Something Will Happen, You'll See

Something Will Happen You ll See Ikonomou s stories convey the plight of those worst affected by the Greek economic crisis laid off workers hungry children In the urban sprawl between Athens and Piraeus the narratives roam restless

  • Title: Something Will Happen, You'll See
  • Author: Christos Ikonomou Karen Emmerich Χρήστος Οικονόμου
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ikonomou s stories convey the plight of those worst affected by the Greek economic crisis laid off workers, hungry children In the urban sprawl between Athens and Piraeus, the narratives roam restlessly through the impoverished working class quarters located off the tourist routes Everyone is dreaming of escape to the mountains, to an island or a palatial estate, intoIkonomou s stories convey the plight of those worst affected by the Greek economic crisis laid off workers, hungry children In the urban sprawl between Athens and Piraeus, the narratives roam restlessly through the impoverished working class quarters located off the tourist routes Everyone is dreaming of escape to the mountains, to an island or a palatial estate, into a Hans Christian Andersen story world What are they fleeing The old woes gossip, watchful neighbors, the oppression and indifference of the rich now made infinitely worse In Ikonomou s concrete streets, the rain is always looming, the politicians slogans are ignored, and the police remain a violent, threatening presence offstage Yet even at the edge of destitution, his men and women act for themselves, trying to preserve what little solidarity remains in a deeply atomized society, and in one way or another finding their own voice There is faith here, deep faith though little or none in those who habitually ask for it.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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    1. Ρεαλισμός και λυρισμός συνάμα από έναν συγγραφέα που αφουγκράζεται τους ανθρώπους δίπλα του, εμβαθύνει στις ενδόμυχες σκέψεις τους, και μιλάει τη γλώσσα τους∙ που με τη ματιά καθαρή και με ευαισθησία ξέχωρη, προξενώντας –όχι σπάνια- την αδολίευτη συγκίνησή μας, αφηγείται [...]

    2. Αυτή η βραβευμένη συλλογή διηγημάτων του Χρήστου Οικονόμου δύσκολα διαβάζεται μονορούφι· στο τέλος κάθε διηγήματος νιώθεις ότι πρέπει να σταματήσεις, να διαβάσεις κάτι άλλο, να κοιτάξεις από το παράθυρο για λίγο για να βγεις από τον πνιγηρό, γεμάτο απόγνωση, κόσμο τους. Γρ [...]

    3. Υποκλίνομαι στον συγγραφέα! Γιατί δεν είναι που περιέγραψε με ακρίβεια το τι μας περίμενε με την κρίση, δεδομένου ότι το βιβλίο γράφτηκε λίγο πριν από την εκδήλωση της, είναι που έχει μια ματιά πάνω στην φρίκη τόσο ποιητική, τόσο αποσπασματική κι όμως ολοκληρωτική, είναι πο [...]

    4. Vi è mai capitato di innamorarvi di un libro solo guardando la sua copertina? A me non era mai successo: non sono una di quelle che compra libri solo in base alla bellezza della copertina, prima mi leggo la sinossi e, se possibile, pure qualche recensione. Fin quando, spulciando la pagina facebook dell'Ambasciata di Grecia a Roma, ho visto la copertina della nuova edizione di questo libro (già pubblicato nel 2011 con una copertina diversa) E' stato amore a prima vista! *.*Vabbè, torniamo seri [...]

    5. Θεωρώ πολύ αξιόλογη αυτή τη συλλογή, ωστόσο έχοντας ήδη διαβάσει την επόμενή του, βρήκα κάπως κουραστική τη θεματολογία, η οποία επικεντρώνεται στην οικονομική κρίση και τα παρεπόμενα αυτής. Δεν μου άφησε την αίσθηση αισιοδοξίας που υποσχόταν το οπισθόφυλλο, αυτό το "κάτι [...]

    6. Sedici storie che hanno come location non la Grecia turistica e brulicante che tutti conosciamo, bensì la spianata di Atene,in particolare i quartieri depressi intorno al porto del Pireo. Ikonomou, con una prosa asciutta e dolorosa alla McCarthy , ci presenta i suoi personaggi : uomini e donne senza fortuna, disoccupati, abusati dal potere politico, derubati, affamati.audati dalla grave crisi economica che in Grecia ha colpito individui, famiglie e comunità. Individui ordinari che procedono ne [...]

    7. Good Lord, this is one depressing book. Page after page, story after story of the most awful things people have to bear. It is dark and heavy, with most characters living lives that are hopeless, chaotic, and unstable.I echo the other reviewers who have praised author Ikonomou for so powerfully capturing the poverty, despair, and destitution people are experiencing in Greece's garbage economy. But what struck me most about this book is how negatively women are portrayed--always helpless, sad, bo [...]

    8. Μόλις τελείωσα τη συλλογή διηγημάτων "Κάτι θα γίνει, θα δεις" του Χρήστου Οικονόμου (Εκδόσεις "Πόλις"). Μια σειρά απο ψιθυριστές ιστορίες απόγνωσης που εκτυλίσσονται στη Νικαια, στον Κορυδαλλό, τον Πειραιά, τη Σαλαμίνα - περιοχές που γεννήθηκα και μεγάλωσα. Με βασάνισε πολυ η [...]

    9. Poignant profile of Greece in crisis, told through a series of short stories that leave your heart clenched. I read this in English after my favorite local bookstore featured a series of books in translation and can't help but notice the disorientation of reading a work in your mother tongue displaced into the language you now use most.

    10. The protagonists of these stories are living the hell. A hell of misunderstanding and extreme poverty. Not a ray of light illuminating their lives, not the smallest hope. These stories seem to be set in ancient times, when fate was a fearsome and powerful god, and instead are set in today Greece, the one of the times of the crisis.The only drawback: there are many, too many. At one point the reader gives a crash under such despair.Thank Archipelago Books and Netgalley for giving me a free copy i [...]

    11. This was a real haul, and not because it was bad. What is presented in these stories of unrelenting grimness is a realistic portrayal of life for the average person living in Greece and how ordinary lives are impacted by that country's financial collapse. Visitors remember Greece as being sun drenched, steeped in history, cheerful. For her citizens, however, it's as bad or worse than anything we are familiar with in our own country. Plus, in all these stories, it seems to be raining already or a [...]

    12. Beautifully translated by Karen Emmerich, Something Will Happen, You’ll See is a modern Greek tragedy. Telling the stories of ordinary people whose lives have been destroyed by Greece’s economic crisis, it echoes the classical tragedies in form, while using completely modern language that captures a moment of utter sorrow, betrayal and hopelessness.The smell of halva spreads through the house and for a moment disguises the smell of Friday and the smell of loneliness and the smell of the mali [...]

    13. "Really liked," of course, isn't quite right. The book is heartrending; what saves it from merely depressing the reader is the author's empathy with the down-and-out people he depicts. He shows their despair but also their capacity to take in beauty and feel wonder in the worst of moments. This capacity doesn't exactly save them from poverty and hunger, but it saves them from the impulse toward suicide (mostly). I feel I now know a lot more about Greece and its crisis, its financial inequities, [...]

    14. This book is not a pick me up and may not be the light beach read you're looking for.Why you should still read it:-Iknomou has an amazing lyrical quality to his work. Through this series of short stories, you can connect deeply with the characters, who are life like, warts and all. -This series gives faces, albeit fictional ones, to the economic crisis in Greece. Ikonomou shows the power of fiction to share truths that no newspaper article has conveyed yet about the ongoing crisis there. Must re [...]

    15. The first stories were a little stronger than the last, but all in all this was beautiful and devastating.

    16. Pour citer une partie de la postface : « Seize histoires ou peut-être une seule. »Les histoires sont liées par des noms de certaines personnes ou par les endroits où elles se passent, mais surtout par cette ambiance sombre et triste qui règne dans tout ce livre. Chaque histoire décrit une partie de la Grèce, c’est-à-dire de la Crète, en crise dans les années au début du nouveau millénaire. J’imagine que la situation ne s’est pas améliorée depuis.Les personnages sont pauvres, [...]

    17. Δεκάξι ιστορίες από τα Καμίνια, τη Νίκαια, τη Δραπετσώνα και το Πέραμα. Ιστορίες που μοιάζουν να έρχονται από άλλες εποχές, με θέμα τη φτώχια, υλική αλλά κυρίως ψυχική. Η φτώχια στις μικρές ιστορίες του Χρήστου Οικονόμου δεν είναι ίδια με την φτώχια της Ελλάδας στις δεκαετίε [...]

    18. U svom najpoznatijem djelu Ikonomou u formi kratkih priča progovara o siromašnim, obespravljenim, napuštenim, prevarenim i iznad svega žalosnim ljudima. Onima koje još samo nada drži na životu, iako i ona pomalo nestaje i ustupa mjesto potpunom očaju. Na ulicama Ikonomouove Grčke nesreća vreba na svakom koraku, a njegovi protagonisti su ljudi praznih frižidera koji preživljavaju na rakiji i cigaretama. Uglavnom uspješno kreirana atmosfera dodatno doprinosi stvaranju osjećaja bezna [...]

    19. Sopravvivere alla crisi, alle bollette, agli sfratti. Vivere nonostante la fatica di vivere. La Grecia, adesso. Non le isole nell'azzurro del mare ma quelle dell'arcipelago della depressione. E noi? Potremmo essere noi? Lo siamo già, probabilmente.

    20. "Γιατί εκεί που μεγαλώνει ο φόβος, μεγαλώνει κι εκείνο που σώζει από τον φόβο"

    21. Ein schwieriges Buch. Bei jeder Geschichte steigt man neu ein in die persönliche Erfahrung der Finanzkrise, aber irgendwann vermischen sich die Akteure und werden eins. Wunderschön und herzzerbrechend. Braucht ein Schriftsteller das Elend, um überzeugend schreiben zu können?

    22. A friend left this behind on our bookshelves after staying with us. It's a collection of short stories all about the collapse of families and communities with the Greek economic crisis. The first thing to be said is that the writing is beautiful. It is poetic and rhythmic, with striking images, and with most of the stories told in the first person, has this urgency about it, these incantations against illness and death and small hopes for the future. I earmarked a passage where a narrator is obs [...]

    23. "Christos Ikonomou’s award-winning second collection, Something Will Happen, You’ll See, is a thoughtful glimpse into the flawed and sometimes-comic existence of the working-class men and women living at the periphery of Greece’s capital. This collection is a kind of Dubliners for the postcrisis generation and a lament for the marginalized inhabitants of neighborhoods around the shipping district of Piraeus. Ikonomou succeeds at immersing the reader, through a panoramic stream-of-conscious [...]

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