Babymouse 6: Camp Babymouse

Babymouse Camp Babymouse FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY Meet Babymouse a sassy young mouse who dreams of glamour excitement adventure straight whiskers and being queen of the world These graphic novel format stori

  • Title: Babymouse 6: Camp Babymouse
  • Author: Jennifer L. Holm Matthew Holm
  • ISBN: 9781435272699
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Library Binding
  • FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY Meet Babymouse, a sassy young mouse who dreams of glamour, excitement, adventure, straight whiskers, and being queen of the world These graphic novel format stories, by the author of Our Only May Amelia, are perfect for reluctant young readers.

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    1. I think that graphic novels are usually aimed at boys and the baby mouse series is a good introduction to graphic novels for girls. thats why I chose this book.

    2. This book was very funny. I liked how Babymouse is not normal in a good way. She can have weird daydreams that would make you giggle.

    3. Category: graphic novelAuthors/Illustrators: Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew HolmTitle: Camp BabymousePublisher: 2007 by Random House BooksISBN: 0375939881 (ISBN13: 9780375939884)Genre: graphic novelReading level: grade 2 and upSummer is here and Babymouse is all set for an adventure at her first week of overnight camp at Camp Wild Whiskers"where girls go to get lost!" As always, she dreams of being the hero of the camp by saving lost campers and excelling in various camp activities and contests. W [...]

    4. Camp Babymouse is such a cute, wonderful graphic novel to read. I like this graphic novel series because you don’t have to read the previous books in order to understand what is going on. I especially liked this book of the series because it is all about Babymouse’s adventures. I also love how the plot has a twist, you think she is just going to have weeks full of adventure and you would never expect the worse. So when she gets lost, it adds a little bit of excitement and twist to the book. [...]

    5. As a reader I liked this book. It was not my favorite but thats because I'm not really into graphic novels. That being said it was a lot better than I was expecting it to be! Even though graphic novels are not in my favorite genre to read, I would still recommend it to my friends who enjoy them.As a teacher I would really like this book. Children can sometimes get bored reading chapter book after chapter book and I think that this book is a great way to break the chapter books up. The children c [...]

    6. I finally decided I needed to read a Babymouse book because they are so popular at our school. I get it! The drawings are fun, the mouse is nutty and the story moves at a very fast pace. Babymouse is at summer camp and ruining everything for the girls in her cabin as she makes one mistake after another, destroying their chance to come in first in the camp contest. When she finally gets her act together at the end, it is a great relief--and lots of fun getting there.

    7. Six year old daughter loved this. I needed to explain quite a bit about summer camps, as the whole camp thing is not really an Australian institution.What a shame it's coloured in pink -- don't let this turn the little boys in your life away from reading it, given that children these days are conditioned to associate pink solely with girls.

    8. Babymouse is on her way to camp and she is pretty excited to be on her own for 2 weeks. Once she reaches her cabin and sees some of her bunk mates, she is hesitant but decides to make the best of it. The cabin that accomplishes the most will get merits and not have to wash a bunch of messy dishes. Unfortunately, Babymouse is the cause of most of their losses, but she keeps trying until one day she has had enough and leaves an emotional message for mom and dad to come and get her. It is dark outs [...]

    9. Again totally great. Babymouse goes to camp. Another fantastic episode featuring all the things that could go wrong at camp happen to the ever persistent babymouse. We root for her. She takes her licks from a life that is everyone's lifed imagines always a positive outlook rather than what always happensdisappointment. Typical.

    10. Title: Camp: Baby Mouse Author: Jennifer L. Holm Illustrator: Matthew Holm Genre: Graphic novel Theme(s): Friendship, Family, Confidence, Facing Fears, Perseverance, Toerance, Loylaty, Opening line/sentence: The wilderness.Brief Book Summary: This book is another of the Babymouse series. This time Babymouse is headed to overnight camp for the first time. When she gets there she is really excited but suddenly things start to not go her way as she starts to accidentally mess up her cabins chances [...]

    11. It was really good. Not the best ever though. My favorite part was when she became friends with the skunk. I did not like it when the other girls were mean to her though. Review by #MayBelleslife 7 years old

    12. I thought this story showed that babymouse hadn't been a team player, but then she learned that she could do much to be a team player. she helped her team even though in the end it didn't go as planned she still worked it out.

    13. Title: BabymouseAuthor: Jennifer L. HolmIllustrator: Matthew Holm Genre: Graphic NovelTheme (s): Overcoming challenges Opening Line/Sentence: It was the same thing every day for Babymouse. Brief Book Summary: This graphic novel is about Babymouse and the challenges and obstacles that she overcomes each day. Each scenario throughout the comic is a different task that Babymouse tries to conquer without giving up. Professional Recommendation/Review #1: (Horn Book) Babymouse feels she simply cannot [...]

    14. The Babymouse books are the perfect way to spend an afternoon having a great time. Camp Babymouse is unique in that we finally get to meet new characters, as Babymouse has left all of her friends at home while she has gone off to camp. Poor Babymouse, nothing ever seems to go her way. But she is a trooper, and keeps trying to do the best that she can. Once again, the team of Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm have created something special that all can enjoy in Camp Babymouse. My 12-year old daug [...]

    15. This is a cute book about a little mouse who goes through many adventures. In this book, she goes to camp where she thinks she will succeed in everything - but she quickly figures out that being a camper is not as easy as it looks. She struggles with keeping the cabin clean, it's rough gaining points, and not so easy for her to make friends. She keeps going even though shes scared, and things start to get better! She starts to make friends and shows improvement in being a scout. By the end of th [...]

    16. Camp Babymouse by Jennifer L. Holm is part of the Babymouse series. This set of books is graphic novels all based upon this mouse and the different adventures and things/events that happen day to day. I think that Jennifer Holm did a great job with these books and Camp Babymouse in particular. Graphic novels are a great tool for teachers to use in order to get students interested in reading, the students don't realize that they are reading an actual novel because of all the pictures that are inc [...]

    17. This is the sixth book in the Babymouse series by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm. The plot centers on Babymouse's adventures at sleepover camp. She isn't very successful at first at being a camper and I like that the ending is somewhat realistic, despite her eventual success. Her imagination runs wild, as usual, and she imagines herself in many different and fantastic scenarios. The cartoonish illustrations are filled with black, white and lots of pink and are typical for the series. Our youn [...]

    18. Babymouse is off to summer camp sure she can take anything the wilderness can throw at her (except perhaps snakes). But camp is proving a bit harder than expected and her failures are costing her cabin lots of points. The girls are ready to kick her out of the cabin and Babymouse is ready to hightail it out of the woods. But then she finds one survival skill she can actually do well.Wow, they only thing missing from Babymouse’s epically bad week of camp is a case of poison ivy. (Ok, and torren [...]

    19. This is my first Babymouse book and I really liked it! Babymouse heads to Camp Wild Whiskers, "where girls go to get lost!" And everything goes wrong. She makes a mess of her smores, loses points for her Cabin, annoys her new camp friends, and burns down the woods. But fortunately, Babymouse gets it together and manages to be a hero for the day. The story was straightforward but engaging. My favorite parts were those that involved exaggeration and hyperbole. Babymouse has the top bunk in the cab [...]

    20. This story is about Babymouse going to camp. Babymouse is really excited to go to camp at first because she thinks she is going to be really good at everything they do. Only once she arrives does she see how hard being a scout can be. Babymouse struggles to do all of the different activities they have and she thinks she may not be cut out for scouting after all. But, Babymouse sticks to it and shows readers that camp can be okay. I think there are some kids that wold really like it, but for me, [...]

    21. I thought the book was great because baby mouse was always the one who would be having a stress full day and its funny when stuff happens to her because she gets really mad and while shes getting mad her little brother will come our of no where and throw a bucket of water on her.Baby mouse's mother was the best during the book because she had always tried to cheer baby mouse up and she whatever she did it worked and baby mouse somehow ended up happy. At the end baby mouse went to summer camp for [...]

    22. This is a great book for girls and some boys too, from ages 7-12. I like all Babymouse books, but this is my favorite! On every page you find yourself laughing at her thoughts, dreams and more. Even though it's a quick read, I am always checking it out of the library. My favorite character is The Narratorbecause he is always making Babymouse angry or embarassed. The best part is the illustrations of her daydreams.I hope you get too read it too!

    23. Babymouse is back and this time she's going to sleepaway camp for two weeks. Babymouse is certain she's going to be a great camper, but what happens when she has no friends and is terrible at every camping activity she tries? The incomparable Babymouse will find a way to win everyone over or will she?? Another spirited and imaginative offering from the Babymouse team, it made me nostalgic for summer camp (and I didn't even really like camp!).

    24. This series is too cute. The graphics go from mostly white and black (when Babymouse is in the "real world") to colored pink (when Babymouse is daydreaming). My girls LOVE these books! The author/illustrator team have also created a new graphic novel series aimed towards boys called Squish. Squish: Super Amoeba

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