America at War with Itself

America at War with Itself From poisoned water and police violence in our cities to gun massacres and hate mongering on the presidential campaign trail evidence that America is at war with itself is everywhere around us The q

  • Title: America at War with Itself
  • Author: Henry A. Giroux
  • ISBN: 9780872867321
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Paperback
  • From poisoned water and police violence in our cities, to gun massacres and hate mongering on the presidential campaign trail, evidence that America is at war with itself is everywhere around us The question is not whether or not it s happening, but how to understand the forces at work in order to prevent conditions from getting worse Henry A Giroux offers a powerful, fFrom poisoned water and police violence in our cities, to gun massacres and hate mongering on the presidential campaign trail, evidence that America is at war with itself is everywhere around us The question is not whether or not it s happening, but how to understand the forces at work in order to prevent conditions from getting worse Henry A Giroux offers a powerful, far reaching critique of the economic interests, cultural dimensions, and political dynamics involved in the nation s shift toward increasingly abusive forms of power His analysis helps us to frame critical questions about what can and should be done to turn things around while we can.Reflecting on a wide range of social issues, Giroux contrasts Donald Trump s America with Sandra Bland s to understand who really benefits from politically fueled intolerance for immigrants, communities of color, Muslims, low income families, and those who challenge state and corporate power A passionate advocate for civil rights and the importance of the imagination, Giroux argues that only through widespread social investment in democracy and education can the common good hope to prevail over the increasingly concentrated influence of extreme right wing politicians and self serving economic interests.Praise for America at War with Itself This is the book Americans need to read now No one is better than Henry Giroux at analyzing the truly dangerous threats to our society He punctures our delusions and offers us a compelling and enlightened vision of a better way America at War with Itself is the best book of the year Bob Herbert, Distinguished Senior Fellow at Demos and former Op Ed columnist for the New York Times In this current era of corporate media misdirection and misinformation, America at War with Itself is a must read for all Americans, especially young people Henry Giroux is one of the few great political voices of today, with powerful insight into the truth Dr Giroux is defiantly explaining, against the grain, what s REALLY going on right now, and doing so quite undeniably Simply put, the ideas he brings forth are a beacon that need to be seen and heard and understood in order for the world to progress Julian Casablancas In America at War with Itself, Henry Giroux again proves himself one of North America s most clear sighted radical philosophers of education, culture and politics radical because he discards the chaff of liberal critique and cuts to the root of the ills that are withering democracy Giroux also connects the dots of reckless greed, corporate impunity, poverty, mass incarceration, racism and the co opting of education to crush critical thinking and promote a culture that denigrates and even criminalizes civil society and the public good His latest work is the antidote to an alarming tide of toxic authoritarianism that threatens to engulf America The book could not be timely Olivia Ward, Toronto Star America at War with Itself makes the case for real ideological and structural change at a time when the need and stakes could not be greater Everyone who cares about the survival and revival of democracy needs to read this book Kenneth Saltman, Professor, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Author of The Failure of Corporate School ReformHenry A Giroux s most recent books include The Violence of Organized Forgetting and America s Addiction to Terrorism A prolific writer and political commentator, he has appeared in a wide range of media, including the New York Times and Bill Moyers.

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    1. The author calls Donald Trump "the symbol of a new authoritarianism, which is to say, the sign of a democracy unable to protect and sustain itself." He says that "Trump represents corporate domination set free, a political ad economic engine that both fuels and feeds on fear and intolerance," and that he "is the symbol of a frightened society that is increasingly seduced to choose the swagger of a vigilante strongman over the processes of collective sovereignty, the gun over diplomacy, and the w [...]

    2. “A society that finds it more profitable to poison children than to give them a decent life is a society at war with itself.” This passage, one of myriad concrete examples of the nation gone made described by Henry Giroux, offers a window into the nature of his important book, American at War with Itself.If I only had one book to help me understand and decipher the madness unfolding around us that is our world it would be American at War with Itself. Giroux is the kind of thinker and America [...]

    3. Not an easy read. Not even a little. The author makes some great points about the new administration, the fall of democracy, and the rise of authoritarianism. I got about a third of the way into it before I couldn't take the run-on sentences littered with $50 words any longer. For example: “The extended arc of temporal relations in which one could imagine long-term augmentation of the common good has given way to a notion of time in which the horizon is contained within the imperative of incre [...]

    4. It's good to read Giroux, like the process of purification by wearing a horse hair shirt. And the argument he provides for the root causes of the dysfunctional current state and worsening trends of the United States is convincing (not uplifting, not hopeful, but convincing).

    5. I told the guy at City Lights this was probably going to depress me. He said it would arm me with information. We were both right.

    6. Although occasionally repetitious, this is a very fine analysis of the assault on democracy, the movement toward authoritarianism and the marginalization of all but the economic elites. Giroux reminds us that we the people are entrusted with the constant struggle to achieve a truly democratic society. In the face of more and more indices of authoritarianism in American society, Giroux offers hope, not defeat. We can all benefit from this excellent book.

    7. If this book was 100 pages it would have been a lot better to me. Lots of nice quotes from other thinkers, and put together in a nice package. The original content it I bet rehashed from his other books. Anyhow, it is timely and it is quite frightening to be my age at this time when the trajectory of our country and the world is moving towards a collapse of civilization. he has some nice things to say about the role of culture in all that and packages things very nicely.

    8. This is a book I wish I had the talent to write. It brought together in one cohesive theme many factors read about in years past to explain where we are and how we got here.In last few years I have read many political themed books analyzing "current" political landscapes and cultural conditions. Some titles I recommend here - Empire of Illusions, Too Big to Fail, Dark Money, Hillbilly Elegy, Evicted, Who Rules the World and What's the matter with Kansas.? There are others that evaluate bits and [...]

    9. Much of what I read in the book I hear from the talking heads on MSNBC and CNN. Trump is bad. The country is going to hell. I don't disagree. I just wish I read something more constructive in improving the national conversation. Author makes some good points. I think he does an excellent job of describing how Trump has taken power.Borrowed this book from the library

    10. The book brings an interesting prospective to the current situation in politics, the dangers that may lie ahead for the future, and the worldly context of such impacts by the free market agenda.

    11. It has been many years since I have read Marxist criticism (not counting Thomas Franks). This one is at the Noam Chomsky/Howard Zinn level of America-sucksism, and about a third of the way through, I stopped reading. Not because it isn't interesting or on-point, but because it is repetitive. There are only so many ways you can say 'fascist-authoritarian-totalitarian' before it becomes redundant (also, point of order: the author never bothers to define those terms, which from a philosophical poin [...]

    12. I ordered this book after I read Giroux's interview on truth-out (truth-out/opinion/item). If you are considering reading this book, I would recommend reading that short article first, as it does a great job of highlighting the essential themes of this book.Overall, this brief text does a wonderful job of contextualizing the movements we see in modern politics within the structural, institutional, and cultural history of the United States. I appreciated how Giroux situated the growing trend towa [...]

    13. Well, it really isn't finished, I just put it down one fifth of the way through. I didn't do this because it was awful, rather because it wasn't really saying anything which added anything to what I have long known. I scanned ahead, and, well, more of the same. Obviously rushed out to make some money off the times, the book could and should have just been an article in some magazine or in the web. It is probably 100 times the length it should have been. It's an opinion piece, not a bad one, but [...]

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