The Sadist's Bible

The Sadist s Bible How well do you know the people you chat with on a social network Thirty seven year old Ellie Blake is about to find out Her Bible Belt community wouldn t dare accept her if she came out as a lesbian

  • Title: The Sadist's Bible
  • Author: Nicole Cushing 01PUBLISHING
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • How well do you know the people you chat with on a social network Thirty seven year old Ellie Blake is about to find out Her Bible Belt community wouldn t dare accept her if she came out as a lesbian Her husband, her pastor, and her neighbors would be scandalized by such a disclosure But Ellie s desire for another woman s intimate touch grows stronger with each passingHow well do you know the people you chat with on a social network Thirty seven year old Ellie Blake is about to find out Her Bible Belt community wouldn t dare accept her if she came out as a lesbian Her husband, her pastor, and her neighbors would be scandalized by such a disclosure But Ellie s desire for another woman s intimate touch grows stronger with each passing day, as does her desire to be dominant to tell another woman just how to please her, to tie up another woman so that she ll never, ever leave Ashamed of these feelings and hopeless of ever satisfying them, Ellie goes to a secret group on the social network and seeks out a partner for a suicide pact There, she finds twenty four year old Lori Morris a woman who also claims devotion to death and lust She agrees to meet Ellie in a hotel for an intense night of decadent sex and torture before suicide But Lori has another agenda, too to escape an oppressive force that might be God or might be the Devil A force that even suicide may not allow her to escape A force that wants Lori, Ellie, and all of humanity broken and brought to its knees.

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    1. This review and the rest of the crap I write can be seen @ my blogBark's Book Nonsense . Stop by and say hey.Ellie is miserable and longs for the sweet release of death. She feels trapped, is married to a man she doesn’t love and has realized that she only wants to be with a woman. If only for a night. She meets a stranger named Lori online and the two agree to meet for a night of sex, debauchery and death. But, you see, although Lori wants desperately to die as well, she’s not being entirel [...]

    2. The Sadist's Bible is a difficult novella to review without spoilers, but I'm going to try. We start off with two women having a sexy internet relationship. One woman, Ellie, is the married wife of a very religious man and the other, Lori, a disturbed bisexual. How disturbed she actually is doesn't become apparent until later. The two have a plan to meet up in real life, have some mind blowing lesbian sex, and then kill themselves. Everything is realistic and understandable up to this point and [...]

    3. The best way to describe this novella from Nicole Cushing is as an intense reading experience. Once you start reading the book is almost impossible to put down. It really is a rollercoaster ride into the mind of a very talented writer of dark fiction. It contains some gruesome scenes which succeed in making the reader uncomfortable and the imagery that Nicole creates is clear. This is one of the reasons I like to read horror fiction; it is unlike any other genre in the way that it can bring abou [...]

    4. The cover for this horror novella made me think that it was something that I wouldn't be interested in at all. But this novel really went against my expectations, if not in what it's about, definitely in the direction it went. Nicole Cushing is no-holds-barred when it comes to her deviant approach towards sex and religion. In fact, if you are a prude of any sort or sensitive when it comes to Christianity, just stay away from this one. I'm neither, so at first I was impressed and drawn in by Cush [...]

    5. This one was twisted, there’s no denying that and should have been right up my alley. I’m just stuck thinking that while the concepts were very good it lacked a bit in the execution. I think it could have used more character development and delved deeper into the relationship between Lori and Ellie. I liked it and it was good, but think that it really could have been great had it been a wee longer and more realized.

    6. This review refers to the 2017 print edition from 01PublishingThis was one of the most profoundly dark and disturbing stories I have read in some time, redefining love, lust, faith, judgement, punishment, heaven, hell, pleasure, and pain. I feel like anything else I would say at this point would move my review into spoiler territory, so I will sum things up with this blurb from the back cover; "Remember: He wants us broken"

    7. There's an adage, I am pretty sure I heard it from Jack Ketchum first, that a writer should "never be afraid to go there." Well, when I read Nicole's work (we are not on a first name basis, but, seems to fit for some reason) she is never be afraid to go there since she's already there, and comfortable being there, and does it with confidence and style.The Sadist Bible is an incredible piece of work. Cosmic. Transgressive. Suspenseful. Many deep layers, and tunnels, and escape hatches, and secret [...]

    8. Nicole Cushing’s novella The Sadist’s Bible delves into the ideological, philosophical, and theological problems of binary thinking. I know… at the outset, this might sound like some highfalutin literary project, but Cushing commits totally to horror, and to the ways in which this genre can bring both insights and physical affects to her ideas. That is, instead of forcing philosophical complexity onto a horror narrative, Cushing pays respect to her genre of choice, allowing philosophy and [...]

    9. Ellie is in a loveless marriage and a loveless life. She believes she is a lesbian but her strict religious upbringing and her stifling marriage has blocked any attempts to explore these feelings. A yearning to explore her desires and an overwhelming hopelessness which sparks an urge to die leads her to a secret internet group that pairs partners for suicide. Lori, who Ellie sees as a kindred spirit, convinces her to leave her husband and come to her for a final night of sex and death. What Elli [...]

    10. Ellie is tired of life. Despite outward appearances, being married to a pastor and heavily involved in the church with her husband, she’s been living a lie. The secret she’s been carrying is her sexuality – she thinks about being with a woman. The only people she has come out to are online in a suicide forum, as she could never contemplate coming out in her conservative community. It’s on that suicide social network that she finds Lori. She wants to be Ellie’s suicide buddy and let her [...]

    11. Review copyThe Sadist's Bible is a new novella from Nicole Cushing. Nicole is rapidly becoming one of my go-to authors for a solid story. In the last year, I've enjoyed both her novel, Mr. Suicide, and her collection, The Mirrors.I love a great opening line and they don't get much better than "Do u really think u ready to die? I don't want u chickening out." This is part of a conversation which takes place on The Buddy System, an online place to find a suicide partner.This is the place where Ell [...]

    12. After finishing this book I sat in a daze for a moment, much the same as after I finished watching the (original) film Martyrs, which this book also reminded me of. I had to slowly absorb what I had experienced as the visceral horror worked through my mind.The story may be short but it really packs a punch, it's messed up and deranged, and I absolutely loved it. Hellraiser is one of my favourite movies of all time and this book also brought to mind this film as well and especially this line from [...]

    13. The Sadist's Bible starts like an emotionally charged character based story, with a plot that could pass the book off as a thriller. But when it approaches its denouement, you sink fast into sleep. The words merge as you descend into a fever dream. It's delicious and disorientating, bewildering but painstakingly detailed in its imagery. And then you wake up. You're clammy, in a pool of your own juices (eww!). You wipe your brow and wonder what the hell just happened as you flick past the last pa [...]

    14. I bought this as a blind buy. The Hot Topic meets Advanced Dungeons & Dragons glossy cover art set my expectations low.I thought it was an extraordinary piece of work. Absolutely uncompromising. Visceral. Uncomfortable. Cold. Awe-inspiring. I have to read more of this author's work. The writing from the point of view of Evil God could so easily have been hammy and embarrassing, but it was profoundly devastating.

    15. What did I just read? Aside from the book that probably holds the world record for most uses of the phrase 'jill off' that is.I can definitely say it was original and horrifying. However I'm not sure I could recommend it to anyone lest they think I was some kind of deranged maniac after reading it.

    16. Still less disturbing than the actual Bible. Also, "He Wants Us Broken" and "Damned With Blessings" need to be on t-shirts.

    17. Incredible novella that could give you a lot to think about when it comes to god. Nicole Cushing produced a fabulous piece of work that I loved.

    18. Personally, I have never had much respect for titles that rely on the "gross-out" factor within the realm of horror literature. It is so, SO easy to take images of sex and violence, taboos that are sure to provoke the readers' emotions one way or the other, smash them together, and watch as they mistake the author playing on their kneejerk reactions for brilliance.And that is exactly what this book does. Suicide, homosexuality, religion this book felt more like a collection of tabloids, a series [...]

    19. This contemporary novella applies a very ancient archetypal element to modern themes and characters to interesting effect. Two women, desperate in their own ways, meet in an internet chatroom devoted to people considering suicide and wanting a partner to share in their final moments. The tale purports to show what brought each of the two to that desperate decision and then tail them as they attempt to follow through on their plans. Others in their lives have different ideas and aim to scuttle th [...]

    20. Unnerving Magazine ReviewIn locales where the Biblical sense of God reigns and that sense carries along with it archaic notions about love and partnership, a relationship is brewing. Something forbidden. Something scandalous. Something loving and permanent.Of course, one side has a secret.This secret turns Heaven and Hell on their heads while revealing scenes that would make Clive Barker blush (ok, maybe not Mr. Barker). Men and woman aflame and God wielding a hungry… Let us not spoil it.Stark [...]

    21. I am a little bit unsure about how to rate this book. I found the beginning a little slow and there was some serious padding, but the end kind of made it all worth it for me. It's the sort of book that stays with you and I found myself thinking about passages of the book weeks after I'd read it. It's definitely worth a read for any weird fiction fans and it's short enough to not annoy you even if you don't like it.

    22. Well, it certainly lives up to its title. It's a novella filled with blasphemy, gore, and sadistic sex what else is there to say? 3 stars for being exactly what it says on the tin.

    23. NOTE: This is a review for the Audiobook version of "The Sadist's Bible".The Sadist's Bible is a work of transgression. It is offensive, unapologetic, and downright gruesome in its subject matter. If you are easily offended by extreme horror, explicit descriptions of sexual intercourse, homosexuality, blasphemy of the highest order against the Christian God, and general depravity, you WILL NOT like this book.The Sadist's Bible begins with a woman named Ellie who has a secret. She is a lesbian. S [...]

    24. Have you ever felt so restricted by your life, your community, your family, and your religion that you wanted to escape? So restricted that you wanted to commit suicide? That's how 37 year old Ellie Blake and 24 year old Lori Morris felt when they agreed to meet at a hotel for a night of decadent sex, followed by suicide via hanging. Ellie Blake is a 37 year old woman, living in a bible belt community, married to a man who is very religious and active in the church. Both the church and community [...]

    25. Uh. Yeah. This was really weird. Did not go at all where I expected it to. I don't know what else to say This book is definitely not for everyone, though. Interesting thoughts on religion, though.Note: I received this book for free through Giveaways.

    26. It was a very intense readt really what I normally readI am a rather staid and conventional person. That said, I cannot deny that it was an intense read and I was compelled to finish the book. A disturbing book overall, definitely will appeal to fans of this genre.

    27. This story is extremely well-written and edited, which is in itself is a treat. There is a slow built of characterization that is achieved through alternating points of view, which I think is very effective. We feel for Ellie, who is trapped in a world where other people’s opinions and judgements are emotionally crippling and soul crushing. The constant threat of suicide hovers in the story, as we wonder if the women will really go through with it. Might they change their minds once they meet [...]

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