Wildings A captivating fantasy about the bond between twins and the power of children to stand up for what s right Rivka is one of the magical elite and the daughter of an important ambassador But she harbors

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  • Title: Wildings
  • Author: Eleanor Glewwe
  • ISBN: 9780451468857
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A captivating fantasy about the bond between twins, and the power of children to stand up for what s right.Rivka is one of the magical elite and the daughter of an important ambassador But she harbors a deep secret She once had a twin brother, Arik When Arik failed to develop his own magical abilities, the government declared him a wilding, removed him from his home, plA captivating fantasy about the bond between twins, and the power of children to stand up for what s right.Rivka is one of the magical elite and the daughter of an important ambassador But she harbors a deep secret She once had a twin brother, Arik When Arik failed to develop his own magical abilities, the government declared him a wilding, removed him from his home, placed him with non magical adoptive parents, and forbade him any contact with his birth family Now it is as if he never existed at all But Rivka refuses to forget her twin brother Even though she knows she could lose everything her father, her friends, even her freedom she sets out to find Arik She has nothing to go on except her still new magical powers and her love for her brother Can that possibly be enough to bring them together again, when all of society believes they belong apart

    One thought on “Wildings”

    1. I went on a rollercoaster of emotions reading this. I feel everything the heroine Rivka felt, and to me that shows how convincing the author is at protraying her characters.Rivka is a magician. Her twin brother, Arik, is not. He has been declared a Wilding, a non magical person in a family pf magicians, and was sent away to live with his new parents, who were also non magical.I should also mention: non magical children become part of the Halan people, who are people with no magic, and are immedi [...]

    2. This companion volume to Sparkers takes place four years later. Rivka and her twin brother Arik were separated at the age of 10 because she had magic and he didn't. Arik was placed with a Halan (non-magical) family, and Rivka was told to forget he ever existed. When they continued to meet, Arik was placed with a different family and further removed by being sent to the neighboring city-state of Ashara. When their father is appointed to Ashara, Rivka begs to be brought along. All she wants is to [...]

    3. I found this book very thought provoking. An interesting world is created where the fact of whether you have magic or not, puts you in the social class for your whole life and every activity within it.As the book wends its way through the different cultures that prevail we see more and more of the inequalities that result from the division. We watch families torn apart and we watch efforts of some courageous few to reunite with loved ones.Very well worth reading. I'm looking forward to reading S [...]

    4. This book really reminded me of Ordinary Magic, which is one of my favorite books. Part of this book is about class divide with the main character being kasir, which is the upper class, and her brother is halani, the lower class, because he has no magic. Although the halani have no magic they do have a "sixth sense", they have uncanny intuition. Rivka, the main character, was separated at age ten from her brother, Arik, because he had no magic. I really enjoyed reading this book.

    5. Same world as Sparkers, just 4 years later and we have another 14 yo from a neighboring country.I find this world fascinating with its commentary on race and society that uses magic to make its points. I would very much like to see how this all continues.Enjoy!

    6. This was an amazing book! The music, the characters, the justice! Rivka is a very stubborn girl, a jealous one too. I didn't like it when she got jealous at little things but other than that, she had great character. Arik, her long lost brother, also has great character. Heck, all the good characters do. Now, the music, the author did an amazing job describing the melodies through a book, what a challenge that must have been. I also loved the justice the main characters try giving Halani and Kas [...]

    7. Ok, this book was totally worth the wait. Which was months by the way, but it did get me to read Sparkers, the stand alone novel before it. So I do recommend reading that book first it will help as the main characters of Sparkers and some minor are referenced to or acting in this book. I really don't want to go into too much detail on the actual storyline ( if you want that read the excerpt at the top of the page) but this story touchs on complex situations and emotions involved with adopted/ble [...]

    8. I love this book! The writing is good, the premise sad and interesting and twistedly relevant, the setting a fun and creative mix of recent past and other world. The main characters aren't ridiculously good at everything, but they work and struggle and grow and accomplish great things. The themes of prejudice, segregation, and social change are important. The ending is satisfying. And my favorite part [SEMI-SPOILER] is that they fight for social change without violence. It's awesome! [END SPOILE [...]

    9. Rifka is excited to be going with her father, who is an ambassador to the neighboring country of Ashara. She wants to go there because that’s where her twin brother Arik lives. She has magic (kasir) and her twin doesn’t (halan.) In their society, Kasiri and Halani are rigidly kept apart. As well as magic, kasiri have more money, status and privilege. That’s there in the text when Rifka describes the opulent ambassador’s residence and compares that to the slums where her new friends live. [...]

    10. I like this one just as much as the first book. It's set in the same world, and includes the same characters though the main characters are new. It's fast paced with an interesting plot, it's a book with a message about racism and how to change people's hearts/mind and hence the laws. The plot dilemmas are resolved rather easily but I was thankful for that. The book is suspenseful without being too heavy.

    11. I really enjoyed the follow-up to Sparkers! The concept of the Kashirs and Halani is so intriguing! It would be interesting for someone to see how the life in this world is very similar to issues that existed in nazi Germany! Are you going to do another book, possibly a followup to Wildings? I hope so!

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