Pond When Matt is out for a late winter hike he sees a trickle of water in the old deserted and junk filled dirt pit at the edge of his neighborhood Matt imagines the pond that must once have been there s

  • Title: Pond
  • Author: Jim LaMarche
  • ISBN: 9781481447355
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Matt is out for a late winter hike he sees a trickle of water in the old deserted and junk filled dirt pit at the edge of his neighborhood Matt imagines the pond that must once have been there, shining in the early spring light, freezing in the winter for skating and the perfect place for swimming in the summer.

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    1. Truly gorgeous, and a terrific testament to the joys of being outside. But good golly, how come the boys sand and repair the boat while the girl paints a dragonfly on the bow? How come the boys fetch stones to make a dam and Katie finds pretty feathers? Why is the girl's role that of discovering and creating beauty - and of using books to help them discern the world around them (for which she gets called "Know-It-All" - super, thanks!) - while the main character boy gets to think about what it a [...]

    2. This is such a beautiful book about the love of nature & the environment! I sense a Caldecott ! This is an award winning book! Loved it!!

    3. 4 stars for the illustrations3 stars for the storyRead this with Madam and she was NOT thrilled when I first showed it to her, but I reminded her that we don't judge books by their covers ("it looks boring" was her verdict). However, as we read along, she said that it was "really pretty" and then she really started identifying with the character Katie, and by the end she said that I was right (!) and that she really liked it. Yeah.

    4. This is an absolutely beautiful book that celebrates the simple joy of playing in and exploring the outdoors--a rite of childhood that is fast disappearing as digital and scheduled activities take over kids' free time. Cleaning up and restoring a habitat, as well as observing and appreciating the wildlife it attracts, are major themes. And I'd just like to say how wonderfully refreshing it is to find a picture book set on a body of water that doesn't depict or mention fishing--even in passing. I [...]

    5. I'm resisting the urge to dock those kids a star for making a pond in the first place, haha. We backpackers learn to leave nature alone to do its thing.That said, this book captures in an unusually sentimental way exactly how it feels to be a kid and to have no sense of time like adults do. Children are blissfully event-time oriented and I ached to be back in that world when I read this.

    6. Jim LaMarche has long been a favorite illustrator of mine. His pictures are so gorgeous and serene, especially the nature ones. In Pond, Matt discovers a small spring in a damaged area that inspires him to try restoring the pond that once existed. With the help of his friend Pablo, and his sister, Katie, as well as his father, Matt works hard to recreate the pond. And with hard work and dedication, they succeed. I found it delightful to watch the pond come back to life. It was fun spotting the a [...]

    7. Beautifully illustrated and equally beautiful storyline. Ah, to see that imagination come to fruition with school-aged children. It would be nice to see more kids exhibiting a need to connect with nature in an earth-friendly way instead of seeing their faces and fingers menacing with those stinky devices! Yes, I'm a bit of a Luddite!

    8. Absolutely one of my favorite books now. I loved reading this and looking at the pictures. This is where I would love for my children to grow up but since we can't live there we can experience it through this book and make our own childhood memories where we do live.b 12/14/16

    9. This beautifully illustrated picture book portrays what a childhood summer should be like. The connection with nature and appreciation for it really touched me, probably because it was done in such a natural way, without any sort of socio-environmental or ecological agenda. A group of children determine that a sunken area they frequent must really be a pond. There is a natural spring that should feed it, but any dams and barriers that had been there previously are gone. They spend their summer r [...]

    10. Beautiful, quiet illustrations invite readers into the story as we follow a boy who explores an empty terrain. He comes upon water bubbling up and has an idea. He recruits his friends Matt and Kate and the three clean up the land, block off the water and form a pond. They fix up an old boat, learn about wildlife and minerals when Kate brings out her books. To celebrate summer’s end, they camp out, to celebrate fall they watch bird migrations, and in winter they ice skate. In spring they climb [...]

    11. This would be a lovely read-aloud for middle elementary, or for experienced listeners in the younger grades. A group of friends see the muddy "Pit" for what it could be--a pond--rather than what it is. The story plays out over several seasons as they patiently wait for nature to do its work. Wildlife and plants arrive on cue. The illustrations are beautiful. Another reviewer noticed a bit of stereotyping among the friends though I'm willing to deal with that, since the author bothered to make th [...]

    12. Beautiful landscape drawings. I'd call it a must-purchase for a rural community where students can relate closely to the exploring and playing in the wilds. I'm not sure how engaging it would be for urban kids and it is quite texty. Good for environmental issues and the value of free play and the value of the contributions of children to the wider world. it has potential for exploring the differences between rural life and urban life as well. It would be an interesting partner for a city-based c [...]

    13. Loved watching the seasons pass at the pond. Beautiful picture book.d it's always good for kids to remember that they can find lots to do outside!On the other hand, I sometimes felt left out of the story. The events did not connect for me just a little abrupt in places. I feel like I'd have to do some explaining if I were to read aloud to a class.

    14. Beautiful pictures accompany this beautiful story about 3 friends and a pond they help bring back to life. Highly recommend for all ages.

    15. A beautiful book about caring for and enjoying nature. Would make a good read aloud for elementary children.

    16. A simple story with detail illustrations about kids and their pond. That special place that will all their own.

    17. Perfect for big kids who love to play in nature or those that need a little encouragement to go outside and play!

    18. I was waiting for an author's note that explained that this was a true story from the author's childhood, but that didn't happen. The way in which it was written, and the interrupted/separated vignette feel to the prose, made me think it was more of a collection of memories around the time these children helped recreate the pond near their homes. Because of this, the ending felt a bit abrupt to me, and the narrative itself felt a bit choppy. But the illustrations are beautiful.

    19. Out walking in the late winter, Matt realized the the place that they had always called “the Pit” used to be a pond. So he and his friends decided to recreate the pond that had been there. They cleaned up the junk and built a new dam. As they worked, Pablo discovered a blue stone shaped like a heart in the sand. Katie started to research the birds, insects and stones as the pond started to slowly fill. They found an old wooden boat and repaired it, naming it Dragonfly. Summer ended with them [...]

    20. I had the delightful honor of meeting Jim LaMarche in October, where he kindly signed a copy of Pond for me, and cheerfully told me and Anna-Marie McLemore about the best sandwich he's ever had. (Seriously - thank you again for that entire day, Simon and Schuster. It was an unforgettable experience.) So it was with a certain amount of eagerness that I delved into Pond. Not surprisingly, I was blown away by just how beautiful a story this turned out to be. ​Without preamble, LaMarche introduces [...]

    21. Vigilant observers of our natural world will be rewarded, not always instantly or even after years but many times when they least expect it. Sometimes Mother Nature will leave you clues; a color not previously present, a movement caught out of the corner of your eye, an unusual sound or a strange smell.If you are fortunate when driving down a two-lane highway in northern Michigan, you will see a flash of black and white by the side of the road. When it lifts into the air you believe it to be the [...]

    22. Scattered patches of snow are still on the ground when Matt finds a stream bubbling up at the site of a former pond. He, his friend Pablo, and his sister Katie work to return the pond to its original state. While clearing out trash, they find a blue quartz stone. Over the course of a year, they dam the stream to form a pond, find and refurbish an old boat, and are rewarded to see the return of native wildlife. One day, they notice that the pond is shaped like a heart, and they are moved to put t [...]

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