Valentine's Rose

Valentine s Rose An English nobleman an Irish laundressy in American would Fate be foolish enough to bring them together Constantine Valentine the exiled son of an English baron is in America for one reason make a

  • Title: Valentine's Rose
  • Author: E.E. Burke
  • ISBN: 9780996982245
  • Page: 218
  • Format: ebook
  • An English nobleman, an Irish laundressy in American would Fate be foolish enough to bring them together.Constantine Valentine, the exiled son of an English baron, is in America for one reason make a fortune so he can return home and repair his tarnished reputation Wedding a destitute Irish laundress isn t his first choice, but a strange twist of fate makes a hAn English nobleman, an Irish laundressy in American would Fate be foolish enough to bring them together.Constantine Valentine, the exiled son of an English baron, is in America for one reason make a fortune so he can return home and repair his tarnished reputation Wedding a destitute Irish laundress isn t his first choice, but a strange twist of fate makes a hasty marriage the key to riches.Rose Muldoon, who grew up in a New York slum, has battled hardship, hunger and heartbreaking loss Still, she trusts in love something her privileged husband has never experienced and can t accept She longs for home and family He has no intention of staying in a marriage of convenience, not even for a beautiful woman who fires his blood and makes him yearn for things he doesn t haveor deserve.But when the unforeseen happens, threatening everything Val holds dear, he must make a choiceValentine s Rose is the 1st installment in a heartwarming historical romance series from award winning author E.E Burke Buy Book 1 and get on board.

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    1. 4/4.5 starsOh, how I love a mail-order bride! This is one of my favorite tropes in romance, so I decided to take a chance on a new-to-me author, E. E. Burke. What a breath of fresh air. This short novel made quite an impression. It is beautifully written, the characters pop off the page, the romance is sweet and satisfying, and the story was chock full of fascinating details about the history of the railroad industry. Also, just look at that gorgeous cover! My only disappointment was that the se [...]

    2. This wonderful and well-written start to THE BRIDE TRAIN series by E.E. Burke brings East to West when Irish immigrant, Rose Muldoon leaves the tenements of New York to find a new life out West as a mail order bride in a volatile town with an excess of men seeking female companionship.When Rose boards her train headed West, she has no idea what to expect when she arrives in Cherokee County, Kansas. Hoping for something better and a life with a husband she can come to love and form a family with, [...]

    3. "The Bride Train" #1 and what a beginning, to what promises to be an exciting series of "Seven women who answer a railroad advertisement seeking single young ladies as brides for settlers on the Western frontier".A quick, fast paced tale of romance, finding a HEA, danger, hope and a the beginning of a new life. This is Rose and Val's story. Rose is an Irish immigrant, seeking a home and love. She lost her family in a senseless fire. Val is from England running from his past, a gambler who just w [...]

    4. Valentine's Rose is a beautiful short romance that will capture the reader from start to finish. In an unruly town on the Western frontier, the railroad owners are becoming desperate to calm the wild unsettled men who are burning railroad ties and delaying the railroad's progress. They are quarreling over land and fighting among themselves. The idea is launched to provide single marriageable women to help settle the west and give the men something else to draw their attentions and provide a calm [...]

    5. Here's my review. I loved this book. Valentine's Rose was the sweetest book I've read in a long time. E E Burke is one talented author. She writes such beautiful empathetic stories that grab your heart and hold on way after you've finished the book. This is truly one book that will live with me for a long time. I'm so excited that it's book one of The Bride Train series and we will be revisiting this Southeastern Kansas town and the wonderful people who make it their home.

    6. This book was very good. It is a clean old western. The original idea has a basis in history. I love that the author took a footnote and turned it into a series. The heroine of this book is Rose and the hero's name is Constantine Valentine aka Val. Val is a gambler and in possession of a deed to some land. Rose is from 5 Points in New York. Five Points consists predominately of Irish Americans. Life for these citizens was not much better there than it was in Ireland. Rose goes west because she h [...]

    7. Will love overcome a man stubborn ideas?A woman off the Bride Train marries a man who was tricked into marriage for a deed to and. They have a mutual attraction but he doesn't want to be married for real. Read this one to see what happens. A great read, would recommend to anyone who love western genre.

    8. Valentine's Rose is a heartwarming love story with some fun twists. I love Rose's strong personality and the theme of love winning against all odds. Not only are the main characters well developed, but you fall in love with many supporting characters as well.

    9. Another excellent read from E.E. Burke, my second book from this author and I was not disappointed. I can't wait to read the second in this series.

    10. STORY-LINE VALENTINE'S ROSE:Author E. E. Burke created an intriguing and satisfying novel filled with emotion in Valentine's Rose. The first book in a new series, the reader will find everything needed for an enjoyable and entertaining read. Set in Kansas during the height of the railroad boom, the railroad workers are desperate for women. Hoping to calm down the fights and destruction, the railroad devises a plan to bring brides out west.The men nor the brides get exactly what they thought they [...]

    11. What a wonderful beginning to a 7 part series I cannot wait for the rest of them. This was a very entertaining read where the author mixes history with her stories to give a wonderful plot that is a page turner. The railroad is desperate to calm down the men in this wild new town they come up with an idea of bring brides to give to the men who buy land from the railroad. in They are hoping to calm and smooth the men so they stop tearing the town down and fighting among themselves When the women [...]

    12. Great blend of history and romance. The railroads were a law unto themselves. Great way explain effects of history. The growing attraction was believable.Enjoyable read.

    13. A Heart for Rose.A wonderful love story about hope and redemption. Told without vulgarity. Also told with the developing west as the backdrop which is a favorite time of history for me.

    14. Rose comes from a desperately poor Irish immigrant family. As the oldest child, as soon as she was able to, she’d been helping her parents eke out some sort of living. When poverty takes it's toil and a fire, the rest of her family, in desperation Rose takes the chance of being a mail order bride. Together with eleven other woman (so there are 12 mail order brides, not seven?) Rose travels to Cherokee County (love the name!), Kansas to meet their prospective husbands. The hero, Constantine Val [...]

    15. Rose and Constantine's (Val) storyRose is a poor young woman who travels west to become a bride. Her fare is paid for by the railroad because if men have wives and children they'll stop harassing the railroad. Constantine Valentine, or Val, as he likes to be called, is a disgraced son of an English baron who's trying to get rich so he can pay back his father and brothers for stealing and losing their money. He has no plans to get married but finds out that for the railroad to give him the deed t [...]

    16. I've never been a historical romance fan but E.E.Burke has changed my view. Valentine's Rose is a wonderful story sbout the bride train and the women who took a chance on finding someone that they could spend the test of their lives with. Rose Muldoon captured Constantine Valentine's (Val) heart from the moment he met her, she couldn't forget him either. Val can't leave the things he's done in the past, in the past. He doesn't want to hurt Rose either so he won'the allow himself to fall in love [...]

    17. Although a good story and well written, I do not appreciate the sexual descriptions included. It keeps the book from being as professional to rely on such tactic in my estimation. An awkward, tall and gangly but pretty woman, seeks to become a lady in order to secure the love of her new married on paper only husband. Rose has come from New York from the slums after losing the last of her family. Her background is Irish and she has little chance of finding a better life where she is, so she signs [...]

    18. The bride train has arrived in Centralia, Kansas; twelve women for one hundred men. Men who need brides in order to claim land rights. Constantine Valentine unexpectedly finds himself in need of wife in order to keep the deed he won in a poker game, which may also be the key to reversing his misfortunes. However, one look at bashful Rose Muldoon and Val realizes he may be in more trouble than he realized.Valentine’s Rose was an incredibly sweet story largely due to Rose’s innate goodness and [...]

    19. YOU HAVE TO BE WILLING TO LET LOVE DO ITS WORKI enjoyed this first book in this wonderful series where young women traveled to southeastern Kansas to be brides to hardworking settlers. The problem is, for every woman, there are more than 25 men seeking a bride. The railroad offered free travel but how to make the selection process for marriage was iffy, even leading to riots. This story covers Rose Muldoon and Constantine Valentine. Rose has lost all her family, having nothing to leave behind an [...]

    20. TriteEver read a book where you keep waiting for something to happen and BOOM! The book ends and you are still waiting? This was so predictable and dull plus ridiculously unbelievable. The two main characters spend no time together but are madly in love overnight. If you like unrealistic pie in the sky this is for you. Otherwise SKIP IT!

    21. E. E. Burke is such an entertaining author it is exciting to read her stories. Val and Rose's story is fun, humorous, and fast paced. Rose is a strong female character. She is smart, clear headed, and knows how to use her feminine abilities. The story starts out getting right to the point using more dialog then descriptions and just keeps getting better. Valentine's Rose is not too long, I received an advance copy, and enjoyed it so much I read it twice just in case I missed something the first [...]

    22. Sweet western romance!I love E.E. Burke's books, they are always well written and romantic. Ms. Burke has done it again, with Valentine's Rose! This captivating western romance tells the charming story of Constantine, an English baron and the brave Irish heroine Rose, as the bride-to-be! Together they will join in a marriage of convenience where fate and destiny, will make sparks flare and ignite a beautiful passion. Just enjoy following their journey filled with romance and twists and turns! Va [...]

    23. This is such a sweet and tender story! I adored the heroine and her strength as much as our hero did. And speaking of a hero, Val was one of those heroes that you get attached from the get-go.Their happily ever after is unconventional, but boy, it is memorable and charming from the first time Val lays his eyes on Rose. It was such a joy watching them fall for each other and fighting the attraction that sizzled on the page.This was a very easy read and it moved fast. I highly recommend it to all [...]

    24. I am a huge fan of Mail Order Bride historical romances and EE Burke is one of my favorite authors of this genre. Her books are always well written and she has a wonderful talent for making me feel like I'm a bystander watching the story unfold. One tiny criticism would be Rose's Irish accent that comes and goes throughout the book. I would have liked to read all of her lines with her accent intact, but it is a very small detail and does not detract from the book in any way whatsoever. I receive [...]

    25. When a Bride Train full of marriage-minded women shows up in a lawless town with the hope of taming the rowdy settlers, things get worse before they get better. Misunderstandings and greed battle love and forgiveness, but only Valentine and Rose can save each other, and only if they can leave their pasts where they belong - faraway in the poorest slum in New York and a ruined estate in England. Colorful characters and just the right amount of intriguing historical detail made this a fabulously f [...]

    26. Let Love Do It's ThingI love mail order bride stories set in the Old West. Rose and 11 other women set out for Kansas. Since both of them were very tall, they immediately noticed each other. Rose had nothing to go back to, and Val couldn't sell the land he won in a card game until he married. They were married the first day. Through ups and downs they found their way to love.

    27. Excellent CharactersI was caught off-guard at the introduction of Susannah first before Rose, but it soon became apparent the romance was between Rose and Val, with Susannah and her son playing an important supporting role. The author developed the characters well. I could visualize them even without the cover image. I enjoyed the journey of the two working to overcome their pasts to move closer together. I also enjoyed the window into history.

    28. Val and RoseIn just love this charming story. While their story together doesn't start off in the traditional sense,Val and Rose grow together. It isn't always about doing what one needs to do,it's about following your heart. Bravo to a great new series, I can hardly wait for part 2!

    29. Railroads and brides in KansasI do love railroad based stories and English aristocrats. The author bring several named brides to a railroad town. This book only resolved one young woman's story. Now what will happen to the rest? "Thus far, he’d only descended to the level of reprobate, not unconscionable bastard, despite Hardt’s accusations." Val

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