Jane Eyre(Graphic Novel)

Jane Eyre Graphic Novel This Charlotte Bronte classic is brought to vibrant life by artist John M Burns His sympathetic treatment of Jane Eyre s life during the th century will delight any reader with its strong emotions a

  • Title: Jane Eyre(Graphic Novel)
  • Author: Amy Corzine Charlotte Brontë John M. Burns Terry Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781906332082
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Paperback
  • This Charlotte Bronte classic is brought to vibrant life by artist John M Burns His sympathetic treatment of Jane Eyre s life during the 19th century will delight any reader with its strong emotions and wonderfully rich atmosphere Travel back to a time of grand Victorian mansions contrasted with the severest poverty and immerse yourself in this love story It is presentThis Charlotte Bronte classic is brought to vibrant life by artist John M Burns His sympathetic treatment of Jane Eyre s life during the 19th century will delight any reader with its strong emotions and wonderfully rich atmosphere Travel back to a time of grand Victorian mansions contrasted with the severest poverty and immerse yourself in this love story It is presented in full colour graphic novel format wonderfully illustrated by legendary artist John M Burns It meets UK curriculum requirements Teacher s notes study guides for KS2 KS3 available.

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    1. I just reread Jane Eyre (by Charlotte Bronte!) and loved it, think it’s deservedly one of the Great Books, with a wonderful young heroine. I also just coincidentally read Decelerate Blue by Adam Rapp, that among other things advocates for the reading of Whole Books, (surprise, surprise), not abbreviated versions of books, like Reader’s Digest books, but also implicitly not comics adaptations of books. So, you ask, is there any use in a graphic novel version of Jane Eyre, given that--if we ag [...]

    2. Jane Eyre is one of my favourite books of all time, so you can probably imagine how excited I was to find this graphic novel. I was a bit apprehensive at first - a 600 page novel crammed into a comic strip? Not sure that's going to work I was worried that the language would be watered down, but this was not the case! All the original dialogue is used and the illustrations are beautiful. I think it would definitely entice someone to read the original if they haven't already. If I have one complai [...]

    3. Jeg havde endnu ikke prøvet at læse 'graphic novels', men da jeg fandt ud af, at der var blevet lavet sådan en over 'Jane Eyre', så blev jeg simpelthen nødt til at læse den! Jeg blev bestemt ikke skuffet. Jeg elsker historien om Jane Eyre så utrolig højt, og det var virkelig interessant at få sat tegninger på også. Den har stadig det lidt gotiske udtryk, som bogen også har, og historien er præcis som den skal være.Eftersom det var en succes at læse denne 'graphic novel', så har j [...]

    4. What is it about Jane Eyre that I love?? The book is dark, depressing, lonely, sad and OHHHHH so good! I have read the novel a couple of times years ago. I thought I would check out the graphic novel version. I enjoyed. I forgot all about my favorite line in the book. It was in the graphic novel which thrilled me. To quote "I sometimes have a queer feeling with regard to you - especially when you are near me, as now: It is as if I have a string somewhere under my left ribs, tightly and inextrica [...]

    5. I am a sucker for period love stories :) This met and exceeded my expectations. I can't imagine a graphic novel taking a more complex story and representing the language, tone and themes as well as this one. Can I reiterate how much I love this language. The history of the Bronte family and other bits of historical context definitely shed light on and added to the mood of the story.

    6. Jane Eyre is my favorite classic so when browsing at my library, imagine my surprise and excitement at seeing this - Jane Eyre - The Graphic Novel. Oh my goodness! The excitement did gradually change to a feeling of apprehension. How does someone transpose a 500 page detailed classic into a graphic novel? Is this even possible? Yes, I am pleased to say it is, and it has been done extremely well.Jane Eyre was originally published in 1847 and is the story of a young girl whose parents die when she [...]

    7. Charlotte Bronte's graphic novel depiction. It's a good focus on the Jane Eyre, especially if you found the novel to be laborious reading as I did back in the day. The graphic novel does a good job of following Jane's unhappy life as a child, serving as a governess and then falling in love with her master but then many problems arise. Prevalent themes about spiritual connections to love, love and religion blending or not blending and social status. Recommended for those who want a summary of thi [...]

    8. I wanted an easy-ish way to learn the original story before eventually reading Wide Sargasso Sea. Though this was simple, it wasn't very enjoyable as a comic. But it does seem to get the job done of conveying the original story. I'll probably watch a movie adaptation also. I doubt i'll ever read the original because it doesn't seem as engrossing as Pride and Prejudice.Incidentally #1The publisher, Classical Comics, offers three versions of some titles. Original Text means they haven't edited the [...]

    9. Initial Thoughts Upon FinishingJane Eyre has always been one of my favourite classics - I just love Jane's character and honestly? I find her and Mr Rochester adorable in their dependency on each other for happiness. This was really weird but fun reading it as a graphic novel - I think I will certainly read more classics in this format now!Jane EyreIf you’re not familiar with this classics, Jane Eyre is the story of an orphaned girl who is firstly taken in by a rude aunt, then sent to a boardi [...]

    10. This is a well done adaptation of Jane Eyre and makes this bookl accessible to students who may be intimidated by classic literature.

    11. For it's time, this is a wonderful book! Love, faith, jealously, and feminism are couched into a realistic and romanic mystery. Definitely enjoyed the comic book imagery too!

    12. 2016 Reading Challenge: A graphic novel based on a classic.I didn't enjoy this book at all. I've never read Jane Eyre (as I tend to not do well with the rambling dry tone of most classics), so I figured this would be a good way for me to get a gist of the story to see if I'd like to tackle the actual book.I didn't care for the illustration style (classic comic book aesthetic). Very dreary and dull with the usual white speech bubbles. Not something that's a pleasure to look at. I don't know if it [...]

    13. I love Jane Eyre. It’s been many, many years since I read the classic, but over the years I’ve watched as many of the film adaptations as I can fit in. As much as I love Jane I have a more lukewarm response to graphic novels. I’ve only read a few but none have really wowed me. But, this one was the perfect combination of a favorite heroine, quality storytelling, and illustrations that felt authentic to the original story. In this version they use Bronte’s own words to tell the story.For [...]

    14. Can I say I am offcially in love? My breath was taken away by this story. I suppose I am a hopeless romantic and I was easily swept away by the romance of this book. Why can't modern romances compare to the classics? I am more touched by these stories of long ago than I am with the explicit-at-times books of today. There's more to be said for what's left to the imagination or the courtship of romance than the graphic tales of today.This book is of course not the original read. It is in comic boo [...]

    15. mh. it was quite good overall. i enjoyed reading it. the story is great as ever and the text worked well with the pictures although at times the speech bubbles were oddly placed. and from a - i don't know - "modern" point of view, the drawings did not quite match my tasteyways i bought it with school in mind but this version is too hard for my pupils. should have gotten the quick text version. then as said above i don't think the graphics will cause much joy. it seems a bit old-fashioned. it mig [...]

    16. I know I must have read the classic Jane Eyre in Jr. High as required reading but I don't think I realized then what a wonderful love story it is. I've only read a handful of graphic novels. I counldn't put this one down.

    17. I'm about to write a ten page paper on what I think. Here's a summary: I don't think it could ever do the original justice. It's nature lends to a serious lack of depth. The art wasn't that fantastic either. It was literally just okay.

    18. First time I had read it was during my school days and now returning to the story through this lovely graphic novel!

    19. I haven't read the original, which I guess I should. We'll see in time. Anyway, an Excellent way of reading this classic for someone who 1) feels s/he really should have read it, 2) thinks there are too many books out there and too little time 3) aren't 100% sure s/he has the patience for the full book at this point in life. Or any other reason :)

    20. *3.5 stars. "I don'tthinksir, you have a right to command me, merely because you areolderthan I, or because you have seenmoreof the world than I have; your claim tosuperioritydepends onuseyou have made of yourtimeandexperience."

    21. I read the graphic novel in two days for my class since we didn't have time to read the whole book. Honestly I found Jane kind of whiny and extra throughout half the book, but the ending was really sweet, and I liked how the story had multiple twists and turns

    22. A graphic novel from Classical Comics. I remember this type of comic when I was a youngster. This book had much better drawings and the text was Bronte's original text. A very complete adaptation of the book.

    23. I had a hard time following the plot as I haven't read the novel. I'd consider this a kind of cliffs note version of the original story but I enjoying the artwork and finished the book in one sitting.

    24. 3.5 starsBeautiful artwork! Tells the story, has original text in it, but doesn't come close to the original book in my opinion. Enjoyed it though.

    25. This is a great telling of Jane Eyre! I found it easier to understand and follow the flow of the story than when I read the book when I was younger. I think this is such a great way to tell this exciting story.

    26. Jag har skjutit upp den här recensionen för att jag inte tycker att jag har sådär hemskt mycket att säga om den här serie-versionen av Jane Eyre. Det är både positivt och negativt. Positivt eftersom serien följer boken så väl att det i all väsentlighet är Jane Eyre en gång till och eftersom jag redan recenserat originalet finns det inte mycket att tillägga här. Serie-skaparna har verkligen lyckats hedra originalet. I den här versionen har man dessutom bevarat så mycket som möj [...]

    27. I read Jane Eyre for the first time last year and it became one of my favorite classics. So when I saw it in graphic novel form at the library, I was really excited to read it. I don't recommend reading this before the original novel as a lot has to get cut for length. Overall it does a good job painting the basics of the story and characters. The illustrations were a bit messy but I did like how the characters, settings, and clothing were pictured. It helps me picture the overall story better. [...]

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