The Girl You Lost

The Girl You Lost Eighteen years ago your baby daughter was snatched Today she came back Eighteen years ago Simone Porter s six month old daughter Helena was abducted Simone and husband Matt have slowly rebuilt t

  • Title: The Girl You Lost
  • Author: Kathryn Croft
  • ISBN: 9781910751701
  • Page: 271
  • Format: ebook
  • Eighteen years ago your baby daughter was snatched Today, she came back Eighteen years ago, Simone Porter s six month old daughter, Helena, was abducted Simone and husband, Matt, have slowly rebuilt their shattered lives, but the pain at losing their child has never left them Then a young woman, Grace, appears out of the blue and tells Simone she has information abouEighteen years ago your baby daughter was snatched Today, she came back Eighteen years ago, Simone Porter s six month old daughter, Helena, was abducted Simone and husband, Matt, have slowly rebuilt their shattered lives, but the pain at losing their child has never left them Then a young woman, Grace, appears out of the blue and tells Simone she has information about her stolen baby But just who is Grace and can Simone trust her When Grace herself disappears, Simone becomes embroiled in a desperate search for her baby and the woman who has vital clues about her whereabouts Simone is inching closer to the truth but it ll take her into dangerous and disturbing territory Simone lost her baby Will she lose her life trying to find her

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    1. This is the first book by Kathryn Croft that I've read. I've heard many good things about her previous book. When I read the description for "The Girl You Lost" I was intrigued to say the least.***Possibly some very minor spoilers***As the book begins we are taken back eighteen years. Simone and Matt are a young couple adjusting to life as new parents in their tiny apartment. Matt is twenty-two and studying to be a doctor and for now nineteen-year-old Simone has put school on hold to raise their [...]

    2. 1.5 stars I am clearly in the minority here when it comes to my feelings about this bookThis has to be one of the worst books I've read in a long time and should have been a DNF, but because of all the other strong reviews as well as my love of the author's first book The Girl With No Past, I forced myself to finish. I was hoping a killer ending could save this for me, but it just didn't happen.So as not to ruin anyone else's potential enjoyment of this, I'm going to put the rest of my review in [...]

    3. I'd like to thank Netgalley, Kathryn Croft, and Bookouture for my copy in exchange for an honest and fair review.I knew before starting this it was going to be difficult to top The Girl with No Past, but I'll be darned if I didn't enjoy this one even more! This book not only had fantastic twists and turns, it had all the feels and emotions of something much deeper than your typical suspense novel.Simone Porter and her husband Matt become unexpectedly pregnant at a very young age while in univers [...]

    4. Simone Porter is an obsessed woman. Eighteen years ago someone took her six month old baby girl Helena, and every day she dwells on who took her and why. While on her lunch break Simone becomes aware a young woman has been following closely since she left her place of work. After crossing the street several times and going inside a shop to try and lose her, Simone decides it probably was just her imagination and decides to return to the office. As Simone turns to leave the young woman suddenly a [...]

    5. Wow! A great start to my reading in 2016. Kathryn Croft has done it again with another winner of a book. This one had me fully engaged and I whizzed through it hungry for more page after page.Love a good twist? It's here! Bloody brilliant insertion of subtle themes that got darker and darker until a reveal that knocked me off my feet, didn't see it coming. It shocked me. Fantastic!What's good? Everything!The plot - it will hook you from page one. The characters - all very defined, ones you will [...]

    6. Another hit by Kathryn Croft. She is absolutely on my list of authors who I will just read without question now, as I have enjoyed every single book she has written. The Girl You Lost is no exception.Simone and Matt's daughter was taken 18 years ago. They have been dealing with the loss and grief all the years and suddenly a young woman called Grace shows up claiming she may be their daughter. Then Grace disappears. Simone must discover the shocking truth as she searches for daughter yet again.I [...]

    7. There was a crime committed here. And it actually was the book itself.So here I stand on the edge of this cliff staring at the sky filled with 4 and 5 star reviews. My 2 stars don't seem to give off much twinkle. But I must speak in an honest voice to just how this book actually spoke to me. You can throw rocks at me later.SPOILERS: DO NOT CROSS THIS LINE IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE BOOK YET.This is not my first time behind the wheel of a mystery/thriller. I've read them all from light cozies to he [...]

    8. Oh my goodness! Can Kathryn Croft's writing get any better? When Simone and Matt Porter's six month old daughter is abducted and never found, it not unnaturally changes the course of their lives forever. But 18 years later, a girl approaches Simone who thinks she may be their daughter. Now this is an intriguing start to a book for sure, but this story is so much more than that. It takes you down avenues you won't want to go, and introduces you to hideous characters you wouldn't want to meet. The [...]

    9. Many thanks to the author, Kathryn Croft, Bookouture and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review, THE GIRL YOU LOST. After having read the author's first book The Girl With No Past, and really enjoying it, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this second book. I didn’t know how she was going to top this…but she did. I enjoyed this book even better than the first! A real winner!This is a gripping psychological thriller with all the features to keep you hooked right from the beginning [...]

    10. My sincere THANKS to the author / Bookouture / NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review. This is one of those books that once read, will stay in my head forever.Eighteen years ago Matt and Simone Porter lost their 6-month old daughter. It was a parent's worst nightmare the baby was abducted. The kidnapper and the baby were never seen nor heard from again.That changed today! A young woman has shown up claiming that she knows something about their daughter. But who is Grace? Is 'she' th [...]

    11. Simone and Matt Porter had the unthinkable happen to them eighteen years ago, their six month old baby girl, Helena, was kidnapped while Matt's mother had taken her to the park. The young couple were then bonded together in their grief for the loss of their daughter and now years later a young woman approaches Simone claiming she just may be the missing Helena. Simone is not sure what to think of Grace's story, it's so unbelievable that Simone is almost sure that this is another hoax preying on [...]

    12. Read like a detective novel and made for a great psychological thriller. Each chapter got more intense and interesting.

    13. This was an amazing read. It was gripping from the start. Any story with a child in it appeals to me, coupled with abduction and intrigue and mystery, this has it all.Matt and Simone are a young couple who find themselves with the expectation of a baby sooner than planned. Matt is still studying but Simone is happy to find herself pregnant. The apartment they live in is not spacious but Simone says they can manage.One day Matt's Mother offers to take the baby out to get some fresh air. Whilst ou [...]

    14. This book has very dark and gritty secrets.The last twist and suspense of the book is totally unexpected.I never ever saw it coming.The book is also heartbreaking with what happens to grace eventually and the breaking of families and trust of peoples concerned.It deals with brutal psychotic urges of a person who doesn't see what they are ruining for it.This book shows how a person can live a 2 faced life .The book is really heart wrenching with unraveling of brutal secrets.I was really on the ve [...]

    15. This book was recommended to me by one of my friends who raved about it so I was intrigued and looking forward to reading it.I wasn't disappointed, Kathryn Croft is a new author to me but I will be looking out for more of her work in the future. A reasonably quick read that grips you early on and the pace is maintained throughout.Eighteen years ago, Simone and Matt Porter's baby girl was taken. Now she is staring at Grace who is claiming to be her daughter. Simone tries to find out who she is an [...]

    16. Well this is my first book of 2016 and I couldn't have chosen a better one as its also my first 5* read of the year as well! I have been a huge fan of Kathryn Croft since her first book and I think this is her best to date (and I am a big lover of Behind Closed Doors!!).When baby Helena is abducted aged just 6 months old, her parents Simone and Matt are devastated especially as no clue to her disappearance is ever found. Eighteen years later they are still together but have felt unable to have m [...]

    17. The Girl You Lost, by Kathryn Croft, is a psychological thriller that explores the reappearance of a child that was abducted many years earlier.I enjoy novels that are written from multiple perspectives and the characterization throughout this novel was very well done. Narrator and main character Simone Porter was wonderfully crafted. Not only could I feel every one of her emotions but I admired her determination, over many years of searching for her daughter, when the odds were against her. Bei [...]

    18. I found this to be an engaging story. I enjoyed the characters and the plot. It was all very realistic, no perfect MC or stereotypical evil bad guy. There were unexpected twists and turns. At times, I expected something to happen and it didn't. Other times, I didn't expect something to happen and it did. This one is definitely worth a read. This is the first book I've read by Kathryn Croft, but I am definitely interested in reading more of her work. I thought she had a great writing style. She w [...]

    19. Oh boy I'm really sorry to say that I just did not enjoy this book. The story has massive potential, but Ms. Croft's execution missed the mark. Perhaps it was my own expectations of this book that ruined it for me. I really enjoyed The Girl With No Past and I guess I expected it to be just as good. I will try my best to be vague and not spoil anything for you. So, here goes nothinFor me, the plot crawled at a snail's pace. I wanted to know what was going on, but found myself growing impatient wi [...]

    20. The Girl You Lost is a psychological thriller, that explores the reappearance of a missing child. It has the dark theme of child abduction and its repercussions.We meet Simone, who is happily married to Matt. They are a successful couple living in London, in their thirties. When they were young students, they had a six month old daughter who went missing. Time has passed and no trace has been found of their missing child. One day, Simone finds herself followed by a teenager. Grace tells Simone t [...]

    21. I received this ARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I would really award this a 4 and a half if I were allowed that on these websites. This is a brilliantly written psychological thriller. At the beginning I wasn’t sure that it would really capture my interest until I started reading the pages that were written by “someone” who was involved in the abduction. Here lived the “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, but it was difficult to imagine who it was.This i [...]

    22. This certainly lives up to its description as a psychological thriller! It is a superb tale of heartbreak, deceit, double crossing, kidnapping, blackmail and so much more mixed together into an enthralling tale by a skilled wordsmith.The characters are rarely as they initially seem. The plot has more twists and tangles than you could imagine! From the start the reader is immersed into the action packed scenarios. There are surprise revelations occurring throughout the story as the convoluted plo [...]

    23. Thank you to Netgalley, Kathryn Croft and the publisher for a chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review.Wow once again Kathryn Croft has written another gem! Matt and Simone are trying to get their lives back together after the loss and agony of losing their daughter Helena. Then out of nowhere comes Grace. Grace claims to have information about the disappearance of their daughter. This is where the story then takes off. Many a time I was literally holding my breath wondering if [...]

    24. Actual rating 4.5.Simone and mats baby girl was of ducted over 18 years ago, so when Grace shows up claiming to be there lost daughter, it leads to more questions than answers don't want to say too much, because definitely don't want to ruin this for anybody. really liked Simone and enjoyed unraveling this story with her, so many twists and turns, some I saw coming and most I did not but best of all everything was completely plausible, there was nothing in the story that made you need to suspend [...]

    25. Can a book be utterly predictable and far fetched in the same breath? Evidently so, as this author proves. Although I’m in the minority of the amount of readers who enjoyed this story, I just couldn’t get to grips with this book which is a shame because it started rather promisingly.Simone and Matt are living in the aftermath of the abduction of their six month old baby. Despite this, eighteen years on their relationship remains stronger than ever. One day, a young woman appears at their doo [...]

    26. Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to read The Girl With No Past and I thoroughly enjoyed it so was very excited when Bookouture announced and revealed the cover for Kat’s next novel, The Girl You Lost. I mean…if that cover doesn’t make you want to read this book then what will?! The Girl You Lost tells the story of Simone and her husband Matt. Eighteen years ago their six month old daughter was abducted and since then they’ve been living a troubled life. Despite the intensive poli [...]

    27. *ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, thanks again*DNF at 73%I wanted to DNF this at 35%. And at 50%. And finally at 73% I gave up. Because I wasted a day and a half on this and I couldn't stand it anymore. A sinister and darkly compelling psychological thrillerBitch, what are you talking about? This is the most boring thriller I've ever read. The Girl You Lost starts with a couple, Simone and M-something, who have a six months old baby. They're really young and complainin [...]

    28. I looooooooooove this book!!!! This book just hooks you in! From the very first page, I knew I was going to be reading The Girl You Lost at every possible spare moment! It's that good!As a parent, it's never easy reading books about controversial subjects like child abduction. It makes you almost apprehensive to read as it's an uncomfortable thought and every parents worst nightmare!Croft has done a spectacular job in dealing with how Simone and Matt coped in the aftermath of their daughter Hele [...]

    29. This was a great read! One of those books that keep you up till 3 am thinking: just one more page, just one moreSimone and Matt Porter's daughter was kidnapped when she was 6 months old. Now, 18 years later, a young woman suddenly appears and tells Simone she thinks she's her daughter. And then she disappears again.After this, Simone gets entangled in a web of lies, violence and even murder that will have horrible consequences. Nothing is what it seems and every chapter seems to lead you in a di [...]

    30. Well I finally finished The girl you lost by Kathryn croft but I didn't enjoy it at all , the characters did nothing for me & was just an average read. Sometimes I felt like I was watching Days Of Our Lives they were completely over the top & flawed felt like jumping over the gap, now I have that off my chest will get to the premise all sounded good, but I found myself having no emotions shown from Simone & Grace it was just so stagnate seeing as it was such a tough subject to write [...]

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