Under Italian Skies

Under Italian Skies Stella has life under control and that s the way she likes it For twenty five years she s been trusted assistant to a legendary fashion designer but after her boss dies suddenly she s left with not

  • Title: Under Italian Skies
  • Author: Nicky Pellegrino
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Stella has life under control and that s the way she likes it For twenty five years, she s been trusted assistant to a legendary fashion designer, but after her boss dies suddenly, she s left with nothing to do apart from clear the studio.It seems as though the life she wanted has vanished She is lost until one day she finds a house swap website and sees a beautifulStella has life under control and that s the way she likes it For twenty five years, she s been trusted assistant to a legendary fashion designer, but after her boss dies suddenly, she s left with nothing to do apart from clear the studio.It seems as though the life she wanted has vanished She is lost until one day she finds a house swap website and sees a beautiful old villa in a southern Italian village Could she really exchange her poky London flat for that But what was intended as just a break becomes much , as Stella finds herself trying on a stranger s life As the villa begins to get under her skin, she can t help but imagine the owner from the clues around her She meets his friends, cooks the local food he recommends and follows suggestions to go to his favourite places But can an idea of someone ever match up to the reality As Stella wonders if she can let go of the safety of her past, perhaps there s a chance for her to find a way into her future

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    1. I love this kind of books that have the ability to make me travel, I don't mind that sometimes they come full of clichés, I like to step back on a ground where I was already happy. All the descriptions of the locations of London and Italy, the flavors, the smells, the author transports me easily to them. I loved the history, the idea of ​​the exchange of houses and I liked the different characters that are appearing. This book is not a romance as I would like it to be, it's more about learn [...]

    2. Една от тези книги, които те пренасят в други измерение! Книга за любовта към Италия. За възможната промяна дори и късно, за преоткриването на себе си и за намирането на правилния път.И в крайна сметка - нищо толкова задълбочено, но толкова приятно и слюноотделящо за четене х [...]

    3. Vis detektyvai, vis trileriai, vis visokie siaubai. Na, bet vasarai visai baiginėjantis juk reikia dar kartą pasineri į atostogas, saulę, spindulius ir romantiką. Bent jau literatūroje. Šitam tikslui nieko geresnio nei Nicky Pellegrino neįsivaizdavau. Pirmasis skaitytas autorės romanas „Itališkos vedybos“ man labai patiko. Vien apie jį pagalvojus prisimenu kiek saulės, šviesos, optimizmo ir humoro ta knyga savyje turėjo. Lygiai to paties užsimaniau vėl! Taigi taip į mano ran [...]

    4. 4.5 stars. Under Italian Skies - another wonderful read from talented author Nicky Pellegrino. This book transports you to a small place in Italy, and wraps you round with the Italian way of life that has nothing to do with a touristy view.Stella house swaps and finds herself in the small town of Triento in a villa perched atop a steep hillside. Her life as she has known it has finished, and she is unsure of where it will lead next. She is willing to take a risk, step out of her comfort zone and [...]

    5. Mais um romance delicioso desta autora! A importância da cozinha e da convivência em torno da mesa com amigos e família. Um livro que foge ao tradicional romance e que retrata uma história de amor que se desenrola por e-mail O romance perfeito de verão.A opinião estará em Aromas de Cor!

    6. I received a copy of Under Italian Skies to review from Hachette New Zealand.The synopsis for this kind of reminded me of The Holiday with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet. That movie was funny. I didn’t compare the book to the movie while I read it because the only thing they have in common is the house swap.I’ve never read a book by Nicky Pellegrino before but I liked this. It’s full of colourful characters, food, drama and of course a little taste of Italy. I’ve always wanted to travel t [...]

    7. Nicky Pellegrino is always a delight to read and now I really really want to go to Villa Rosa in Triento and open the scrapbook Leo made and have my own adventure!The story is as poignant as it is uplifting with Stella moves away for a while to mend herself and grief over the death of her boss and all the changes that will mean for her as well. The emails between her and Leo are probably more helpful and flirty than they would be in a normal house exchange but if there are Leo’s on line now, I [...]

    8. 3.5 starsFollowing the death of her employer Stella's life seems to stall and she's unsure what to do next. A friend suggests an adult gap year (wouldn't we all love to do that) and on investigating the possibilities Stella decides to house swap with Leo and Italian garden designer. She heads off to a small town in Italy to Leo's beloved Villa Rosa while he heads to London to spend time in Stella' s small house while completing a community garden project.Very predictable. Stella 'finds herself' [...]

    9. É sempre bom rever personagens já conhecidas e locais que vão evoluindo ao longo dos vários livros desta autora, que nunca me desiludiu

    10. jerasjamboree/2016/0When we first meet Stella she's clearing out Milly Munro's studio and doesn't want to work with another fashion designer. Grieving for the loss of not only Milly as a boss but as a friend, it's when she's goes to their favourite restaurant alone that she realises everything in her world has changed. An empty life and not knowing what do with herself she jumps on friend Birdy's suggestion of looking into a house swap in another country and is rather taken by Villa Rosa. After [...]

    11. Delicious food descriptions, beautiful clothes, and set on the Italian coast? Amazing! Even though the last chapter was *so* cheesy, it was still an enjoyable read.

    12. I have read all of Nicky's books therefore, I was excited to give this one a read once it came out. I liked the premise of the story; Stella losing her job, then going to Italy to find herself. She then meets Francesca, Raffaela, and Tosca, and quickly befriends them all as she goes on adventures during her time at Villa Rosa. I did find that the relationship between Stella and Neil was a bit awkward, and sort of came out of the blue; there was really no lead up to it. I would have wished to rea [...]

    13. 3.5 starsItaly was my favourite character in this book, and I could totally fall head over heels in love. Would have gone for a solid 4 stars but the ending was just a little off for me. Rounded up because of the way the women were all complete people, interesting and flawed and their own people. (view spoiler)[ I think that is the reason the ending didn't work so well for me. It could have ended just when she realised that Leo had come back, I didn't need the extra couple of pages of kisses. Th [...]

    14. I received this book in a giveaway (thank you!)This book is about a woman, Stella, who decides to swap her house in busy London with a man in living in a small village in Italy. The actual plot is not that exciting and a bit of a cliche, however I just LOVE books which make you feel like you are completely *there* in that setting, and this does that. There are many detailed descriptions of delicious Italian food that make you feel as though you are tasting them yourself. Reading this was almost [...]

    15. A story that takes your imagination on a holiday in Italy.Stella's life as she's known it for 25 years comes to an abrupt end when her boss and friend dies suddenly.Not knowing what to do with her life, she enrols on a house swapping website and falls in love with a villa in a beautiful Italian village.I became so wrapped up in the characters and lifestyle it was as if I was there with them. The ups and downs, friendships and food all made the story flow perfectly.I can't wait to read more books [...]

    16. Okay, so this book is literally a combination of "Under The Tuscan Sun" and "Eat Pray Love" - luckily I love both!! If you also enjoy books about middle-aged women finding themselves at a cross roads in life and in dire need of "finding themselves", whilst eating amazing food and making new friends; then look no further!Conclusion: An easy read, that will make you want to pack up your life and move abroad, whilst leaving you truely hungry for rustic Italian cuisine.

    17. This was a very readable book but I was expecting a little more. Don't get me wrong; a) I love Italy b) I appreciate 'self discovery' type books. It just waffled a little too much and didn't produce enough envy inducing scenes. Is that selfish of me? Ok - I would kill to discover the next phase of my life and move to Italy. I guess I was looking for magical portal through the book. The story was just a little lacking for me.

    18. Adorei simplesmente. Foi um livro que me prendeu desde o início até ao fim. Há muito tempo que esta autora não nos presenteava um livro tão bom. Como não poderia deixar de ser, o livro tem como pano de fundo uma Villa italiana, e com isso todos os sabores, todas as paisagens típicas que nos fazem sonhar

    19. I started thinking I wouldn't probably finish as it was going to be one of those books - idealic romantic set in the perfect place. In a way t was that bit more. Very easy and enjoyable reading. Will rad more if Nicky's books.

    20. I really enjoyed this gentle summer read. Its easy pace let me enjoy the sights, sounds and flavours of Italy to the full. Would recommend for taking on holiday or helping you drift off to warmer climes when at home.

    21. Very very good.This book did take me to Italy. It is very authentic and just so enjoyable. I love all of Nicky Pelligrino's novels. I also like the fact that there's hardly any swearing.Thank you once again for transporting me to much loved Italy.

    22. Won from Wow I did enjoy this novel I felt like I was there never a dull moment I really recommend .The life change for them both with the house swap is really interesting with the added emails.Stella is a fab character and also her new friends I so felt like I was among them .

    23. I loved reading this book. It gives you the feeling that you are also in Italy. However, I was not completely happy with the ending of the book and found it rather abrupt or hastened and rushed.

    24. A great holiday read. It took me back to my time in a small Italian Town; food, summer, friendships. I loved it.

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