The New Mrs Clifton

The New Mrs Clifton As the Second World War draws to a close Gus Clifton feared lost in Germany surprises his sisters at their family home But an even greater shock is the woman he brings home Krista the German wife

  • Title: The New Mrs Clifton
  • Author: Elizabeth Buchan
  • ISBN: 9781405918206
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Hardcover
  • As the Second World War draws to a close, Gus Clifton, feared lost in Germany, surprises his sisters at their family home But an even greater shock is the woman he brings home, Krista the German wife whom he has married secretly in Berlin Gus s sisters can only see the enemy their brother has brought under their roof And their friend Nella, Gus s beautiful, loyal fianAs the Second World War draws to a close, Gus Clifton, feared lost in Germany, surprises his sisters at their family home But an even greater shock is the woman he brings home, Krista the German wife whom he has married secretly in Berlin Gus s sisters can only see the enemy their brother has brought under their roof And their friend Nella, Gus s beautiful, loyal fianc e, cannot understand what made Gus change his mind about their marriage What hold does Krista have over their honourable and upright Gus And how can the three women get her out of their home, their future, their England

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    1. Gus Clifton had been working in Germany for the British Government during WWII. The war is now over and he has returned to the home he shares with his sisters, widower Julia, and carefree Tilly.Gus is not alone though, he has returned with his new wife, Krista, a German National, leaving a furious and devastated fiancee, Nella, who had been waiting for him to return so they could marry.The war may be over, but the people of Britain are not yet ready to welcome a Germany into their country. Is th [...]

    2. Four and a half starsGus, who works for the British government, returns to England after the end of World War 2. To the shock and dismay of his two sisters Julia and Tilly, he returns not to marry their friend and his fiancée Nella. It turns out he is already married. And has brought his German wife Krista home to England. Julia’s husband was killed during the war and given Germans were the enemy she cannot comprehend how Gus has brought home a German wife, especially since they don’t appea [...]

    3. There are many historical novels centred around war and the horror it inflicted but none have touched my heart as much as THE NEW MRS CLIFTON by Elizabeth Buchan. Haunting, raw, and so very emotional, this is a story of the wreckage and damage that is left behind, and how people must now face the reality of what they have done to survive.When Gus Clifton arrives home with his new wife, it sends shock waves through his family and both of his sisters are stunned that he has forgotten about their f [...]

    4. Compelling, beautifully written story set in drab, bomb-damaged Clapham just after the end of WW II. The story itself is anything but drab, with an engaging central character in Krista, the German wife who has been brought to London from the ruins of a defeated Berlin, with all its attendant horrors. The author deploys her research with a light touch, and this is expert story-telling. Highly recommended.

    5. It is an interesting storyline and shows how the war influences the lives of so many people on all sides. It took a little while to get into the story but I felt that the ending was a little rushed. Many characters did not really add anything to the story or you felt they might play a role to only fizzle away.

    6. For my full review: girlwithherheadinabook/2In 1970s London, a couple have just moved into their new home and found a grisly discovery in the back garden.  There are the remains of a woman, aged between twenty-five and thirty, wrapped in a garment of blue wool.  Estimated to have died between 1945 and 1947, at some point in the woman's short life, she had given birth.  She had also suffered from Vitamin D deficiency and the trauma to the back of the head indicated that she had probably been k [...]

    7. This book is different from most 'war novels' I have read as it focuses on the immediate aftermath of WW2. A fascinating social history from the point of view of a German living in post-war London - I was engrossed until the very end.

    8. Novel set in post WW2 CLAPHAM (finding colour in life)This review first appeared on our blog where the author talks about her research for historical location: tripfiction/novel-set-The novel is beautifully written, with a layering of melancholia that never really lifts, reflecting the era. The wording, too, is suffused with monochrome tones and detai,l as the people in Clapham try to pick over their lives and get back on their feet:“The colours just aren’t as vivid as they were fore the war [...]

    9. A body is found in the garden when a new couple move in – but to whom does it belong?I found The New Mrs Clifton a mesmerising read and one that frequently made me very uncomfortable because so much of it is based on past horrific experiences and I wondered just how I might have behaved and acted in similar ones. I think one of the great successes of the story is that Elizabeth Buchan makes the reader think and question their beliefs and certainties. I had a far better understanding of the eff [...]

    10. The New Mrs Clifton, has a promising storyline and is set between London and Berlin at the end of WWII. Londoners are bereft of spirit and the resources to rebuild their lives, but this pales into insignificance in comparison to the conditions being suffered in post- war, occupied, ruined Berlin.The plot and the settings are vivid, unlike most of the characters, who, with the exception of Krista, are difficult to empathise with, and I struggled with the writing style, which seemed to stop the fl [...]

    11. The novel opens in 1974 with the discover of skeletal remains on Clapham Common. The body is Identified as that of a female that has carried a child previously. Estimated time of her death is 1945-7. The investigations begin to trace her identity and next of kin. How do you solve a case when the body has been in the ground for over 20 years?September 1945, Krista arrives in Waterloo with her new husband Gus. She arrives at his house at Clapham Common, where both his sisters currently reside. The [...]

    12. After reading the book description I thought I had a good idea of what the story would be about. Wrong! Instead of a straight forward murder I found something much deeper, rich in historical detail and both shocking and moving in content. As the story unfolded I became really attached to the Clifton family and wanted only the best outcome for them all. Did I get what I wanted? I will leave you to find out. A thoroughly good read and one I would recommend.

    13. 'Wrapped in the roots of the sycamore was a skeleton; the remains of a woman, between twenty-five and thirty. She had carried a child . . .’Set against the backdrop of London, post WW2, this is a very intriguing book. I read many, many books in the Historical Fiction genre and I can honestly say that this book delivers a very unique take on life at that time in our history.Where to start……The New Mrs Clifton opens with quite a shocking scene. It’s 1974 and the body of a woman is discover [...]

    14. I had some mixed feelings about this book, but on the whole it was a very compelling story. It is hard to believe that the author, Elizabeth Buchan,was once the president of a Romantic writers' association since this book is one of the least romantic novels I have EVER read. This is the story of Krista, a German war bride, brought by her English husband to a postwar Britain barely clinging to survival and filled with bitter unhappy people (I sometimes think Britain never really recovered from th [...]

    15. After a war that left millions dead and cities in ruins, how to you return to normal life? Is it possible to see the people who were 'The Enemy' as fully human? How do you deal with grief and loss? These are the questions that the New Mrs Clifton examines.The central focus of the plot is the marriage of British Intelligence officer Gus and the German Krista. How do Gus' sisters and former fiancee cope with suddenly having a German woman enter their life, only 6 months after the end of the war? W [...]

    16. A book centred on guilt and loss in London immediately after WW2. A body is found in the garden of a house by Clapham Common in 1974. After that opening the story moves back to the post-WW2 period and to memories of the final stages of the war. Gus, who works for British intelligence, brings back a malnourished sickly German wife, Krista, to his Clapham home. Much of the first part of the novel focuses on the prejudice and hatred Krista encounters, including from Gus's sisters Julia and Tilly. T [...]

    17. I enjoyed this story, although there was one rather large challenge that I could not overcome.The book starts with a captivating teaser: a skeleton found in the garden – intriguing! Who is it? and whodunit?We then rewind to just after WW2 and are introduced to our cast of characters: Gus, an Englishman who returns from war with a German bride, his two sisters who have a hard time accepting this new reality, his jilted fiancée who REALLY has an issue with Gus getting married behind her back! A [...]

    18. I found this post-war story interesting and disturbing. I'm intrigued by the flatness and boredom of ordinary life following great traumas, and how people deal with that feeling, how the ordinary can ever be reclaimed, ever feel as real. Also intrigued by questions of how people are changed by their experiences, what happens to the person they were before, is there any such thing as a stable core identity? Also, what would I be prepared to do to survive, put into certain situations, and what do [...]

    19. An interesting storyline, it is set in Clapham at the end of the war when there was rationing, money was tight and life a little dull. Into the mix comes a returning officer with a German bride. It makes you wonder how you would have behaved towards her. A good insight to life at the end of the war. An enjoyable read.

    20. Thoroughly enjoyable. The second of Elizabeth Buchanan novels that I’ve read and will certainly be reading more.

    21. An enjoyable read about a period with which I am less familiar (the time immediately post 2nd world war). It was a page turner and drew you in. The ending is perhaps a little melodramatic compared to the book as a whole.

    22. A wonderful engrossing book to finish the year. Set just after the war with food shortages, bomb damage, loss and grief. Into this bleak picture of London, Gus Clifton brings home a young German wife, ending his long engagement with his childhood sweetheart causing distress to both families. How does this tie in with the discovery of a body 30 years later? Worth a read. Happy New Year to all my friends. Scraped my challenge with only an hour to spare!

    23. War changes people. You may think there are things you wouldn't be capable of doing but when pushed, when it's all about survival, how far would you go?When Gus returns to England after the Second World War with a German wife in tow, nobody understands what happened. Not his sisters, or his best friend or even the woman everyone assumed he'd marry upon his return. Only Gus and his wife Krista know the reason. What follows is the way people try to find a way of getting on with their lives after s [...]

    24. The New Mrs Clifton is a captivating and gripping read that seduces utterly, until its final page, leaving a deep imprint on the imagination long after.

    25. I was a bit disappointed with this book which was a shame as when my book club chose it I thought it might have had potential! I found it dull! It never really gripped me, I kept waiting for something to happen and it really only did in the last 10 pages.The book was about a Male called Gus who comes back from the War with a german bride called Krista who is a complete shock to everyone as she is the enemy. Gus was also already destined to marry his childhood sweetheard Nella who was the sister [...]

    26. All reviews can be found on my blog at thewritinggarnet.wordpressSeeing as 'historical fiction' is one of my all-time favourite genres, I was super excited to have the opportunity to read 'The New Mrs Clifton' by Elizabeth Buchan. Despite having not read any of Elizabeth Buchan's previous novels, I still was rather eager to get stuck into a book which has been all over social media in recent weeks. What was all the fuss? Why was everyone talking about #TheNewMrsClifton?I need to be brutally hone [...]

    27. I’ve had my eye on this book for a while after I read a review of it in The Times last year, thought it sounded excellent and added it straight to my to-read list, so when it came out in paperback recently I bought it for myself as a little payday treat. The worrying thing about wanting to read a book for a really long time is whether it will be as good as expected. I needn’t have worried as The New Mrs Clifton is a multi layered and richly textured novel which is beautifully written and doe [...]

    28. As WWII comes to an end Gus Clifton, an British intelligence officer, returns home to England with his new bride: Krista, a German. His surprise marriage has upset his sisters, Julia and Tilly, not only because she is the enemy, but because everyone had assumed that Gus would marry Nella, the woman who has been waiting loyally for him since before the war began. Krista must adapt to a new home where no one is welcoming her, for everyone she meets considers her to still be the enemy. And Gus’ s [...]

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