The Night Stalker

The Night Stalker Hard edged evocative brilliantly paced James Swain s novels of crime and punishment in South Florida delve into a shadowy realm where criminals victims and cops share the same truths the same li

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  • Title: The Night Stalker
  • Author: James Swain
  • ISBN: 9780345475527
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hard edged, evocative, brilliantly paced, James Swain s novels of crime and punishment in South Florida delve into a shadowy realm where criminals, victims, and cops share the same truths, the same lies, and sometimes even the same nightmares.Abb Grimes is famous Just ask the ghoulish tourists who flock to his former home to take photographs Years ago, Grimes killed eighHard edged, evocative, brilliantly paced, James Swain s novels of crime and punishment in South Florida delve into a shadowy realm where criminals, victims, and cops share the same truths, the same lies, and sometimes even the same nightmares.Abb Grimes is famous Just ask the ghoulish tourists who flock to his former home to take photographs Years ago, Grimes killed eighteen women, some never found As the head of the Broward County Missing Persons Unit, Jack Carpenter was intimately involved in the Grimes case Now, days away from execution, the notorious serial killer reaches out to ex cop Carpenter with a surprising request.Abb Grimes grandson was lured from his home The cops are convinced the boy s father Abb s troubled son, Jed is behind the boy s disappearance, but Jack s not so sure With a personal connection to the kidnapped child, Carpenter takes the case, and that s when the situation goes from terrifying to fatal There s another gruesome murder, and once again the evidence points straight to Jed Have the unspeakable sins of his father taken root within this troubled young man Carpenter races against time and a police department that wants his help but rejects his aggressive style as he searches through an underworld of predators, assembling the jagged pieces of a depraved puzzle, desperate to put an end to a murderous stalker s blood soaked rampage.With unremitting action and skillfully polished prose, bestselling author James Swain has written his most riveting thriller yet, delving even deeper into the fascinating psyche of misbehaving crusader Jack Carpenter A hero immersed in the evil that is his prey, Carpenter battles a stunning betrayal and a horrendous danger no one saw coming.From the Hardcover edition.

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    1. This is the second Jack Carpenter mystery. Jack is an ex-Broward County, (Florida), cop – he retired under somewhat of a cloud – and is now a private eye. He specializes and has an uncanny ability in finding missing children. In fact he’s so good at this, police departments and hospitals throughout the state of Florida - even the folks at Disneyworld - call him when a child goes missing. And in the two books of the series I believe he’s found every youngster, infant and baby he’s been [...]

    2. I've enjoyed Jim Swain's writing in his early book. And I'm happy I did because the writing of this book was, in my opinion, not up to par with his previous books. Unfortunate for me and him.The protagonist, Jack Carpenter, is a fine character and I like everything about him. He has all those attributes that I love in characters.However, the storyline was weak and the writing was even weaker. Or maybe I have that backwards with the writing weak and the storyline weaker, either way, I'm going to [...]

    3. My first time reading Swain's books. I enjoyed the book. A definite page turner that keeps your interest throughout. A little difficult to believe that Jack Carpenter was able to get everything right all the time. Otherwise I would definitely recommend.

    4. Another winner by James Swain. Jack Carpenter is very similar to Harry Bosch that you don't stand in the way of justice. I also love Jack's dog Buster who is very lovable. A very underrated author and his books are fast paced with no fillers. If you are looking for a great novel of suspense then I highly recommend this series.

    5. Excellent follow-up to first Carpenter bookJack is looking for a missing child. The ending was unexpected. Thoroughly enjoyed. Highly recommend reading the series on Carpenter

    6. Pretty good for a summer book. Which is to say, a page turner that kept you wondering who and what the bad guys were. Plot-driven, not character driven.

    7. Jack is a dandyI like the jack carpenter character. I like buster the dog. Feel good stories from mr. Swain. Looking forward to the next installment.

    8. This was another book I listened to rather than read. The story was fairly standard detective fare, and the reader had the right "grizzle" to his voice to make it entertaining. The additional minor story lines added interest as well as credibility, but Jack Carpenter's profiling skills seemed to be a little overblown. Bringing his family in on a limited basis was okay, but using his daughter to help solve the major crime was a clinker. Who would put their college-age daughter in that kind of sit [...]

    9. Jack Carpenter is an ex-South Florida cop who was instrumental in apprehending serial killer Abb Grimes. Abb is now just days away from being executed for the murder of eighteen women. Abb finds out that his grandson has been abducted from his home and has called upon Carpenter to find his grandson.The problem becomes very sticky when everyone, except Carpenter, thinks that Sbb's son, Jed, is responsible for his sons disappearance. The situation becomes more involved when another young woman is [...]

    10. What can I say other than Jack is my hero. Jack finds missing kids and he never gives up. He has a gift for finding kids you might say. So when a death row inmate contacts Jack to find his missing grandson, Jacks takes on the assignment. The only request by Abb is that he find his grandson before he is executed in four days. So begins the race to find a missing little boy. Along the way Jack encounters a few more things that tends to stalk one in the night. Dirty cops not withstanding, Jack ends [...]

    11. James Swain writes South Florida as good as Carl Hiassen. The good guys and the bad guys tend to blend together down here, wilted by the heat. Abb Grimes, on death row at Starke for the murder of several women, asks Jack Carpenter to find his missing grandson. Jack had previously worked on the Grimes case from the Missing Persons Unit. The local PD are convinced that Jed, Abb's troubled son, is somehow involved and another murder nearly cements his fate. The action starts at page 1 and doesn't e [...]

    12. I am really liking the Jack Carpenter series. For once I am starting a series at the beginning. Jack’s specialty is finding missing children. In this tale, a jailed serial killer who is nearing his execution date (Florida) asks Jack to find his grandson who was kidnapped from home. The police have decided that the killer’s son (the boy’s father) has taken the boy. The police are also convinced that the boy’s father has taken up his serial killer dad’s penchant for murdering young women [...]

    13. This is a damn fine detective novel. The protagonist is a pretty-much routine P.I. along the standard lines (ex-cop, continues to work on a case even after being kicked-off, divorced, etc.) But the plot is tight and moves right along, and the writing is great when the author isn't attempting to describe the characteristics that set his P.I. apart from the crowd. I enjoyed it and would recommend snagging a paperback copy (when one is released).

    14. I really like Jack Carpenter, the forcibly retired detective whose specialty is finding missing children. His dog is a hoot -- biting the bad guys and nuzzling the good guys. Like its predecessor, this is a rollercoaster . This time, Jack is asked by a death row inmate to find his kidnapped grandson, where the cops have already determined the child's father is guilty.

    15. Liked Jack Carpenter, but felt cheated. His every instinct just happened to be exactly right. Insufficient subtlety for my taste. Not to mention he always seemed to be in exactly the right place in the right time.

    16. Almost ready to set this one down. It's listed as a non-stop nail-biter. I guess if that means it never starts to begain with. Hope it picks up It's very predictableThis book is not worth the time. It's poorly writen.

    17. Jack Carpenter is at it again along with his dog Buster. A retired cop who has issues of his own is trying to save women from being slaughtered. Jack fights his own demons as well as the demon he can't see. This book is must read.

    18. I liked this, but didn't find it nearly as engrossing as the first in the Carpenter series, Midnight Rambler. I'm having a hard time finding the words to explain why that is the case: too simplistic? too convenient? I'll try another and see if my opinion improves.

    19. A fast read, but that's about its best feature. It's a sequel and I haven't read the first in the series (although I've read most of Swain's other books) but the references to the first we minimal. Nothing really stood out. The hero was heroic in most of his actions o the plot moved along.

    20. I ended up picking this book from the library because of the quote from Lee Child on the coverI love Jack Reacher, and so I figured this might be something I'd like. And I absolutely did. I even appreciated Buster the dog. So it looks like I'll be checking out more of Swain's books.

    21. What can I say about this book? Wow seems to sum it up. A wonderful mystery about missing children that keeps you thinking until the last page. James Swain remains one of my favourite writers. I am looking forward to reading about Tony Valentine as well in a new book. Highly recommended.

    22. Very Good; Continuing character: Jack Carpenter; after getting a call fro a death row inmate whose grandson has been kidnapped, Carpenter finds himself caught between crimes past and present while trying to save the child

    23. I liked this a lot and will read more of the books in the series. There was one or two places where I felt there were weak and/or erroneous issues in the investigations that annoyed me for a moment.

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