God Made the Moon

God Made the Moon An engaging diecut board book that introduces little ones to the concept of moonlight and nighttime

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  • Title: God Made the Moon
  • Author: Mary Manz Simon Lizzie Walkley
  • ISBN: 9780824919818
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Board Book
  • An engaging diecut board book that introduces little ones to the concept of moonlight and nighttime.

    One thought on “God Made the Moon”

    1. After the Sun sets for the day the Moon rises bringing with it the comfort that God is watching over him with the light of the Moon that God set in the sky.God made the moon to smile on Earth and fill the dark with light.The moon reminds us of the love God sends to us each night.The joys of the night are brought out as the child enjoys the stars, light bugs, and chirping crickets. Bath time and preparation for bed starts and "The shining moon reminds me that God watches from above."This is a cha [...]

    2. Like God Made the Sun, this was super cute. I found it to be very easy to read and enjoy. As with God Made the Sun, my best friend's youngest daughter promptly claimed it. It's a great book for parents to add to their library.I received this book for free from the publisher for the purpose of reviewing. My thoughts and opinions are my own. Rating - 4 stars

    3. The Heavens Declare!Little people find words first for the people and the things that are most important to them. As one of the “named people” in my grandson’s life, I love to read books to him that include pictures of the sun, moon, and stars, because he responds by pointing to them, naming them over and over, and then returning to that page again and again as if the drawing is truly lighting up his life.How exciting for him that Mary Manz Simon and Lizzie Walkley have collaborated on a p [...]

    4. The sun and moon pair of these books are fun and encouraging books that are sure to make little ones smile. Both books are written with a rhyming pattern that is fun to read. Their message is sweet and heartwarming, reminding little ones that HaShem is the creator of the sun and the moon and that each one plays a very important part in our daily lives. The author addresses several of the ways in which the sun and the moon both serve as our lights throughout the day and night. The author also add [...]

    5. God Made the Moon is a sweet board book that talk about how God made the moon and all of the blessings that we get from this gift. The book is small and designed to fit little hands. The font is large, making it easy to read. The vocabulary is perfect for the toddlers the books are designed for. The little moon cut outs are a textural addition to the book that children will enjoy. The bright, colorful illustrations fit perfectly with the text and have lots of details to help tell the story and k [...]

    6. God Made The Moon is a wonderful way to share with your youngster why God made the moon and the reminder that it provides each night. Filled with delightful illustrations the colorful pages will certainly capture the imagination while the words will certainly capture their minds and may even provide a few chuckles as the character of the story goes through the same nightly ritual that they themselves may preform as they ready for bed. Most of all though this book shares the love of God. I could [...]

    7. Wonderful board book for very young children. The story is well written and the illustrations are fantastic. I received this book from Worthy Publishing through the First Look blog tour for a fair and honest opinion.

    8. My Review: The Moon smile on the earth giving it light at night. The kids watch as the lightning bugs blink off and on like flashlights and crickets chirping. They know its time for bed when the Moon is out. Time for them to be thankful to God for all that happened throughout their day.The author writes about the age appropriate biblical concepts that are woven around the recurring theme of how God loves and watches over us.  This book will make a perfect bedtime story for young kids. The illu [...]

    9. What a cute set of board books for your little girl or guy! Check out these two books God Made the Moon and God Made the Sun by Mary Manz Simon and illustrated by Lizzie Walkley.We liked the rhyming text of these books and the fun illustrations. They have a cutout in each page where the moon/sun appear on each set of pages. Your little one will learn different ways the moon blesses us in the night and how the sun is there for us in the daytime. These books are not overly long but do have some ed [...]

    10. God Made The Moon written by Mary Manz Simon and illustrated by Lizzie Walkley is perfect for introducing your toddler to the concept and night with the Moon as a reminder of what the nighttime promises for them. This book also reinforces the truth that God has made everything and it is good! With rhymes and colorfully detailed illustrations, this book will soon become a favorite with your child. Read God Made The Moon at bedtime for snuggle and prayer time. This book is a cute, cute, cute addit [...]

    11. Children need story time and snuggles, especially at bedtime. This quality board book by Mary Manz Simon offers delightful rhyming story your child will probably memorize quickly--and still enjoy hearing you read again and again! The illustrations by Lizzie Walkley are beautifully detailed with flora and fauna as well as a whimsical child and her mother.Unique layered cut-outs are perfect for little fingers to grasp as they turn pages. If you want something more special than a typical board book [...]

    12. Both of these books ("God Made the Sun" and "God Made the Moon") are board books, 20 pages long, and are recommended for ages 2-5. They are super cute, especially with the cut outs of the moon and the sun. The pictures are really colorful and calming-perfect for bedtime. My 6 year old really liked them and they are perfect even for his age because he's learning to read on his own and recognize words. Short, feel good stories about God's gifts to us. These books would make a great gift for toddle [...]

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