Farraday Road

Farraday Road A quiet evening ends in murder on a muddy mountain road Local attorney Lije Evans and his beautiful wife Kaitlyn are gunned down But the killers don t expect one of their victims to live After buryi

  • Title: Farraday Road
  • Author: Ace Collins
  • ISBN: 9780310279525
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
  • A quiet evening ends in murder on a muddy mountain road Local attorney Lije Evans and his beautiful wife, Kaitlyn, are gunned down But the killers don t expect one of their victims to live After burying Kaitlyn, Lije is on a mission to find her killer and solve a mystery that has twists and turns than an Ozark mountain back road When the trail of evidence goes colA quiet evening ends in murder on a muddy mountain road Local attorney Lije Evans and his beautiful wife, Kaitlyn, are gunned down But the killers don t expect one of their victims to live After burying Kaitlyn, Lije is on a mission to find her killer and solve a mystery that has twists and turns than an Ozark mountain back road When the trail of evidence goes cold, complicated by the disappearance of the deputy who found Kaitlyn s body at the scene of the crime, Lije is driven to find out why he and his wife were hunted down and left for dead along Farraday Road He begins his dangerous investigation with no clues and little help from the police As he struggles to uncover evidence, will he learn the truth before the killers strike again

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    1. Not a bad mystery/thriller. Set in the genteel south the book opens with a deputy sheriff checking on the local bridges during a bad storm as she approaches the last one, an old bridge that holds many memories she finds a truck that went off the road, that of her old friend Lije Evans and his wife Kaitlin. As she approaches it she realizes that it isn't an accident but that it had been forced off the road and she soon finds the body of Kaitlin, she also finds Lije face down in a stream, shot, bu [...]

    2. I brought this book because of the author Ace Collins who is best known for his non-fiction books Stories Behind the Best-Loved Songs of Christmas, Stories Behind the Great traditions of Christmas etc. He has been around for a long time and has written many books I’ve enjoyed. I was curious to see what Ace had up his sleeves in reference to fiction writing. Wow! I was pleasantly surprised, but then again I wasn’t. What else would you expect from such a gifted writer?Ace starts out this book [...]

    3. Farraday Road by Ace Collins is a story about Lije Evans whose wife, Kaitlyn, was gunned down while they were driving on their way home. Left for dead by the killers, Lije Evans survived but was extremely grieved over his wife’s death. He soon decides to investigate who and why somebody wanted them dead. As the story progresses, Lije Evans with the help of a few friends discovers a mystery connected to a property that his wife bought for him. He must act fast to solve this because the killers [...]

    4. The writing is generally good and the story intriguing though fairly straight-forward (in the "I wasn't surprised by any of the twists and turns" sort of way). There was one scene where I felt like a paragraph or two was missing: Lije reacts to something that is never actually said in the story, and I looked back to make sure I hadn't accidently skipped over the other fellow saying what Lije was reacting to. I found one setting description confusing. By the end of this long section, the setting [...]

    5. I would have given this 5 starts if had not ended suddenly in the middle with "to be continued" I did rate the sequel, SWOPE'S RIDGE 5 stars for drama, excitement and mysteryGood Review by Mara Kim:Lije Evans and his wife are gunned down on Farraday Road. Detective Mikki Stuart stumbles upon the crash scene and signals for backup. When the backup arrives, she's gone. Disappeared.Lije Evans is on a quest to find Kaitlyn's, his wife's killer. Heather Jameson, lawyer who works with Lije becomes a s [...]

    6. This is a story with rich characters and a mystery with incredible implications. I know it’s overused, but this is the kind of book that really is hard to put down. The story flows so seamlessly it is easy to get lost in its magic. The prose and plot are powerful reminding me of Athol Dickson’s first novels (Gar Reed Mysteries). The spiritual themes of the book are presented in the natural conversations of the characters and the setting of the Deep South. Nothing is forced or preachy but at [...]

    7. This is the first book of a two book series featuring Lije Evans.The book borrows quite ashamedly from The Da Vinci Code in many ways. It starts when Lije and his wife are gunned down as they drive home. Lije, an attorney, survives but his wife does not and so he sets about trying to trace and capture her killer/s.There are many twists and turns along the way, there's an old dilapidated train (or was it car) in there somewhere (I did read it 7 years ago). Anyway the book is fast paced, exiting a [...]

    8. I picked up this book from our teacher's lounge because I needed something to read while waiting in the doctor's office. I couldn't put it down. A faith-based story, we learn about a young couple who was attacked and left for the dead. The wife dies, but the man, when he recovers, wants to find out why they were attacked. He uncovers a secret gift from his wife, a missing train from a century ago, and a tale of lies and deception that transcend time. Solid writing, good story; can't wait for the [...]

    9. 3.5 starse writing was good, the characters engaging (most of the time)e story just didn't "gel" some of the time. There were a lot of plot points that normally would have made me say, "Well! Isn't that conveeeeenient!" However, for whatever reason, I just mentally shrugged and went on with the story. There definitely are some interesting bits here and there. Warning: This is a "to be continued" ending!

    10. The book was good, but it ended abruptly without you knowing what happened. It ended right in the middle of a shootout with "to be continued". I would suggest buying it and the sequel "Swope's Ridge" together so that you don't have to leave off in the middle of the story like I did. I need to find the sequel so I can finish it. Otherwise, it was a good book. I just don't like to be left hanging.

    11. Saved $4 because I Snagged @ The LibraryGood book! Not Collins' best, because it was his first novel. But definitely a great read. And a definite MUST before reading Swope's Ridge. Trust me on this. You HAVE to read this before you read the sequel. No question about it.Trademark Collins: Always clean, full of action, full of twists, full of intrigue, full of fun historical stuff, and always some neat cars!

    12. I'm getting the idea this author likes labels. He writes about the automobile - the Cord that was around during The Great Depression. That's what the main character Lije drives. Instead of saying "his car," throughout the book, the author says "The Cord" as in he "fired up his Cord." Instead of saying "He booted up his computer," the author says "his Mac." That being said. There's a lot of mystery here. I'll not say more. Off to Swope's Ridge -- book 2 in the series.

    13. 3.5When I first started reading this book, it took a little bit to get into it. But as I started reading I became more and more interested. It was a relatively clean book but did have 1 or 2 minor swear words. Warning: this book does leave you at a cliff hanger at the end. Thankfully, I have the next book so I can read on to see what happens!

    14. I loved this book, however I was disappointed when I got to the last page and saw in very small letters be continued. The next episode isn't coming out for 5 months!! Oh my gosh, I'll have to reread this one right before the other one comes out.Reread this book Oct 2011, right before I read Swope's Ridge

    15. I gave this book 3 stars becuase I felt like the twists and turns were predictable and a little far fetched. Also, the author uses the last name of most of the characters but switched to first names in some places. Confusing. I also bought a book expecting it to have an end, not a 'to be continued'. Come on?!

    16. I began reading this novel as a way to stimulate my brain while working out on the elliptical machine. However, I became sucked into the story and really enjoyed it. I did not even realize that there were religious undertones until I was more than halfway through. Fortunately, they did not deter from the story.I plan to read the second book in the series very soon.

    17. Good enough to keep me interested, but some parts not all that believable. Did not like it when I reached the end and it said "To be continuned". Will now read the second book to see if all the questions are answered.

    18. This book is very good suspense wise but there is so many facts you have to remember in order to keep up. I hate the way it ends. I wanted a solid ending after reading the whole thing & it wasn't provided.

    19. I really liked this book but am very frustrated that it was "to be continued". I'm going to have to figure out how to get the next book so I know what is going on. It was a good mystery with good characters.

    20. It can be fun to read about details about another part of the country, even if they're made up - or not, I can't tell. But I am enjoying the drama, the intrigue, the mystery, the action and adventure!

    21. It was a good book. Kind of irritated at the end to find out it ended in the middle of a conflict & you have to read the sequel if you want to know how it ends. I like sequels and all but I hate it when a book leaves a cliff hanger the way a tv show does

    22. This is one of those books that you keep reading because it is mildly interesting enough that you want to find out the end of the mystery, but ultimately disappointed because it didn't resolve at the end. It ends a abruptly with no answers and you have to get the next book to find out.

    23. This was the most intriguing book I've read in a long time. Very awesome, but I'm glad that I had book #2 because I would've hated to wait to continue the story.

    24. Just started reading it, but I'm already hooked. This is my first book by this author. I stumbled across this at the library while looking for books by another author with the same last name.

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