Keep: The Wedding

Keep The Wedding HER He loves me Every day every night he shows mebut always there s distance between us He won t let me in He says it s to protect me But I want I want it all HIM I love her I can prove my love a t

  • Title: Keep: The Wedding
  • Author: Kaye Blue
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • HER He loves me Every day, every night, he shows mebut always, there s distance between us He won t let me in He says it s to protect me But I want I want it all HIM I love her I can prove my love a thousand ways, but she wants the one thing I cannot give She doesn t understand A mobster s girl is a target A mobster s wife might be than my enemiesHER He loves me Every day, every night, he shows mebut always, there s distance between us He won t let me in He says it s to protect me But I want I want it all HIM I love her I can prove my love a thousand ways, but she wants the one thing I cannot give She doesn t understand A mobster s girl is a target A mobster s wife might be than my enemies can resist.

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    1. Mob Boss, Vasile and sweet and shy Fawn are still going strong in "Keep: The Wedding" but not married. They both love each other and their child, Maria but those marriage papers are nothing to Vasile until he again almost loses Fawn. As a clan boss, Vasile felt that marriage would put Fawn and baby Maria in dire danger. It could be the Petran name or just association. Well Vasile was just strange like that, uh and that was his way of protecting what was his? So after Fawn's abduction she tells V [...]

    2. Fantastic sensual drama!!The saga continues with Fawn and her hunky dangerous Romanian mobster Boss Vasile. I totally love this installment of course I wish it was longer but I can't wait for the next installment I need to know who was in the shadows when Fawn was up ducted. These two are so in love I can't wait to find out what happens at the wedding once they're married. Good job Kaye blue

    3. **I received an ARC from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review**Ok, I didn't expect to have this little treat from Ms. Blue! Wow! After writing the other books, she came back to revisit the first couple, Vasile and Fawn. To be honest, I wasn't sure going into this how it would be. I thought there was no way to improve on what already was and that I might be bored. Lol. Boy was I ever mistaken! I should know by now that Ms Blue never disappoints. The couples love has only grown. I [...]

    4. This was a wonderful read. In this book we get to revisit Fawn & Vasile! They finally get married and we know that the other couples have married by now. Of course, this wouldn't be awesome without some torturing and killing happening. I mean they touched Fawn, dumb, dumb & even dumber! Did they really think that Vasile was going to allow them to touch her and live? Idiotas! Loved it. These men are ridiculously hot! The sex scenes are scorching!!!

    5. The story of Fawn and Vasile continue and Vasile tries to keep Fawn and his daughter safe.I received an advanced copy of this book for an honest review. This is book 4 of the seriesRomanian Mob Chronicles by the author. Love the characters in this book and the author wrote them with great interaction.

    6. This was a very good story and it was nice to see Vasile and Fawn again. Fawn and Carols are very happy together and with their daughter Maria, but Fawn wants marriage and Vasile just wants to meep his familt prorected and the even thoughhe would like nothing better than to marry Fawn he feels all it will do is put her more at risk. When Fawn gets taken but returned Vasile realizes that he needs to marry Fawn, which he does or it is implayed. I hope that their will be a continuation of this stor [...]

    7. Loving These Mob Bosses!Great story,really sweet. I love Fawn and Vaslie,they are one of my favorite couples, shy,woman held hostage by mad man falls in love with hard,take no prisoners, Romanian mob boss and finally get a real happily ever after,loved it. Loved Sorin and Ester, they were funny and awesome as usual and we even got a little Lily and Anton. This series is becoming one of my favorites. I can wait for more.

    8. Linda ChristianiThe men who feel they don't deserve love or never thought about truly loving someone are the ones who loves the most action speaks louder than words and when they do speak there is no doubt about their truth this author is my go to for these sometimes intense but highly enjoyable moments read this and enjoy!

    9. Fantastic!!!Absolutely love this authors writing This series is so entrenched in intrigue The characters so endearing. Cannot wait for the next installment!

    10. Still Going StrongThis series is still going strong. Vasile and Fawn, along with Sorin and Esther, are still the power couples. The stories are still engaging, the plots interesting and the romance hot.

    11. we go back to our "first" couple. things are going good, as good as can be for a mobster. as he takes care of business, he knows that the love of his life is a target and he doesn't want to make it bigger with commitment, he likes things the way they are. he mostly can dominate her resistance but things grow restless between them.when she's "arrested" and taken in for questioning (or rather driven somewhere secluded) she stands her ground.when she turns back up at their home he's more then relie [...]

    12. *I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review**SPOILER ALERT*I enjoyed the Romanian Mob Chronicles in spite of the lack of romance in the entire series. This book was ok, but once again lacked passion and romance. I know that Vasile and Fawn loved each other, but it did not leap off the pages. In addition, we never found out who had taken Fawn and why. Also, it would have been nice know if they really got married instead of them engaging in a quickie before the so-called wedding. Also, I w [...]

    13. It is funny that sometimes you do know how bad you truly want something until it is taken from you or in danger. This was the case for Vasile. He was fighting tooth and nail when it came to getting married. He wanted so much to protect Fawn and his daughter. He thought the best way to do that was to not marry.Fawn wanted the happy I do. She loved Vasile and it hurt that he did not want to get married. I loved how she tried to reason with herself that all that matter was they were together, but d [...]

    14. Love The Romanian Mob Chronicles! As much as I loved the series and this book and happy to see that Sorin/Esther and Anton/Lilly got married, the ending for this book left me a tad disappointed! Disappointed because the main question wasn't answered! Who was behind taking Fawn and trying to bring down Clan Petran?! If not the Syndicate then who? The Peruvians? David, Vargas, Petey, Christoph Jr. and Natasha are dead; at least that's what they said! I don't trust Priest! I'm with Anton, "a man wi [...]

    15. *** Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review ***It was a good story!!!  The story showed how much Vasile and Fawn truly loved each other but Fawn wanted more ( marriage). The story left several unanswered incident like did they get marry, did she tell Vasile she's expecting and most important who kidnapped Fawn and why because there is not an HEA but just a slight cliffhanger. Overall. A great follow-up to a loving couple and look forward to the next book for clarificat [...]

    16. Good follow-up. Of course, I have more questions than answers about the Fawn incident, so I'm eagerly looking forward to the next book in the series. Hoping we'll find out more about Priest. Is he a good guy or a bad guy? How does he get all his info? I'm so curious about him.I loved Vasile's proposal with all the rings. I also loved the way the book ended and thought it was perfect for Fawn and Vasile.

    17. Well DoneThis was so good I did not want it to end.The writer did something a little different,we got to see the inside workings of relationships and all the emotions.This was done in such a way that you get to feel the characters are more human and believable.The undercurrents we get add the right amount of mystery and the danger.The chemistry is just spot on.This has been one fantastic series that you will revisit again and recommend to a friend.

    18. ***I received an ARC from the author in exchange for a honest review*** Wow! I thought this was a great follow up to Vasile and Fawn's story. I felt like we got to see more of his love for her. Another plus was the update on the other couples in the series. And what would a mob series be without some angst lol! All in all it was a great conclusion for Vasile and Fawn!! Kaye Blue did it again!

    19. WonderfulThis is a wonderful series and this book I couldn't put down. Fawn and Vasile have a great relationship . Getting married just makes it feel like forever. He would move mountains for her . I am looking forward to more Romanian Mob Chronicles as well as more of Kaye's other novels.

    20. At least they got marriedThis story was good but there was something missing which I can't put my finger on nevertheless, I loved hearing about their lives with Maria and them adding to their family. What I was not happy with was the lose ends of when someone took Fawn, now I'm nervous and eagerly awaiting the next instalment of this series.

    21. I like it butI like how the books are straightforward and cuts out all the nonsense and elaborate descriptions but always seems so short and unfinished. I know there's a cliffhanger but it still seems like a improper sentence. Although i do like to series is buy the followup books

    22. It was nice to catch up with Fawn and Vasile again and the other characters in this series. This was short and sweet. However, I was still unclear as to what was the purpose of the abduction and who was really behind it. Apart from this, I enjoyed the story. Worth a read.

    23. Great Come AroundI'm glad the series came full circle. But in some parts the seemed to lack something or seemed a little rushed. But all in all I enjoyed it. But to be truly bad ass mobsters,there's not enough violence. And will Priest have his story?

    24. OkOkayjust okayI expected a lot and got ehe intensity wasn't theree storyline continuesbut it could have been longerer. finished too quickhope book 3 isn't disappointing.

    25. I love the entire series and can not wait to read more Dr n this author. I feel heavily invested in these characters and look for more

    26. Quick ReadI really enjoyed reading about the love Fawn and Vasile shareI just wished the book would have ending after the wedding instead of before

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