How to Write Horror Fiction

How to Write Horror Fiction None

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  • Title: How to Write Horror Fiction
  • Author: William F. Nolan
  • ISBN: 9780898794427
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Hardcover
  • None

    One thought on “How to Write Horror Fiction”

    1. This book is twenty years old, so the chapter on the publishing market is outdated, but the rest of the book contains a lot of useful information and not just for horror writers. One piece of advice that I appreciated was the author's recommendation: "Never stop to revise." He explains how authors who continually stop to revise what they've already written tend to lose their focus and their forward momentum. He suggest getting the story down on paper and then worry about perfecting it later. He [...]

    2. Maybe I've read too many of these, or maybe this just wasn't that good. I can't decide, but I felt the advice was very generic and not well illustrated, and that he padded it toward the end with mini bios of some horror authors. Overall, just a big meh for me.

    3. I read this probably six or so years ago. There was some nice information in this book. I'd recommend this to someone who wants to write horror or learn how to effectively build the tension and suspense in their writing.

    4. I'd suggest finding a more recent book, there's no ground breaking advice here, and much of it is out of date.

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