Fairy Eyeglasses

Fairy Eyeglasses When Cassie finds a magic pair of glasses that allow her to see fairies she has to figure out where they came from and what the fairies want her to do with them A word children s fantasy story

  • Title: Fairy Eyeglasses
  • Author: Emily Martha Sorensen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Cassie finds a magic pair of glasses that allow her to see fairies, she has to figure out where they came from and what the fairies want her to do with them.A 12,000 word children s fantasy story.

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    1. This is a nice story for emerging tweens and anyone that likes a nice uncomplicated story about youngsters that happen to have a "sensitivity" to fairies. This was a well written story that captured my attention and flowed well. If my "girls" weren't in their 20's already, it's probably a series that I would have purchased for them.

    2. A very cute book about the curious nature of fairies and the desire of a girl to help a friend. I like the fact that the girl also engages her parents in her delimma. It is a great short story.

    3. Sweet children's taleI very much enjoyed this quick read and think most preteens would as well. Some interesting premises and it was nice to have helpful parents involved.

    4. A sweet, short book for younger readers. Cassie finds a pair of glasses almost exactly like her own, but they have a magical property and allow her to see fairies. I would love to find some of those myself.

    5. A sweet little book. It would have been nothing special but I LOVED the fact that she eventually went to her parents about the fairies and her parents actually listened.

    6. Interesting story. The whole fairy premise seems a little unrealistic - how did she recognize what she saw instantly? However, I appreciated the relationship with her parents - she involved them and was honest with them, and they trusted her and supported her. All of the relationships and thought processes were well portrayed.

    7. This was a very sweet book and I adored it. This is very well written and I am giving this 5 stars. It is a wonderful kids/young teen book that all ages will enjoy. It is a quick read and not overwhelming for all reading groups. I think this would be a wonderful book for library book clubs over the summer. It is really a great book for the imagination.Cassie goes to a classmates for a birthday sleepover. Not usually something she would do as the new kid in school. While in the washroom to brush [...]

    8. Fairy Eyeglasses is an adorable children's story that brings to life the delight of a child's imagination. When Cassie accidentally puts on glasses at a slumber party, mistaking them for her own, she is surprised to see fairies flying around. When she tries to return the glasses, no one will admit to owning them, creating a mystery in her mind. Just whose glasses are they and why can she see fairies when no one else can?Ms. Sorenson has a light hand with this book. It is fresh and moves quickly, [...]

    9. An adorable fairy book for younger readers Cassie finds a pair of glasses that allows her to see fairies. They seem to have a message for her, and she needs to figure it out what that message is. For middle grade readers who enjoy a simple fantasy story with fairies that is easy to relate to -- I know, right? A fantasy story to relate to? With fairies? Trust me on this one, and young readers will love this book if they like fairies. It's a relatively quick read with a simple plot but also some e [...]

    10. In this children's short chapter book, Cassie finds a pair of magical glasses where she is able to see fairies! The only problem is, why can she them? What message do they have for her?Ms. Sorensen has written a sweet, innocent tale that many can enjoy. The author has also created a new world that can easily be led to more and bigger plot lines in her succeeding books in the series. Fairy Eyeglasses is a wonderful, light read for young elementary school children, especially those who enjoy some [...]

    11. What a charming story!Who wouldn't want glasses that let you see all of the fairies around us? I read this to my granddaughter who is 5 and she was in love!As soon as it was over she wanted more!It was nice to see how her parents believed her and even helped her. Magic is all around us and I am so glad I received an advance copy of this precious book to read and give an honest review. I honestly loved it and we look forward to the next one.

    12. This was a kindle freebie and it was very well done. It was extremely well-written and I thought that the concept, and the way that it was explained was very original. I enjoyed the description of the fairies and would buy the next books in the series if I wanted something fun to read on a long trip. I recommend this to someone looking for a quick, fun, magical read.

    13. My Disclaimer:I purchased a copy of this book at the current price. I am voluntarily providing an honest review in which all opinions are fully my own. I am not being compensated in any way.~ Judi E. Easley for Blue Cat ReviewWhat it’s about…Cassie attends a sleep-over where she finds a pair of eyeglasses almost the same as her own pair. These glasses let her see fairies, though! Fairies are all over the place and no one else sees them.She thinks the glasses must belong to one of the other g [...]

    14. Jasmine’s had invited all the girls over for a sleepover party.Cassie had no intention of stealing Bianca’s glasses.The bathroom was all foggy & Cassie put on a set of glasses.Suddenly she thought she saw a blue fairy. It appeared & then disappeared. Cassie screamed & ran to Bianca as she had fallen off the jungle gym.She got checked out & was back in school.It was a green fairy this time.& then a white fairy.I did not receive any type of compensation for reading & re [...]

    15. Description: A little girl named Cassie accidentally puts on someone else's glasses in the bathroom at a sleepover. At first she can't tell the difference between these glasses and hers. But then she discovers these glasses let her see Fairies.In Short: A cute story about fairies and a little girl trying to find a way to communicate with each other. I recommend this book to small children who like fairies.Pros: It was a cute story that was descriptive and interesting. There was a bit about the w [...]

    16. I picked up Fairy Eyeglasses as a part of a free promotion as a possible future book for my 4-year-old daughter. Both the length and premise made me think this may be a good book for her.I read Fairy Eyeglasses to sort of vet the material for my daughter and to see if I still believed she would like it. It is a great short read that I would recommend to anyone with a young girl. The imagery is vivid, and I genuinely caught myself wondering what was next. Some of the conversations, particularly w [...]

    17. It was a real fun book to read and a fast one as well. Cassie the new girl is spending the night with some friends and she finds a pair of eyeglasses in the bathroom. She of course thinks they belong to someone else but for fun she decides to put them on and wonder of wonders she sees fairies!! She asks all the girls if they left some glasses in the bathroom but only one girl used to wear glasses and says those aren’t hers.It is a fun romp to try and communicate with the fairies and the experi [...]

    18. Fairy Eyeglasses is a fun, young adult quick read that unlock the imagination. It tells about a girl who discovers glasses that lets her see fairies. However, she is the only one who can. The story takes us on a trip leading up to the reason for the phenomenon and her assignment. My only issue with the book is that it shows little of the girl's background. We just meet her and her parents with absolutely nothing to help us have a mental picture of them. Nevertheless, I would like to read more st [...]

    19. Great for kidsA cute story about how a little girl finds enchanted glasses that allows her to see fairies.It’s definitely for the 6-10 age range, I few things I loved was how she wrote the characters and put in some cool facts about things like color.I really enjoyed how the parents and how supportive they where with their daughter. I did get a bit bored a bit while reading, (I am a few years over the targeted age so it’s to be suspected) but it was still captivating enough that I read to th [...]

    20. I like the premise of fairies leaving objects to help people sense them. It makes sense that they would choose children as the ones to gain attention from first. I am curious about the other senses and how the kids can learn to control them. How would you deal with seeing fairies all the time, including when you might not want to. There must be a way to turn the ability off, at least temporarily.

    21. Fairy glad I read thisWhat a cute story? My daughter is not quite old enough yet to understand this storyline, but I'm glad I bought this book to share with her when she is a little older.Cassie is a strong main character with many good qualities that more children should have today in order to keep friends. Her honesty and good nature make this story fun and up beat. Can't wait to see what other fairy adventures she can solve.

    22. Fairy sense-ationalFairy Eyeglasses is a short story about Cassie, a young girl, who finds a pair of Eyeglasses that let her see fairies. This was cute story for children. It is simple enough to be read independently or read aloud. I especially liked that the story shows Cassie's parents in a good light. They act like parents should. Setting rules to protect their child while still trusting her and supporting her.

    23. A little girl, Cassie, finds a pair of glasses at a sleepover. When she puts them on she discovers that fairies fly and live among her, but only she can see them. As she lets her family and friends know about her new discovery, she also uncovers why. This intriguing story is a great read for children beginning chapter books. I especially liked how Cassie interacts with her mom and dad. She went to them with her thoughts and problem -a great message to send to kids!

    24. This is an excellent series for the kids who enjoy reading. A touch of mystery and fairies. Set in a family situation which makes it even more believable. Each book has to do with a particular subject but keeps with a continuing story line.

    25. Fairy senses book 1This is another good reading book for kids. I enjoyed it a lot This story is a good book for some of life's simple lessons for child as well as adults. Its a very nice book to read.

    26. It is written for a younger children, but I still enjoyed it. It is a short story, but a lot still happened. I thought it was super cute and if I wasn't on a book buying ban I would purchase the rest of the 7 books in this series.

    27. Fun ReadCute, funny, and creative. This book is a great read for something quick and whimsical. The story line was really well thought out. I enjoyed seeing life through Cassie's eyes. ;-)

    28. Definitely for tween girls.Too short for real adults two enjoy without their daughters, but definitely cute, and a good story for mother and daughter to share.

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