Pregnant for the Dragon

Pregnant for the Dragon Surrogates aren t supposed to fall in love Prince Damon of Vatravia needs an heir to the throne and fast before his kingdom a haven for dragon shifters all over Europe is lost forever When he hires

  • Title: Pregnant for the Dragon
  • Author: Kellan Larkin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Surrogates aren t supposed to fall in love Prince Damon of Vatravia needs an heir to the throne and fast before his kingdom, a haven for dragon shifters all over Europe, is lost forever When he hires Max to be his surrogate, he has no idea what he s in for Max has never fallen in love with a client before he s forbidden to But the prince is so kind and caring toward Surrogates aren t supposed to fall in lovePrince Damon of Vatravia needs an heir to the throne and fast before his kingdom, a haven for dragon shifters all over Europe, is lost forever When he hires Max to be his surrogate, he has no idea what he s in for Max has never fallen in love with a client before he s forbidden to But the prince is so kind and caring toward him that the sparks fly anyway He desperately needs the money from surrogacy to support his aging mother, but falling in love puts his job at risk When Damon gets engaged to strengthen the case for his kingdom, and Max s mother has a heart attack, it seems like everything conspires to keep the pair apart And into the middle of it all comes baby Lukas the heir to the throne of Vatravia Find out in Pregnant for the Dragon This standalone, 42,000 word novel has a HEA No cheating, no cliffhangers Inside, you ll find an adorable shifter baby and plenty of sweet and steamy scenes You can fully enjoy this standalone novel without having read others in the series.

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    1. You can't get more paranormal than male pregnancy, it's a still new to me but im getting used to it and trying not to figure out all the dynamics lol. Damon and max are a nice couple that feel a spark but things are in there way, let alone there worlds/life are miles apart. I didn't feel the characters connection if I'm honest, well maybe near the end, but I do enjoy these books, they are easy to read and not too heavy. 3.5 stars*i received an arc for an honest review

    2. What can I say about this read? If you are wanting a different kind of paranormal then this is a good one for you. Being in the medical field the idea of male pregnancy is odd but being a female I liked the concept. But the idea of two male dragon shifter trying to find love and peace with each other was very touching and sweet.

    3. An ARC was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.Max is surrogate for one of the best fertility clinics for shifters in the world. When he's told his fourth client will be a prince he's taken by surprise and a tad bit of disbelief.Damon, Prince from Vatravia, needs an heir as one of the terms to keep his country safe.The story was interesting. Learning the gestation period and following along with Max's pregnancy was entertaining. There were portions of the story that frustrated me. Ma [...]

    4. Oh my gosh i really loved this one, It was so sweet and heart warming, There story was one i will definitely be re reading in the future.

    5. Incredible story about two men, who also happen to be dragons, finding strength courage love family and peace together. The story was so sweet that I honestly wished there was more to continue on with their lives. To see how the progressed and how Lukas grew up. But I was given this book in exchange for an honest review so I will review it gently for you so as not to give away the beautiful experience. Damon is a super sexy dragon shifter who is also gay and needs an heir to establish the future [...]

    6. *This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review*What happens when a prince and an ordinary man just trying to get through life, cross paths? Love! It was a sweet read about Max, a man who hadn't really found anyone in life to trust after an incident with an ex that left him emotionally scarred and Prince Damon of Vatravia, who thanks to ugly political battles for the Independence and safety of his country, needs to find a way to have an heir to his throne—and fast. So he goes to a [...]

    7. A rich dragon shifter who's looking for a surrogate to have his heir, a dragon shifter who's trying to get through life one day at a time and a country who is at stake may just tear them apart.Prince Damin of Vatravia is on look out for a surrogate who is willing to have his heir for him. What he didn't expect to find out was his surrogate, a pretty but handsome male dragon. But with his country at stake and his people. He doesn't have time to explore what could be. He needs to save his country. [...]

    8. Enjoyed this walk through the process of Max becoming a surrogate for prince Damon of Vatravia. Max is a dragon shifter who works in a flower shop and financially takes care of his mother. He has become a surrogate for the extra money. He normally can remain emotionally removed from the process, but something about Damon just pulls him in. Are the two fated mates? Will all the troubles in Vatravia be solved with the baby and a husband?I enjoyed how down to earth Damon was. He never made Max feel [...]

    9. ** ARC given by the author in exchange for an honest review ***English isn't my first language and there are some abbreviations I wasn't accustomed to. Mpreg was one of them. I really didn't suspect someyhing like this. But I love paranormal books, dragon shifters especially. And reading about something I love and something which I thought was only for women was surprising to say the least. But wow what a good surprise. Damon and Max were great together. Max didn't have an easy life. His family [...]

    10. Rating 2.5 and didn't finishI've read so many of these having-a-baby-for-a-rich-dragon books that they seriously all sound alike. This one wasn't holding my interest at all so I turned it back in on KU. The situation about the country falling into disarray and the situation with the EU was really laughable and lost the story a lot of credibility. I'm also tired of men who are ruled by their meddling mothers (the big fix-up). The prince knows he's intrigued and into the surrogate from the start, [...]

    11. My least favorite in this series - 2.5 starsI have to say that this one just fell a little flat for me. I don't see the EU realistically threatening to dissolve a member state's political identity without throwing the rest of the continent into upheaval. I mean if they could do this to Vitaravia, why not do the same to other small nations like Luxembourg, or San Marino?Also, this book seemed like out missed an opportunity to touch on tougher issues as well. Max was abused, and it sounded like he [...]

    12. Loved that two classes overcome to be together. A prince and his surrogate meet and find out that they are mates. They have hurdles to jump through as Damon is royalty and has certain requirements to fulfil. Max on the other hand, does not feel that he is deserving of someone of Damon's status. They obstacles they face have more to do with Damon's obligations and him choosing what he wants instead of what he is pushed to do. Very nice HEAC for honest review.

    13. I just didn't feel anything from these two MC's. Most of the time they were recapping about events and interactions instead of experiencing it with the readers. I really don't understand how they fell in love other then the initial attraction between these two. This was disappointing in the fact that I want to explore this journey but it felt more like I was reading it from a view point of someone else that was narrating their story.

    14. A wonderful written story of how true love finds you when you least expect it. This story brings you through the lives of two men looking for dfferent things and finding each other and the challenges they face to be together. I haven't read this author before but I loved this book and can't wait to dive into the series.

    15. Max never thought he would fall for a client but he did and that client was a prince Damon. Damon needs and heir. Max is a surrogate for shifters. Both are under a lot of pressure from the family. I loved the story line and plot. It's filled with surprises and twist and turns. I received a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.

    16. It was okI usually don't write reviews, but this book was just ok. It started off good but it got boring after a few chapters. The characters just didn't have any spark or anything in common. I skipped some chapters thinking the story would get more interesting but it didn't it was for me a waste of money.

    17. Cute bookThis is a cute book. It is straight and to the point. If you have not read any of the other books you will not be missing on anything. I wish it was little more in depth on the character development.

    18. I loved this story. As a male dragon being a surrogate to couples not being able to have children was fulfilling until he met his Prince. It was a great story of love, trust, and determination about what you want and fighting for it.

    19. Good book! I really enjoyed how there was a pregnancy first and then a marriage between them. It was a little different but really enjoyable. Thank you Kellan!

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