Paris for One and Other Stories

Paris for One and Other Stories From the New York Times bestselling author of Me Before You and After You Paris for One and Other Stories is an irresistibly romantic collection filled with humor and heart A vicarious jolt of Pari

  • Title: Paris for One and Other Stories
  • Author: Jojo Moyes
  • ISBN: 9780735221079
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the 1 New York Times bestselling author of Me Before You and After You, Paris for One and Other Stories is an irresistibly romantic collection filled with humor and heart A vicarious jolt of Parisian romance Delightful People Magazine An old fashioned, feel good love story It s as if Moyes has booked a vacation and is taking us along To Paris AmourFrom the 1 New York Times bestselling author of Me Before You and After You, Paris for One and Other Stories is an irresistibly romantic collection filled with humor and heart A vicarious jolt of Parisian romance Delightful People Magazine An old fashioned, feel good love story It s as if Moyes has booked a vacation and is taking us along To Paris Amour USA Today Dreamy escapism, a book you can curl up with and easily finish over a weekend, with or without a glass of wine Miami HeraldNell is twenty six and has never been to Paris She s never even been on a romantic weekend away to anywhere before Traveling abroad isn t really her thing But when Nell s boyfriend fails to show up for their mini vacation, she has the opportunity to prove everyone including herself wrong Alone in Paris, Nell finds a version of herself she never knew existed independent and intrepid Could this turn out to be the most adventurous weekend of her life Funny, charming, and irresistible, Paris for One is quintessential Jojo Moyes as are the other stories that round out the collection.From the Hardcover edition.

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    1. This book has nine stories about troubled relationships from the perspectives of the women in each. The first, Paris for One, is the length of a novella while the others are all short stories. I liked some more than others but really enjoyed them collectively. The narration performances were outstanding and contributed greatly to my overall reading experience. Below are short summaries of each with my reactions. Paris for OneNell and her boyfriend Pete are off for a weekend in Paris, or so she t [...]

    2. Paris for One is collection of two novellas and 9 short stories.My favorite story (or I should say novella) was Honeymoon in Paris. It is a standalone novella, but is also connected to Moyes' full lenght novel The Girl You Left Behind. 80 pages long, the story follows two couples placed in different time, separated by 80 years, who's stories together make a whole. Even though I really liked it, I think I would appreciate it even more if I have read the novel.Paris for One is second best in this [...]

    3. Paris for One and Other Stories is a collection of short stories written by Jojo Moyes. In my opinion, most all of the stories are entertaining and engaging, although some were more enjoyable than others for me personally. Fans of women's fiction will surely be able to connect with a few if not most of the pieces. It's a great collection. Check it out!Paris for One and Other Stories includes the following titles. The ratings and mini reviews are based on my personal enjoyment and reflect my opin [...]

    4. París para una y otras historias es una colección de cuentos de Jojo Moyes. A lo largo de este último años he leído la mayoría de sus novelas y cada novela es única y siempre me cuesta calificarlas. Los personajes principales son siempre interesantes, los elementos románticos son tiernos y cargados emocionalmente y las mujeres bien construidas; cada una de las mujeres de las historias eran memorables, interesantes y únicas.París para uno 5 estrellasEs el primer libro de esta colección [...]

    5. I originally read Paris for One about 2 years ago. I rated it 4 stars and I thought it was a good short story. I was impressed by the fact that it focused more on a connection between two people rather than force some kind of insta-love. I didn't enjoy it as much this time, I don't know if that is to do with the fact that my tastes have changed or because I wasn't reading it for the first time. I think it was the former and I do think my tastes have changed slightly, but I rated it 3.5 stars thi [...]

    6. Jojo Moyes is known for her engaging books that look at romantic relationships with insight and humor. This is a collection of nine contemporary stories. After reading weeks of depressing political commentary in the newspapers lately, it was fun to escape to this light, entertaining book. It was just what I needed!

    7. Last summer, I attempted to read my first Jojo Moyes' book, Windfallen, and quit after about 60 pages in because of the writing style. I decided to give her writing another go with Paris for One and Other Stories, but, sadly, I felt much the same about these short stories. I enjoyed Paris for One fairly well, but the other stories were somewhat irritating and forgettable. I was hoping I'd like this more, and I still plan to read Me Before You and After You, but this was a miss for me.

    8. 4☆ Great collection of short storiesThis is my first book by Jojo it was a fun read with some great stories.Each short story is very different.However they feature romance, some humour, breakups, secret love affairs, a little mystery and lots of different emotions.They give a portrayal of life and the problems women face within marriage and relationships. Not every story is written with a happy ending.Paris for one is the main story and it literally is what it says. Nell embarks on a trip with [...]

    9. Paris for One and Other Stories was a charming and touching collection of short stories involving troubled relationships. Each story had such a strong and dynamic voice. I felt like each narrator was so distinct and well developed for having such short stories. I loved the way the author wrote the stories and how each story was unique and memorable. I knew I loved JoJo's writing style, but this book just reminded me of how much I truly loved it! I liked some of the stories more than others, but [...]

    10. Reseña completa en: elcaosliterario.eEl primer relato y más extenso, cuenta una historia bastante original y dinámica en la que no dejan de suceder cosas y atrapa desde el primer capítulo. Quizá su corta extensión sea el principal motivo de que todo avance a un buen ritmo. En este relato se mezcla el romanticismo con algo de humor en ciertos momentos que hacen de él una mezcla bastante interesante.El segundo gran relato (después de varios cortos) nos muestra dos historias separadas por m [...]

    11. I don't usually like short stories, but this collection was very enjoyable. It was satisfying to read the stories during my commute to work. The book ended appropriately with a short Christmas story. Total chick lit, but good!

    12. 'Paris for One and Other Stories,' is a collection of eleven romantic shorts with JoJo Moyes the headline author and writer of the main title. Paris for One offers easy, light romantic reading and is my first outing with this author. I was highly anticipating that I would enjoy the writing style but unfortunately, for my personal taste, it was lacking the power in the prose to engage my attention or convincingly draw me into the story. I found myself disengaged from the characters and felt some [...]

    13. This is my first book by this author. This book starts with the novella Paris for One - I think of it as a novella as most short stories don't have chapters. I really liked Paris for One. The writing is so open and engaging that I read this novella of 100+ pages in one sitting. Great female characters and not all the men were worthless. Very enjoyable.The other stories in the collection are darling. Some remind me of stories by O. Henry. The women are very real. The stories are lighthearted with [...]

    14. Lindo relato corto, me hubiera gustado saber un poco más porque la historia que cuenta, si bien, es bastante típica, esta linda!

    15. No sé como he sido capaz de terminar esto. Al principio estaba haciendo reseñas individuales de cada relato, hasta que me di cuenta que era estúpido. El único que se salva es el primer relato, el resto no son más que mujeres inseguras haciendo algo. Algo estúpido, generalmente. O algo irreal, que no ocurriría jamás. Ah, o arrastrándose detrás de sus novios/maridos.

    16. Reseña completa: anitavelabooksParís para uno y otras historias me ha dejado un poco con las ganas de leer más, pero me ha gustado, lo he disfrutado y siempre es un placer leer a Jojo Moyes, de verdad, me encanta demasiado como escribe esta mujer. En el blog os cuento más :)

    17. 3,5París para uno y otras historias es Jojo Moyes en estado puro, y creo que no hay mejor alago que ese. Pese a que me ha faltado más de algunas historias, ha sido una muy buena lectura si lo analizo desde una visión global. voragineinterna.

    18. This was my first encounter with JoJo Moyes writing and I have to confess that I was somewhat reluctant after reading all the angsty and teary-eyed reviews of Me Before You. I'm a chicken about really heartwrenching stories so I held back. But then I spotted this short story collection and thought it might be safe enough. Well, I made a good call I think, but not because Paris For One was devoid of angst. No, this was a fantastic collection that gave me an idea of the writing gift the author dis [...]

    19. Nueve historias cortas cuyo punto en común es el amor. Cada una de las historias trata sobre uno de ellos: desamor, infidelidad, problemas de recién casados aunque sinceramente parece que la infidelidad es una constante en este libro. Hay dos historias un poco más largas, una de ellas la que pone el título a esta novela y mi favorita. Dulce, tierna y con toques de humor, ha sido sin duda la que más he disfrutado. Para los que os apetezca leer algo ligero, con historias cortas para pasar el [...]

    20. Había leído varias reseñas negativas e iba con bastante miedo pero la verdad es que me he llevado una sorpresa enorme, porque ne ha encantado! Mucha variedad de relatos (dos largos y el rrsto bastante breves) que además de hacernos viajar a diferentes lugares nos traen una gran varoedad de personajes y skbre todo una gran varoedad de tipos de amor (desde el más tóxico al más sano). Y de hecho, se podría decirse que me han gustados absolutamente todos los relatos, algo que nunca antes me [...]

    21. A special thank you Penguin/Viking and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. JoJo Moyes returns followingAfter You(Me Before You, #2) with a romantic and entertaining novella PARIS FOR ONE AND OTHER STORIES.A Parisian Holiday Delight!Nell is excitedwhile waiting to take the train to highly-anticipated Paris when texting her boyfriend. He is not going to make it! He will meet up with her later (possibly). Shocked and angry, this was supposed to be a romantic getaway and her first [...]

    22. ARC from the publisher.3.5 starsIf I was rating this book just on the short story Paris for One, it would easily be four stars. While I really enjoyed Nell’s story, I did find the synopsis to be a bit misleading. Nell doesn’t take the plunge and go on her mini-vacation alone. She heads to Paris assuming her boyfriend will be arriving shortly thereafter. He doesn’t show up, and through a series of events, she finds herself staying in Paris (as the title suggests,) alone. I found it really e [...]

    23. Paris for One and Other Stories by Jojo Moyes - 2 stars. Let me start by saying I ADORE Jojo Moyes and this is the main reason I requested this ARC when I am not a fan of short stories. If anyone could whisk me away into another world with few words it would be Moyes, unfortunately even she could not make this happen. Some of the short stories I didn't understand and others left me feeling "bleugh" or were very bland. Only one managed to capture my attention and draw me to the characters and tha [...]

    24. What an amazing book. It's the first collection of short stories that I've loved every story. Jojo Moyes outdoes herself with this novella and and 8 short stories. The novella, Paris for One is great, about a young woman discovering she can be responsible for her own happiness and doesn't need to kowtow to a boyfriend who thinks only of himself. All the others are quick reads that are all about being happy. Great read and will be a perfect stocking stuffer since it's due out mid-October.

    25. Read for theJune BOTM , for the "Chick Lit Book Club" here at . I loved "Paris for One", but found the other short stories disappointing.

    26. Thank you to Netgalley, Penguin uk, Michael Joseph and Jojo Moyes for the opportunity to read this book for an honest review. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance reader copy of this book. You can find my review on both and . On from today under Karen Whittard and on under k.e.whittard from publication date. Paris for one and other stories is a collection of short stories by Jojo Moyes. I think this is a great collection of stories and come out just in time for a good Valentine's read. I think p [...]

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