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  • Title: Cross
  • Author: Elle Thorne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Shifters Forever Boxed Set Books 1 6 Grizzlies dp B0104OFHEK SAVE 50% Always After Dark Books 1 4 the spin off series dp B0110Z9SSI SAVE 50% Never After Dark Books 1 4 the spin off series dp B016N8JMNS SAVE 50% Only After Dark Books 1 4 the spin off series dp B01BRX90A4 SAVE 50% Cross del CrShifters Forever Boxed Set Books 1 6 Grizzlies dp B0104OFHEK SAVE 50% Always After Dark Books 1 4 the spin off series dp B0110Z9SSI SAVE 50% Never After Dark Books 1 4 the spin off series dp B016N8JMNS SAVE 50% Only After Dark Books 1 4 the spin off series dp B01BRX90A4 SAVE 50% Cross del Cruz is a former Compliance Enforcer with the Shifter Council He did his duty He enforced the Council s will around the country and even out of the country Stress the word former, because all he wants now is to be left alone He s been living in his cabin on Bear Canyon Mountain Range, overlooking Bear Canyon Valley and enjoying the solitude of the forest The quiet The simplicity The drama free environment that doesn t involve other shifters Not even family Except now Mae Forester, who has dubbed him as one of her nephews has decided she needs his help He can t turn Mae down, not when she gave him and his brothers a home during the worst days of their lives He didn t expect Ariadne Fueller Who could ever expect that curvy spitfire She flipped his world upside down Before meeting her, Cross never would have called his existence lonely until he met her If hot sex skeeves you out, you may want to pass on this book If freaky, downright dirty sexy talk bothers you, yeah, for sure you gotta pass on this one We believe in sex hot, dirty, delicious sex Yup, make it sweaty, too It s not just sex, it s about the romance But good romance has sex, and we keep the doors open Oh, and the lights on

    One thought on “Cross”

    1. 3.75 StarsThis was a pretty good shifter story about a grumpy grizzly bear and a human female on the run. Safety Gang - Bit of OM drama, neither are virgins.

    2. Book one of barley out of dark series by Elle Thorne. Cross de la Cruz is a bear shifter living in a remote cabin in wood away from civilisation. When aunt mae come up to see him with Ariadne a scared woman needing a place to hide. Love this story and how it developed especially there very quick introduction and mating. Would have loved to read more but unfortunately not on unlimited kindle so will have to leave till I get a gift voucher. Great HEA but felt ending just stopped. Would have loved [...]

    3. This is the latest story spinoff from Shifters Forever, Barely After Dark and is also a part of the Mating Fever series. This is the first story and centers on Cross del Cruz, one of three brothers who were orphaned as teens and taken in by Mae. When they grew up, the each became an Enforcer and lead separate lives. Cross came home on his sabbatical only to be recruited by Mae into protecting a human on the run—Ariadne. It’s not long before Cross’ bear takes notice and does something ill-a [...]

    4. Cross is totally badass. He's served his time as an Enforcer. Time to come home and recharge his batteries for a year before going back. When he gets back his AUnt Mae who took him and his brothers in asks for a favor. Ariadne is on the run and has a big problem. She's out of options and Fiona offers help through Mae who takes her to Cross. Ariadne holds something precious that can get her killed. Things dont go great with Cross at first. Then she sees a different side to him and just gets so dr [...]

    5. This was a great book. Cross del Cruz is a former Compliance Enforcer for the Shifter Council. He is also a bear shifter. This is pretty much a man this is a loner. He is one that is prepared for anything. I loved Cross’ compassion when it came to other animals. In this story it talked about his encounter with a small fawn. This story made my heart melt. Here was this grizzly of a man who had a small soft spot for animals. Ariadne Fueller was on the run. Her life was in danger and some very ba [...]

    6. Cover - 3.5Plot - 1Hero - 2Heroine - 3Avoiding cliche - 2Romance - 1Fluency - 1Ending - 1-------------Overall - 1.8125

    7. My God I was so happy to read about the gang of Shifters Forever World again. Bear Canyon's Mae, Doc, Kane, Teagan, Astra and the list goes on, even Vax is in town for a visit! Those bears are back and as bad A%# and passionate as ever!Fiona sends her very dear friend Ariadne to Mae at Bear Canyon to hide her from the danger that is chasing her. Ariadne has no idea about shifters, so she is going in blind, not even knowing Mae, or anyone else for that matterShe can't trust a soul and especially [...]

    8. Cross (Barely After Dark, #1) by Elle Thorne is a Paranormal Adult Romance. I don't understand all the 4 and 5 stars. It is okay, but no where near that good. The writing is mechanical. The story and characters are mediocre. There are editing mistakes in the writing of the story itself. It is slow paced and lacks depth. The synopsis on both and makes it sound like its erotic. In truth, it barely makes it to New Adult. There is only one adult scene, and quite frankly, it lacks passion. It's oka [...]

    9. The shifter forever worlds has grown again with an awesome new series. Once again Ms. Thorne has bended another tale with the characters we have already grown to love. I love how she seamlessly blends past characters into the new stories creating a larger world with more options. Cross is a retired enforcer who likes his privacy, when his aunt Mae drops off Ariadne Fueller because she needs his help he thinks he is the last person for the job. Ariadne is running for her life and Bear Canyon Vall [...]

    10. Another winner!I'm telling you Elle Thorne's shifter world is HUGE! She's taken us all over the place - from Europe to Louisiana and everywhere in between! I love that even though every book is a standalone, the characters weave in and out of other stories. How she keeps all of this straight is beyond me but I give her huge props for that!This is the story of Cross who is one of Mae's (surrogate) nephew's. He was an Enforcer for the Shifter Council and is now at the beginning of his one year for [...]

    11. Elle's newest series Mating Fever: Shifters Forever Worlds starts with Cross. Cross del Cruz is one of Mae's nephews in Bear Canyon Valley. He is home after working as a Compliance Enforcer for the Shifter Council, it's shifters version of Special Forces. Mae's adoptive daughter Fiona calls and ask Mae to help her friend Ariadne. Ariadne is in trouble but no one seems to know exactly what's going on. Mae enlists Cross to help Ariadne. Their story is full of mystery, desire, fear, violence, heart [...]

    12. Omg! What a fan-freaking-tastic, PNR contemporary fiction short read, that is jam-packed with action, suspense & romance :) Add in the hot bear shifter & some elemental magic and you do NOT want to miss out on this must read! I actually read this in one sitting this afternoon, it was so amazing that I did not want to stop :o Then I was sad after I had finished & it left me craving more ;) A phenomenal, fresh new story-line with awesome characters that will keep the reader engaged and [...]

    13. I'm addicted. It's official. I've been catching up on reviews today and realized I'm about two shifter novellas away from needing some kind of support group. That's not going to stop me from reading more of the Barely After Dark series thoughJust one more chapter novella book need!!!

    14. A shifter at odds with himself until she came along .A shifter enforcer home after 4 years on leave for 1 year when be runs into a woman on the run an on his mountain . What follows he didn't expect . 18+

    15. This was a really good shifter story, with loads of suspense and action, shoot-em, bang them up, with a rescue, lust and lusty bear, mates . Every thing that you need. I'm really looking forward the next book in the series.

    16. Another amazing story by Elle Thorne!! Love how she brings the characters to life for me. I also like how the stories intermingle, yet stand very solidly on their own. Can wait to read more! Great action with some twist and turns. I was given this story for a honest review.

    17. Once again Elle ceases to amaze me with her writings. I love how she incorporates a lot of her other characters from other series into her writings was good see some of the others in for a visit, can not wait to read Lance

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