Family Nations collapsed The undead rose Some people survived Three months after escaping from London Bill discovers the true extent of the global war that followed the outbreak Most of the world has been d

  • Title: Family
  • Author: Frank Tayell Tim Bruce
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Audible Audio
  • Nations collapsed.The undead rose.Some people survived.Three months after escaping from London, Bill discovers the true extent of the global war that followed the outbreak Most of the world has been destroyed, but though ruined farmland and abandoned cities are filled with zombies, there are other survivors and there is a safe haven so he is told in a small village onNations collapsed.The undead rose.Some people survived.Three months after escaping from London, Bill discovers the true extent of the global war that followed the outbreak Most of the world has been destroyed, but though ruined farmland and abandoned cities are filled with zombies, there are other survivors and there is a safe haven so he is told in a small village on the Irish coast.Before he can go there, he must find and rescue the children Then he ll have to battle his way through the infected wastelands of England and Wales in hopes that there really is a boat waiting for them Even then, his journey won t be over.When he s told of the sanctuary awaiting them, he also discovers that the scientist who created the virus escaped from New York In order for any of them to ever truly be safe, Bill will have to head north to confront the man, discover the truth behind the outbreak, and finally choose between his old family and his new one.

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    1. . and so it continues. Episode three sees the removal of those who had double-crossed Bill and Kim, and the reunion with those for whom they'd been searching, together with the journey to the beach in Wales where Sholto is sure lies the beginning of their rescue. This was a mixed one for me. I read the free short story, in which we are introduced to George Tull, the (relatively) young and sprightly resident of an old peoples' home. This story takes place just as the outbreak starts, and is very, [...]

    2. This series did not disappoint. I stayed up until 3:30 am to finish this book. This is book 3 in the series. The main character, Bill, has been through hell and back. But so has his companions. The burning question in Bill's mind is ,WHY? He goes to great lengths to answer that. Will that answer be enough to allow him to settle down and know he's safe? Would you after 5 months of life and death survival? I wish there were another book. I would love to have seen an epilogue. I would recommend thi [...]

    3. The series continues on in book 3 and the action and events seem to twist and turn to leave a very well woven story in its wake. Well done, Story Teller !

    4. This is the final book of Bill's journals. I had the feeling it was a bit rushed. A lot happend very quickly and I felt a bit lost sometimes with all the twists and lies.I have read book 0.5 with George Tull beforehand and I don't know if it helped or in contrast, got me more confused about his character. As mentioned, the end of the story comes too quickly, after four months of traveling through a wasteland England many things seemed too constructed to fit. But all in all, I loved these books b [...]

    5. Very goodWas more into this third book in the series than the second. I think the involvement of other characters give it a bit more and the inclusion of the government and the government officials makes it a better read. The story is moving onto another part now and it kept me involved. I look forward to the next one, to see where the story is going and if everything comes to light on how the apocalypse started etc.

    6. This series started slow for me but has turned into a great story and now I cannot wait for the next installment. I have read all of the books in the series and admit that the first three books that cover Bill's story were not nearly as interesting to me as books 4-8 which focus on Nilda and her son. However, all of the stories are related and I like bits and pieces of the entire series are weaved together.

    7. A bit of a mixed bag this book, some bits felt a bit rushed as if it was losing it's way, but it pulled together and I look forward to the next.

    8. Exciting!Well paced and enough twists and turns to make it difficult to put down! Interesting characters and I look forward to the next instalment!

    9. Brilliant as ever!I loved this so much but I'm afraid a star is lost due to the lack of proof reading which I just can't handle!

    10. Well after snuggling up with Book 2 on Christmas Eve I settled down on Christmas Day with Book 3: Family but only after first consuming my body weight in Turkey and Brussel Sprouts.Book 3 follows straight on from the discovery that Annette and Daisy have been taken to London and the arrival of Sholto, who had been in contact with Bill before everything went tits up and is now revealed to be **SPOILER ALERT** Bill's brother.Along with Kim, Bill and Sholto head by water to London in the grave hope [...]

    11. Family is the third and final book in Frank Tayell's Surviving the Evacuation series. If you have not yet read the previous books, fair warning, you'll likely get some spoilers if you continue reading.Each time I see one of Frank's covers, I'm compelled to see what lies beneath. This final installment is no exception. Cover art, in my opinion, is a make or break for books, and I find this cover visually stimulating. The only comment I have is that the author name is not on the coverry strange.Bi [...]

    12. The third in what turns out to be a trillogy, at least with the same characters, and for once, everything is wrapped up, all questions are answered, and we have some sort of conclusion. Not a happy ending, (that's not a spoiler as there really couldn't be one given the subject matter.)Bill gets his answers, along with a few to questions he didn't (want to) ask, we finally get to meet his childhood friend Jen, and the answers to what, and who, was behind the outbreak. Along the way we meet some m [...]

    13. The third book in Frank Tayell's Evacuation series sees survivors Bill and Kim attempting to make their way to a rumoured rendezvous in Wales for rescue and transfer to a new colony being established on the coast of Ireland. But first they have to rescue Annette and Daisy, the young children in their care, who've been captured and taken back to London. Enroute they encounter other survivors and face a horde of millions of the undead, crushing everything in its path. Still determined to discover [...]

    14. This appears to be the end of Bill's part of the series. I think I'll miss Bill's voice, but I'm fairly satisfied with the ending. I'm not sure I liked some of the characters that showed up for this book. They were supposed to be the good guys, but I didn't particularly like or trust them. Apparently, they showed up in another book, and were much better represented. I don't know, I wasn't exactly happy with them.I also wasn't happy with the writer's habit of dumping information in long blocks of [...]

    15. I really liked this one. I am obsessed with zombies, in general, and I am really loving Tayell's universe in particular. This book had our group trying to get to the coast in order to get to a survivor sanctuary. Admittedly, because I was reading so fast, I'm not completely positive I understood the big reveal about the villain and the cause of the outbreak. But I still enjoyed the story. A lot of what you've been reading about so far comes to a head in this book. It was well-done, and I would l [...]

    16. Much better than the first two books. In fact, I almost gave it a three. But all the twists and mind games it's all a little too much.Anyway, I actually like Bill now. I love Kim and Annette. LOVE THEM.Bill's brother is meh. He wants to go to the US, well, he can go, I won't miss him.I was sad about 's death (I'm on my phone and can't be bothered to use the spoiler tag), but I guess it doesn't really change anything.I wish the first two books had been more like this. But I firmly believe this on [...]

    17. I'm still enjoying the series but I didn't enjoy this book as much as the previous 2. It didn't hang together and flow quite as well and there's some ridiculous "Hollywood" characters appearing all of a sudden. It felt less like 1 man's story which you can buy into and imagine yourself in and more like you're behind the film camera. It's almost as if the author started writing this and then started reading the Walking Dead comics and just went with that style instead. I'm hoping the next instalm [...]

    18. Wow some parts of this were just fantastic. I felt like I was right there with the characters as they hid under the horde in that tunnel. Nail biting The only thing that stopped this being a 5* review, (and some parts of the book were definitely worthy!) was that I occasionally felt the explanations by George Tull/Donnie and subsequently Quigley were a little long winded and complicated. But that aside I thoroughly enjoyed this

    19. Enjoyable read nicely finishing off the story started in books 1 and 2.Seemed to end quite quickly no explanation of the doctor who can only write in chalk for example. May be explored further in the next book However the next books all tell a different character from a different viewpoint?Chapters where a lot larger in this book compared to the previous. Not saying that is a good or a bad thing simply an observation.

    20. The thirsd part tof the series concludes Bills journal. The mysterious Sholto is explained and the journey comes to oan endr the moment I expect. Again the story gets better and better as Tayell explores the mechanics of the post zombie apocalypse. More of the past history of the events is explained and old accounts are settled. Deception, in the guise of protection abounds and family ties both real and adoptive are explored. Again a great read

    21. What an incredible conclusion of Bill's story! It was really captivating. Also, I am sort of sad to have that saga come to an end. I know that the series continues with new characters but I think I need a breather and read something less doom-ish.Still, it is a superb novel and a must read series.

    22. My deepest thanks to the author Frank Tayell for bringing a very new and invigorating twist to the zombie apocalypse. This series is a must for any zombie fan.Book 2 narrated by Tim Bruce whom does a most excellent job of delivering the suspense and story. It made my commute trip sometimes too fast as I wanted to listen more!Look forward to the next book! (Having done books 1-3)

    23. Good series but it has kind of lost it's storyline hook and I believe I will end the series with this one.

    24. I can't stop reading these books!I am certainly attached to this series. I can't put them down, and to be honest, I do not want to. I can't wait to start the next one!

    25. ExcellentThis get a five star rating all three books I have read so far are well written and leave you wanting more

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