Almost Paradise

Almost Paradise He d better invest in some snow pantsSinners fun loving drummer Eric Sticks recently married his perfect woman Well she s almost perfect Rebekah s idea to take a honeymoon road trip from their Southe

  • Title: Almost Paradise
  • Author: Olivia Cunning
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Nook
  • He d better invest in some snow pantsSinners fun loving drummer Eric Sticks recently married his perfect woman Well, she s almost perfect Rebekah s idea to take a honeymoon road trip from their Southern Californian home to Bangor, Maine in December is far from perfect He d much rather travel to somewhere requiring fewer clothes such as a tropical island paradise butHe d better invest in some snow pantsSinners fun loving drummer Eric Sticks recently married his perfect woman Well, she s almost perfect Rebekah s idea to take a honeymoon road trip from their Southern Californian home to Bangor, Maine in December is far from perfect He d much rather travel to somewhere requiring fewer clothes such as a tropical island paradise but his new wife is determined to make him freeze his butt off And unless he wins their wager and can keep from making love to his sexy, sassy lover for twenty four hours, his butt is as good as frozen.

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    1. Eric & Rebekah’s story continues in this second epi of sorts. With the cancer scare behind them, these two set off on a honeymoon full of surprises. So. I really am a huge fan of this series. But I sort of feel like I’m at the end of my rope with this series. It’s sort of hard to explain. But I don’t really find myself eager to get more bits and pieces of their futures. I went into this excited and although I will probably still pick up Sid’s book that is up next, I think I’m at [...]

    2. I only read this one because, well Eric Sticks. I love him and I loved Rebekah…in their book. In this novella she got on my nerves. Honestly I feel like these novellas are pretty much a waste of my time after reading the first one for Brian but I love Eric so I thought why not? But while reading it I was pretty much like why bother, I wouldn’t have missed much and would have still had the memories of their awesome book in my head not this…. Rebekah acting like a horn dog in front of their [...]

    3. I didn't really love this story. I found it pretty boring. Reb was annoying as hell and Erick was just extremely pussy whipped. I feel conflicted because I loved Erick, but this just didn't cut it for me.

    4. Spoiler Ahead Eric Sticks is the fun loving drummer for Sinner's and his story is really breaking. Rebekah and Eric are finally going on their honeymoon he wants to go to a warm tropical island she wants to go to Bangor, Maine where it is freezing cold after all it is in December. Rebekah buys in old VW bus so they can drive across the country she has planned all the different things they can do in each city that they stop at the first city is Las Vegas. Eric and Reb recreate Sed and Jessica's f [...]

    5. i love all Sinners in equal amounts but Eric and Rebeca are my least favorite couple and this story didn't help.My reasons to hate what Rebeca did are personal, i believe that for some people her plan was romantic or whatever but for me it was selfish, she expected certain things and she didn't think about how the outcome could affect Eric and when the outcome is actually bad she doesn't think "oh shit i screwed up, i'm going to hug my husband and get the fuck out of here" nop, she makes a littl [...]

    6. Bayağı yorum yazmıştım yemiş yorumumu :(Ben beğenmedim kitabı. Arka kapakta Eric'in ailesi deyince atladım ama hiç de beklediğim gibi değildi. Ben istedim ki böyle doya doya okuyalım bir mutluluk anlarını; ama nerdeee. Paso sevişiyorlar. Araya tartışma serpiştirilmiş fuck-fest. Ben de atladım oraları. Atlayınca da çabucak bitti :D Keşke yazar yazmasaydı da aklımızda rock n roll kalsaydı ya.

    7. Oh man, I wish I had never read this. Eric and Rebekah are on a craptastic road trip to Maine. During the drive Rebekah is clingy and spoiled. She questioned their entire relationship if Eric wasn't immediately ready to put the P in the V. Eric is still a wonderful oddball but that never made up for how much I now thoroughly disliked Rebekah.I totally enjoyed Wicked Beat. So I picked up Sinners at the Altar to read E & R's extended epilogue. It was OK. I should have stopped there but noooI h [...]

    8. Whew! It's been awhile, but I jumped back in to the characters like it was just yesterday. This is Eric and Rebekah's honeymoon story. They are still struggling newlyweds but they still bring on their version of steamy kink. You will not look at a woman with tattoos the same way again, I promise!! Short quick read but good to catch up with these two.

    9. Didn't enjoy this one. Seemed like she really pushed him to do what she wanted and was insensitive to his wants. Enjoyed the series early on but so much time is passed between stories and no resolutions, I'm losing/lost interest.

    10. I found Eric annoying, until he had his own book. Then I fell in love with him. I didn't remember having a problem with Rebekah then, but I did here. Damn, I wanted to smack the shit right outa her! Whiny, snappish, poutingt over yourself! And HER making the decision that Eric should meet his birth family? Bitch, please. But Eric was still his lovable self and as always, the steam was off the chartsW, Reb's behavior while getting her tattoo was ridiculous. And I imagine some folks might get exci [...]

    11. I would rate this higher because it wasn't that bad but the plot was so very wrong. It is NOT ok to spring a meet the biological parents or in this case grandparents on someone. That is an incredibly personal decision to make on both sides. In addition Rebekah's methods of getting him to agree really made me dislike her more.

    12. Fast, fun and sexy catch up with the Sinners. Always happy to read anything about them because I love this series. This story has Eric and Reb going on a road trip together for their honeymoon. They are learning to relate to each other as a married couple and how to deal with when reality and expectations don't mesh.

    13. What a great honeymoon adventure across country with these two. I love their connection and how they joke with one another. The video they made in Vegas and sent to Sed reminds me why I love this band.

    14. I love the Sinners!! Such a sexy and heartwarming story, except for the little piece at the end - it made me sad for Eric.

    15. Sinners on Tour, what can I say about the whole series. It was so hard to actually put these books down, I was so shock I actually read all back to back. I want to read and re-read them. The sex scenes. hotease note when reading this series be in a room with an AC and fluids to keep hydrated. As I was reading I was imagining myself in the scenes or actually sitting in front of a big screen. These books allows readers to put themselves in the moment, to experience life on the stage, life and love [...]

    16. Almost Paradise is the latest instalment in the Sinners On Tour series and is about Eric & Reb’s honeymoon. I love Eric. He’s the sweetest guy and one of my favourite Sinners (tied with Sed). Reb takes Eric on a winter, cross country road trip in the hopes of a happy reunion with his grandparents. It’s a sweet, sexy erotic romance we’ve come to expect and love of a Sinners book and I hope there’s another one. 5 Stars.

    17. I love Erik and Rebekah. I hate Erik's family. Nice to check back in with these two who are keeping it sexy and fun, even after marriage. Made me want to go get some tattoos. ;)

    18. The Sinners series were my first rocker romance books and I still love these characters. Eric & Reb have a special place in my heart. Eric for thriving despite essentially being thrown away as a child and shuttled among many foster homes with almost no love or true caring. Reb for surviving her cancer and her mother’s mental breakdown. I loved how these two self-confessed “wierdos” found each and made their own Happily Ever After. This book focuses on their honeymoon of driving across [...]

    19. The odd couple was not really odd. They were made for each other. She wanted to give me a family he never knew or had. She looked up HIS family, they traveled to a place he couldn't figure out why she was so pushy. Until it all came out. He didn't know if he could meet the family he never knew but he would have fun along the way with is wife. The honeymoon of all honeymoons. they get there family member there all not right, but he let is slide off his back, but his Wife had other thoughts. She f [...]

    20. Eric has always been my favorite character from this series and I'm so glad that his and Rebekah's story continues. Rebekah has a surprise for Eric and she just needs to get him to Maine for his surprise. Eric is trying to get Rebekah to Tahiti but agrees to go along with Rebekah to Maine. Even though he gripes along the way, he ends up enjoying the trip from California to Maine and all of their little adventures. When they finally arrive to Maine, Rebekah's surprise does not turn out the way sh [...]

    21. Oh how I love me some Eric Sticks! Almost Paradise is a fun novella about Eric and Rebekah's honeymoon trip. It's everything you expect an Olivia Cunning story to be---super sexy, hilarious and super fun. Eric has always been one of my favorite characters--he's completely lovable in all of his craziness and what comes out of his mouth always has me laughing non-stop. This book is no exception. Not only does it provide the reader with a glimpse into Eric and Rebekah's honeymoon, it also gives us [...]

    22. PARADISE IS A STATE OF MIND!Eric and Rebekah have never taken their honeymoon so Reb decides to plan a cross country journey with an ulterior motive. She wants to end up in Maine where Eric's grandparents live. They have never met. Eric just wants to go to Tahiti! Buying a 50 year old VW van they see in a field, Rebekah fixes it up and even puts in a mattress for a bed! Good idea as the two of them are very sexually active! As their journey progresses across the USA, Eric reluctantly starts to e [...]

    23. This was a great addition to Eric and Reb's book from the Sinner's series. We got to have closure on Eric's past finally after wondering about his family and why they never came for him.Also the video they sent to SedG I was giggling the entire time reading that part. Even though it's been a long time since I read the Sinner's series as soon as I read Eric had a trench coat it was like a light switched on and I was like, "Oh noI know what he's going to do" LOL.I look forward to reading the next [...]

    24. I love My SinnersThis was a great book. I love this author and this series. Top favorites of all time.This is Rebakah and Eric's honeymoon trip. Rebalancing decides to plan a road trip as part of the honeymoon. Eric wants to go to Tahiti, his motto "less clothes, less I have to take off to have sex". They decide to do both. Such a great adventure for these two. Lots of funny things. I loved this book, sad that was not longer. I miss my crazy Sinners.

    25. I love getting the little glimpses back and stories about my favorite characters! Eric and Rebekah are a favorite of mine! this story was funny and hot! i love the idea of driving across the country for a honey moon, I didn't like that Rebekah was forcing Eric to deal with his past and i felt she was definitely more whiny in this book. but i still loved it and would recommend it to my friends who've read sinners!

    26. 3.5 Stars!Olivia Cunning is my guilty pleasure rock star romance read! So if you are an OC fan then short story has us going on a road trip with Eric and Rebekah as they take their honeymoon on the road, learn more about each other, see how much they love and care about each other, and learn the meaning of a true family. If you're a fan, it's a quick fun read with her usual steamy scenes.

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