Bound Alex Caine is a martial artist fighting in illegal cage matches His powerful secret weapon is an unnatural vision that allows him to see his opponents moves before they know their intentions themselve

  • Title: Bound
  • Author: Alan Baxter
  • ISBN: 9781941987834
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alex Caine is a martial artist fighting in illegal cage matches His powerful secret weapon is an unnatural vision that allows him to see his opponents moves before they know their intentions themselves.An enigmatic Englishman, Patrick Welby, approaches Alex after a fight and reveals, I know your secret Welby shows Alex how to unleash a breathtaking realm of magic andAlex Caine is a martial artist fighting in illegal cage matches His powerful secret weapon is an unnatural vision that allows him to see his opponents moves before they know their intentions themselves.An enigmatic Englishman, Patrick Welby, approaches Alex after a fight and reveals, I know your secret Welby shows Alex how to unleash a breathtaking realm of magic and power, drawing him into a mind bending adventure beyond his control.And control is something Alex values above all elseA cursed grimoire binds Alex to Uthentia, a chaotic Fey godling, who leads him towards chaos and murder, an urge Alex finds harder and harder to resist Befriended by Silhouette, a monstrous Kin beauty, Alex sets out to recover the only things that will free him the shards of the Darak But that powerful stone also has the potential to unleash a catastrophe which could mean the end of the world as we know it.

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    1. I picked up Bound, by Alan Baxter, on the recommendation of a friend. I owe that friend a few drinks now. Bound is about cage fighter Alex Caine, a man who can see his opponents moves before they make them. Following a successful fight Alex is approached by an Englishman called Welby, who knows his secret and wants Alex to help him unlock the key to an ancient and powerful grimoire. Drawn into a world filled with magic, violence, and a chaotic Fey godling called Uthentia, Alex must harness his i [...]

    2. Alex Caine grew up in foster homes and was a wild kid until he started learning martial arts; since then, he's had focus, discipline and a means of earning a living in illegal cage fights. He always wins, too, because he has a secret advantage: he can see people's shades, and knows what his opponents are about to do. It isn't until he meets Englishman Patrick Welby that Alex learns there's a name for what he is: mage. Once Welby unlocks the door to the hidden world of magesign and the Fey, Alex [...]

    3. A few years ago I went through a stage of reading nothing but fantasy fiction. I got a little tired of it and decided it was time for a break. Only recently I have started reading some again. When I saw Alan Baxter’s ‘Bound’ and heard that it was like Jack Reacher with magic, I was all in. ‘Bound’ has recently been re-released with some great new artwork. I have come across Baxter’s work in various anthologies and have enjoyed his stories. ‘Bound’ is the first book in a trilogy t [...]

    4. A fast-paced, action-packed first book of the Alex Caine series, that had me pretty much hooked from the beginning. Magic and monsters and Magesign, oh my!See my full review here: amandajspedding/2014/11/08

    5. A fast paced, supernatural fantasy. A wonderfully entertaining read. In a small way, reminiscent of Lord of the Rings. Bound feels very comfortable and familiar in its story construct. However, also original and exciting. Like all Baxter's work, it hits the mark. Read this and you're going to get covered in a decent amount of gross monster guts :0). I'll definitely be reading Obsidian and Abduction. I'm thoroughly invested in Alex and Sil's adventure.

    6. Loved this. A great urban fantasy based around an underground-fighter dragged kicking and screaming into a world of magic and mayhem.The revelation of the mysteries that flow throughout Bound are timed perfectly to maintain and escalate the reader’s interest, keeping up a pace that encourages rather than bores or overstimulates. The plot moves along nicely, and ticks all the boxes. The character development is great, and the overall charm of Bound shines through without being lost in the writi [...]

    7. Originally reviewed by M.L. Spencer on Grimdark Magazine.Alan Baxter’s Bound (Alex Caine Book One) is a brutal story that moves at a break-neck pace. It’s ripe with dark, conflicted characters in a turbulent, urban setting that has a mixture of martial arts, magic, and supernatural themes. I definitely recommend Bound for readers who take their violence seasoned with gore, sarcasm and sex.In Bound, Alex Caine is a successful martial artist who makes his living clobbering opponents in the rin [...]

    8. This is the first Alan Baxter book I’ve picked up, and I’m certainly going to be back for more!I loved the gritty, bloody, dangerous world that Baxter introduces in this book – Alex Caine is quickly taken from the world he knows (which isn’t exactly safe and wholesome, him being partial to illegal cage fighting) to one of magic and mortal peril, populated by blood-thirsty Fey and an evil Godling. I enjoyed uncovering the world alongside him, meeting the Clan Lords and learning about the [...]

    9. Bound wasn’t an easy book for me to read. I had some initial reservations about it, but as I do love the occasional dark fantasy book, I decided to give it a shot. Alas, Bound and I never quite bonded. It is the perfect dark/urban fantasy read for readers who love the Chosen one spiel. It is also absolutely absent of even a whisper of a love triangle.The epic quest is, indeed, epic, and the evil guys are very evil. The Chosen one, as one might expect, does have trouble coming to terms with his [...]

    10. A wonderful dark urban fantasy -- very well-written and fast-paced with characters you come to care about. The first of a trilogy (I'll be snatching up 2 and 3 right away). Wizards and witches and monsters all set around a street fighter's mentality with plenty of cosmic horror to leave Lovecraftians and dark Fantasy seekers equally satiated and wanting more. Highly recommended.

    11. REVIEW: “BOUND” BY ALAN BAXTEROne of the oldest adages in the world of writing fiction is “Write What You Know”. It may not be a perfect formula, but it’s a bloody good place to start, and it’s served Alan Baxter well with his new novel Bound, the first in a series about protagonist Alex Caine, from Harper Voyager. Caine is an illegal ring fighter, and a very successful one at that. The book opens in the ring, straight into the action, and it keeps going from there. In fairly short o [...]

    12. This is a grisly urban fantasy with touches of horror, it’s full of violence, language, sex, and fight scenes! It’s no secret (or maybe it is? if you haven’t read my reviews), but I am a huge fan of fight scenes. Hand to hand, swords, big epics fights, whatever- bring ‘em on! That this was bound (Haha, see what I did there) to be full of them, was a point in favor of this book right off. And it was full of them, but even better, it wasn’t too full of them. They were top-notch (especial [...]

    13. It’s great to follow a writer and see that hard work and persistence pays off. Alan Baxter is one such writer and it was great news to see that he had secured a three book deal with HarperVoyager for the Alex Caine series. Bound is the first book in the series and introduces us to Alex Caine, an MMA fighter who uses what he thinks are unique abilities to sense his opponents intentions before they act. He fights in Sydney’s underground Martial Arts cage matches, coasting along, making a decen [...]

    14. I had gone off Urban Fantasy lately. It all seems the same and all the plot lines tend to blend, but not this book. Bound is the first book of the Alex Caine series by Alan Baxter. We start off in Sydney, then London and then all over the world. We are introduced to characters from Mythology and a new species of Fae. Alex Caine is a martial artist who makes a living off cage fighting. Then after a set of circumstances forces Alex to leave Australia, he then becomes bound to a dark grimoire which [...]

    15. I've read a fair amount of Baxter's work before, and Bound, the first volume of his new Alex Caine series, plays to the author's strengths--and reveals some new ones.Alex Cain is a cage fighter with a deeper grounding in the spiritual side of martial arts. This is key to both the development of the character of of the plot in which he becomes immersed. A professional kung fu master himself, Baxter's description of the fights, and the consequences thereof, are visceral and realistic without ever [...]

    16. This was better than expected. Alex Caine does cage fights to make a living. Fighting is something he loves doing and is good at it. However, he has a vision which helps him best his opponents and its this ability that a stranger who will turn his life upside down has come looking for. All he requests is that Alex read a rare book for him. A fairly harmless sounding request that circumstances make Alex think will probably be a harmless solution to his problems and not the start of a new set of t [...]

    17. So it isn't all that often I read this urban fantasy or non second world fantasy. There is a reason for that, I generally assume most of it is trite nonsense. An assumption I am happy to say this book did not at all live up to.An interesting tale with quite a good deal of world building, a fairly believable bunch of characters, loved the kin as a potential anything separate race.Some parts seemed a little repetitive, the constant angry sex I mean. It wasn't over done or gratuitous it just came o [...]

    18. This is a terrific dark fantasy action debut novel. Rich with detailed supernatural lore and a character who truly experiences the internal struggle between good and evil and his own personal torments, this is a thrilling start to the Alex Caine trilogy.

    19. This book was so kick-arse, I found that when you're reading it, and put it down to go and do something else, it will actually get up, kick your arse and demand that you continue reading it!

    20. Bound is a dark, I mean daaaarrrk, urban fantasy. Bound introduces us to Alex Caine, a man with a difficult upbringing who has a couple of extraordinary abilities; one – he is an expert martial artist making money in illegal MMA cage fights, two – he has a psychic ability to read the aura and intention of his opponents. He stands in absolute mastery of his physical prowess, but does not understand his magical talent.Enter the catalyst of the story, an English named Patrick Welby, a mage who [...]

    21. Bound by Alan BaxterMartial artist, Alex Caine, gets the awakening of a lifetime when a mysterious – and very British – man speaks to him after one of his fights. After this encounter, Alex goes on a journey that opens his eyes to the realities of the world he lives in. Magic, Kin, a fucked up book that won’t him alone, Alex’s life, let’s just say, has been flipped on its head. To be honest, I’m on the fence about this one. It did take longer than necessary to read this (again, blame [...]

    22. Alex Cain is a professional prize fighter with undeveloped magic talent, who is being violently threatened to work for a Boss. His life takes a turn when an old mage offers him a job reading a magical book (grimoire). Understandably Cain is wary, but given his predicament, he decides to accept the job, take leave from Sydney and go to London. Within hours of arriving, he is pulled into a world of magic and otherworldly monsters who want to kill him. Befriended by a Fey-Kin hybrid woman, Cain mus [...]

    23. Super action packed, well written story. Easy to read but a little darker than I like my books. Not just that but the swearing and other stuff though realistic to the character's situation is not my thing.The story is of Alex Caine a street fighter who can see more than meets the eye. A stranger arrives at one of his fights and we basically fall into a quest/the one trope. I like these kinds of tropes so I thought I would enjoy the story more, especially since it was beautifully written. Unfortu [...]

    24. Disclosure: I met Alan Baxter once, briefly, at Genrecon. He seemed like a great guy, and since then I’ve been following him on Twitter and FB and reading some of his short fiction. He’s a writer I admire, a local writer too. He’s always been generous with advice and with sharing his experiences of being a writer, and I’ve learnt a lot from him. He’s given me a very valuable perspective of what being a writer entails. I was really happy to hear that he got the book deal, and I was look [...]

    25. Bound, the first installment of the Alex Caine novels by British-Australian Author and martial arts fiend Alan Baxter, is a fast paced, action packed, dark and energetic addition to what can only be described as “Paranormal Urban Action Fantasy”.You really need a 4.5 setting at for some books. Bound gets 5; firstly, because I am hoping to edge the overall rating to 4.5 and secondly, because I prefer to err on the side of being nice with books I really enjoyed. It took me a day and I’m ann [...]

    26. This review originally appeared at newtownreviewofbooksWarning! Wizards are no longer weedy, spectacle-wearing dorks with wimpy scars on their heads waving sticks and reciting pig Latin. In the world of Bound, the first in the Alex Caine series by Alan Baxter, wizards are cage-fighting kickboxers, channelling eldritch powers as extensions of their murderous will in order to harden their bodies to punch through rock – or flesh/bone/brain matter – before bedding their girlfriends/sidekicks to [...]

    27. A cleverly crafted 'thriller meets urban fantasy' from Alan Baxter, the author of Realmshift. 'Language itself was a supernatural thing, the transmission of stories and histories perhaps mankind's greatest magic.' pg255Considering his occupation (illegal cage fighter) Alex Caine leads a very 'sedate' life in Sydney but that safe existence is pretty much over by the end of the first chapter. Swiftly drawn into a dangerous world of the Kin, mages and ancient gods Alex must embrace his new abilitie [...]

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