.5 stars for the HFN ending but round up to 5 stars because Sar and Jared deserve 5+++ stars!In the words of my friend Barbara, this was a fluffin’ wonderful read. Sar is the product of a prison birth and has lived all his life in prison. While physically he is a big brute alpha, he’s also incredibly book smart. What I found most interesting about Sar was that even though he has a tough matter of fact attitude, there was something innocent about him. Having lived his entire life in a prison [...]

    4. Writers shouldn’t be able to make you fall in love with convicted criminals as much as Valentina Heart does in Penal Station 05. Though it’s clear Jared and Sar are on the prison station for a reason, you’re immediately drawn into their world and you want to cheer for them even though it seems utterly hopeless.In this future, prison is in space, and the worst of them all is Penal Station 05. After a riot decades ago, it has been locked off from the rest of the society. There are no guards [...]

    5. The author did a great job of creating this fascinating, dark, vicious world of penal station 5. I really like how Sar and Jared got to know each other. It is believable as is the violent state of a prison without guards. Sar’s history is sad and yet there is so much hope now that Jared is in his world. thetbrpile.weebly/reviews/

    6. Just Wow! What a beautiful couple. What a great story. Thanks to James Cox for his recommendation.I'll overlook the mistake that the man on the cover does not match either Jared or Seb's physical description.

    7. I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads4 StarsPenal Station 05 gripped me from the opener where Sar described the new arrivals, Jared being one of them, setting up the dark, depressive, oppressive feel of the dystopian/futuristic space station prison. A bit of a warning for those who love a sweet, fluffy, MM romance, expecting something you've previously read from the prison or science fiction genre: Penal Station 05 is dark, showing baser human reactions and the leng [...]

    8. OK just so it is clear this book is amazing. I had no idea what I was in for put it was a Mad Max experience all the way. Sar and Jared were completely enthralling to me - the danger they lived in kept me glued to the pages, and the romance was blisteringly hot. D/s tones abound but nothing formal - and it's got a Survivor feel to it strongly. It's harsh and unrepentant but there is a softer side - it's no Flesh Cartel. I REALLY hope we get more set in this world!

    9. NEXT, NEXT!!OMFG I loved this book so much!! I can hardly wait for the next! SAR! OMG! I LOVE YOU! <3 <3 and of course Jared! kufufu~ So cute. GAWD I want the next so bad! <3What's gonna happen next!?

    10. This Romance with a capital R kind of felt like Beauty and the Beast on a prison space station. The author pays some lip-service to the inherent dub-con nature of the situation but is very quick to have Jared and Sar fall in love. So if you're looking for something dark this is not the story for you.The characterization is all kinds of fairy tale too. Sar, despite growing up in a prison with the baddest of the bad, naturally still has a core of decency and uses his brute strength and position in [...]

    11. A Joyfully Jay review. 3.5 starsImagine living in a perpetual Thunderdome, where instead of escaping after you’ve killed your opponent, you just step over him and wait for the next enemy to attack. That’s going to be pretty compelling reading and it’s what you get with Penal Station 05. Now I have to admit, I picked this book to review because the plot sounded absolutely bonkers, like something out of a bad porn movie. And bonkers it is, but the characters were so engaging that I was able [...]

    12. *** Read and Reviewed for wicked reads review team*** I didn't know what to expect from this book, i was pleasantly supposed. Jared is framed for a crime he didn't commit and sentenced to the penal station where only the worst of criminals go. he is attacked when he very first arrives and is saved by Sar a the sexy and smart inmate. to survive Jared hands himself over to Sar who protects him with his life. Things are not what they seem on this station and soon it all kicks off. This book had so [...]

    13. It's funny, I read this book with a large amount of trepidation. I sometimes enjoy books like this, with the relationship forming out of need and protection, and the element of danger and harm being strong, but other times I really don't like them. This was the type of book that could easily go towards dislike- after all, with prisoners and the fact that it seemed from the description that Jared would sell his body to Sar for protection, this seemed the type of book that would be devoid of any a [...]

    14. I didn't think I would enjoy this as much as I did. I am not a fan of storylines remotely resembling Stockholm syndrome but this was a well developed book that made both MCs endearing. I hope the author will consider a continuation novel in the near future.

    15. Review can be read at It's About The BookJared was railroaded and sent to the worst prison in the penal system. Sar doesn’t know why he saved him, but he did. Jared is terrified. Of everything. He went from being a guard to being property, branded and owned. Jared finds he’s surprised at how not awful life with Sar is. He’s bored most of the time, but Sar is teaching him a lot and keeping him safe. Jared begins to adjust to his new life in prison. That’s when things get weird. And unsche [...]

    16. Excellent!When I first started this book I was thinking it would be a typical prison based BDSM sex story. Boy was I wrong about that. While it is a prison story with inmates all raging with hormones ready to get any fresh new piece of ass that comes through the doors that side of the story is downplayed in favor of one of the most touching and tender love stories I've ever read. Sar has been in prison all of his life, a life which he is born into as the son of a former prison guard on penal sta [...]

    17. Very cool premise a la Outcast Mine that clashes a little bit with the relationship dynamic between the MCs (H/C heavy on C, BDSM-flavoured, some domestic discipline, getting fluffier and fluffier as the story progresses, with a gentle giant/killing machine alpha and a sweet, helpless omega who is somewhat feminine-coded, especially at the beginning).The first half of the story is almost entirely devoted to the character/relationship development, and we don't get much worldbuilding (which is a s [...]

    18. Five Fearless Stars for Sar I gave five stars to this book because there is nothing I will change in it. Sar is my hero. He is soft, cruel and honest but not at all ruthless. He is beautiful and I love him. Jared complemented him really well. They are a match made in heaven. I loved every bit of this story. It was emotional, scary, dark, romantic, brave, survival everything was in it. And the end it was so happy. And when the ending is happy, I am happy. So two big thumbs up to Valentina for pul [...]

    19. Loved it!I took a chance on this book because I have enjoyed other v. Heart books. The title is awful, it makes me think the story is going to be raunchy, and it was so sweet! I loved sar and Jared. I am looking forward to more of their story.

    20. Read for The Novel Approach. The short review: I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH!!! I cannot wait for the next volume to read more about Sar and Jared, both complex and sympathetic characters despite their situations.

    21. Awesome new sci fi romance!Rarely is there a truly original and riveting gay sci fi romance written but this is one. Extremely well written and totally captivating from page one. Can't wait for the sequel, and hope it won't be long in coming.

    22. I enjoyed this book very much. The two main characters were endearing and well developed. The prison world the author developed was disturbing.

    23. More of a prison story than a SciFi. Sure it’s set on a space station, but it is very much reminded me of a documentary I saw of a Russian prison in Siberia. Just as deadly and situated in an unforgiving leathal environment that dont lend itself well to attempts of escape. All inmates are human. For a SciFi that was a bit of disappointing to me.The story is sort of good even if it lacked the SciFi stuff, but think it was a bit slow, especially in the beginning. It would definitely gotten a hig [...]

    24. GoodFirst let me say that this book was good. I enjoyed it, I enjoyed reading it. Characters were great, pacing good, world pretty good, great premise. It just had such great potential to be even more. With how it was set up, it should have been gritty, emotional, deep. It wasn't. It was good.

    25. 3.5 starsIs it weird that this story wasn't as cringe as I thought it was? I went in expecting poorly written trash but it was actually pretty good!

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