O Brilho Azul das Estrelas

O Brilho Azul das Estrelas A demanda de um homem para corrigir o passado Ben e a sua mulher vivem num rancho pr ximo das Montanhas Rochosas no Colorado Ben ainda um homem ativo e pleno de vida quando lhe diagnosticada a doen

  • Title: O Brilho Azul das Estrelas
  • Author: Laura Pritchett
  • ISBN: 9789898831767
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Paperback
  • A demanda de um homem para corrigir o passado.Ben e a sua mulher vivem num rancho pr ximo das Montanhas Rochosas, no Colorado Ben ainda um homem ativo e pleno de vida, quando lhe diagnosticada a doen a de Alzheimer Ao perceber o avan o desta, come a a sentir que um fardo para a mulher e que n o lhe resta muito tempo de consci ncia.A juntar a isto, o passado tr gicoA demanda de um homem para corrigir o passado.Ben e a sua mulher vivem num rancho pr ximo das Montanhas Rochosas, no Colorado Ben ainda um homem ativo e pleno de vida, quando lhe diagnosticada a doen a de Alzheimer Ao perceber o avan o desta, come a a sentir que um fardo para a mulher e que n o lhe resta muito tempo de consci ncia.A juntar a isto, o passado tr gico da fam lia regressa com toda a viol ncia ap s a liberta o de Ray, o marido da sua falecida filha Rachel, que estava preso a cumprir pena pelo seu homic dio Motivado pelo desejo de vingan a, Ben decide corrigir o que est mal e levar avante um ltimo gesto de amor e justi a pela sua fam lia.Com uma sinceridade arrebatadora, O Brilho Azul das Estrelas oferece nos uma hist ria not vel de dedica o e coragem, provando nos que o amor sobrevive ao adeus.

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    1. I first read this novel, Stars Go Blue by Laura Pritchett in 2017. Perhaps my mood was wrong at the time or my mind was not in a good place because although I admired Ms. Pritchett's beautiful writing, I was left feeling frustrated with the story and the characters. I put the novel aside until recently and upon re-reading it, I found I had a wholly different experience. This time, I read the book with a persistent lump in my throat and the words I am now writing are not so much a review but rath [...]

    2. Reading this book was a profound experience that I don't think I'll ever forget. It made me FEEL so DEEPLY. It made me feel BIG things, like life and death and love and sorrow and laughter and landscape Pritchett has this incredible ability to capture the expansive range of human experience and make readers feel it all, right down to their bones. I was already crying just a few pages in-- but the good kind of crying, the kind that lets you glimpse what matters about being a human on earth. There [...]

    3. A brutally honest and unflinching look at a family tragedy and an elderly husbands descent into dementia. Beautifully and poignantly told, the cold weather, the snow and a man's last attempt to right a wrong. The love hate relationship Remy has as a caregiver to her husband of many years. Her resentment and impatience, all so real, as she contemplates the lack of a future they will not have. The notes, the reminders, the struggle as Ben tries so hard to hold on to his thoughts long enough to fin [...]

    4. Despite having won a number of awards for her previous books, Laura Pritchett's newest novel may top them all. Stars Go Blue is wintery, passionate and poignant, with characters you want to sweep up in your arms to either heal, or to borrow some of their peaceful presence. This book is particularly moving if you have ever loved someone with dementia. It is full of love for animals and ranching and mountains; full of love of details of the Colorado landscape; full of love for the prickly people i [...]

    5. The novel reads quickly for three reasons: it’s suspenseful (a bit of a thriller), the reader is captivated by the characters and its lean. A number of things impress me about Laura Pritchett’s story. Let’s start with Ben, one of the protagonists.Ben wouldn't be a man you’d notice on the street. He's not somebody that would stand out. But because of the attentive focus of the narrative, the old man gets inside your heart and emerges as a hero, becomes somebody you wish you could know, ha [...]

    6. What a brave and scary thing for a writer to do. By writing in the voice of a protagonist with Alzheimer's, Pritchett forced herself to live in her own father's head. Because both fathers (real and fictional) have the progressive disease, the bittersweet reality of love and loss are profound. But that's not all this novel has to offer. It's just the tip of the iceberg really. I stand in awe of the skill and guts it took to weave such a beautiful story.

    7. Despite a difficult subject matter, this book has a plot that sucks you right in and won't let you go until you finish the last page. The portrayal of dementia itself and also how it affects loved ones was real and haunting. I enjoyed references to local landmarks, like "Fern's". :)You have to read this amazing book from local and wonderful author Laura Pritchett.

    8. This novel is a Psychological Drama, and it is disturbing – you’ve been warned. It is about diseased minds, both genetically and environmentally caused, and the interaction of both and the dire consequences of diseased minds. Stars go Blue is about death, dying, and killing. It’s about small towns and rural ranch living, which hardly is living at all – but a slow, painful death that struggles to minimize suffering. It’s about being old and how to die. It is about stuff most of us don [...]

    9. 4.5****O tema deste livro é assim um pouco difícil e complicado de abordar, uma vez que fala de uma doença que nos dias de hoje está a tornar-se cada vez mais frequente. Quando falamos com alguém que já não vemos há algum tempo e perguntamos: "Então como está a família?" e a resposta, eventualmente, acaba por ser "Está tudo bem, tirando o meu pai a quem foi diagnosticado Alzheimer.". Quantos de nós já não se pôs a pensar "E se um dia eu sofrer de Alzheimer? Quem cuidará de mim c [...]

    10. a continuation and opening up of pritchett's short stories centered around ben and renny cross's ranch on the east side of the rockies. Hell's Bottom, Colorado you know what's on the east side of the rockies right? flat earth, no rain, constant wind, 2 inch tall grass. and families. so the old couple are facing bad bad health and a small small window for justice. will justice be done? is more death and heartache worth the satisfaction? hard people, hard life and histories, hard choices in compel [...]

    11. A story about a family broken by two tragedies -- a brutal death and a life-changing dementia diagnosis. I liked and "knew" the characters immediately -- they existed in my family and they probably do in yours, as well. Halfway through the book, I was interrupted by the curveballs of my own life, but I picked it up again last night and couldn't put it down until I had finished. It's achingly sad, sadly tragic, tragically real. Yet, I closed the book feeling proud of the main characters and how t [...]

    12. "Já te digo o que vou fazer."O que vos digo é que este livro, apesar das suas 203 páginas, não é uma leitura rápida nem fácil. É um livro para se ir lendo. A doença de Alzheimer é a grande protagonista desta história. Uma doença que vai tirando aos poucos o conhecimento de nós próprios e que nos deixa completamente abandonados. Ben, o portador da doença e protagonista da história tem muito a dizer-nos. A lição de vida aqui deixada é fantástica e corajosa. Laura Pritchett cons [...]

    13. A perspectiva do doente e a do cuidador. A certeza de que se está morto antes de morrer. Um tema actual e pertinente mas em que faltou algo.

    14. I was so moved by this short novel. It is about Renny and Ben who are estranged. Ben is struggling with Alzheimer's, and his wife is struggling with being his caretaker. They are both struggling with the murder of their daughter and the release of her murderer from prison. The book is beautifully written, and the characters are well developed. I cried as the characters let me into their lives. A story of family love and the tragedies that life deals us. Set in Colorado, the setting became one of [...]

    15. A poignant, mesmerizing tale about a rancher with Alzheimer's who seeks revenge for his daughter's death. Beautifully written, with characters whose voices resonate long after the final pages.

    16. This book captured me for so many reasons. I totally related to Renny and Ben's broken relationship. It reminded me so much of my grandparents at the end of their life. I am fearfully interested in dementia and Alzheimer's disease. As a working mom of two very busy boys with demanding schedules, I often feel I am struggling with early signs of the disease. The contrast of city life against the beauty and significance of a rancher's life intrigued me. While I understand the deep connection the ch [...]

    17. With her usual poetic turns of phrase and strong, independent characters, Laura Pritchett has crafted a harrowing story about family, love, loss, memory, change, and the devastating effects of Alzheimer's disease. Told in alternating chapters, this novel presents its story from the points of view of Ben and his wife of 40 years, Renny, who witnessed the terrible murder of one of their daughters by her outraged husband. Their struggle to to handle their grief, anger, and care of the grandchildren [...]

    18. The first 6 months I lived in Fort Collins, I lived in Laura Pritchett's house while her family was away on her husband' sabbatical. I always told myself I would read her books but have just now gotten around to it. I loved so much that I could pick out certain details (Fern's/Vern's Diner) that Pritchett obviously holds dear. However, even without that extra bit of sentimentality this book is amazing. Its heart wrenching and devastating and yet hopeful at the same time. Such an amazing read.

    19. JP can hold my attention, pluck my heart and cast me into memories and dreams in one swoop. This story carries the true depth of living and the beauty of death together.

    20. A beautifully written book about love and loss, the loss being dementia. The previous reviewers are so eloquent, I cannot add more words of praise. A book I will reread.

    21. Beautifully written novel where its sorrow seeps into your soul. I am beginning to treasure concise, powerful storytelling and the skill of an author to move the reader to deep emotion with fewer, rather than lengthy, prose. Pritchett accomplished this in 183 simple but elegant pages.Ben and Renny Cross are ranchers and farmers, on their ranch Hell's Bottom, in Colorado. They have two adult daughters, Carolyn and Rachel. Each daughter has two children. Rachel's husband, Ray Steele, kills Rachel [...]

    22. Stars Go Blue By Laura PritchettReviewed by Jay GilbertsonWebster’s defines Alzheimer’s as a degenerative brain disease, the most common form of dementia, which results in progressive memory loss, impaired thinking, disorientation, and changes in personality and mood. It’s everywhere, this rotten disease, and the main theme running through this short, but powerful novel. Every other chapter unfolds the thorny relationship of Renny and Ben. An old married couple living out their lives on an [...]

    23. It is not unusual for a book to bring tears to my eyes and recognition to my heart, but this book brought me to sobs and broke my heart and mended. it. There is such love and such loneliness in these pages as well as the beauty of the writing and the land and lives described. It was very courageous to write from the point of view of a man with Alzheimers dementia but it felt so very right from my experience as an outsider to the disease. Thank you, Laura Pritchett, for this book.

    24. This was an incredibly powerful book about Alzheimer's, and I wouldn't recommend reading it without a box of tissues nearby. The characterization is astounding, as is the sense of place. The main character, Ben, is a rancher in Colorado whose mind is slowly deteriorating. He is aware of the disease, the name of which he cannot remember. He has good days and bad days, remembering more or less, but one thing he does remember. His daughter was shot to death by her drug-addled husband before his eye [...]

    25. Couldn't put it down, Still resonatingLaura Pritchett’s novel, Stars Go Blue, is about the ranching family whose narrative began in her earlier novel, Hell’s Bottom, Colorado. (No need to read the prequel; Pritchett gives the necessary information.) A lifetime of predators, difficult births and deaths, has taught these rugged characters that some lives can be saved and some cannot. Most of the novel alternates between the voices of Ben, the family’s patriarch who is dying from Alzheimers, [...]

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