You And Me, Little Bear

You And Me Little Bear The creators of Can t You Sleep Little Bear and Let s Go Home Little Bear tell another classic tale that rings with familiar feelings for children as it offers parents a gentle reminder to make time

  • Title: You And Me, Little Bear
  • Author: Martin Waddell Barbara Firth
  • ISBN: 9780744544596
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The creators of Can t You Sleep, Little Bear and Let s Go Home, Little Bear tell another classic tale that rings with familiar feelings for children as it offers parents a gentle reminder to make time to play Full color.

    One thought on “You And Me, Little Bear”

    1. A beautifully told story about the close relationship between a father bear and his son.You could read this book with two views in mind; friendship, sharing and playing or the strong bond children have with a loved one. The story can also be read with the theme of father and son in mind.I read this with my year 1s as a starting point to a phse lesson, which lead into a drama lesson where the chn were asked to look at different ways to play 'nicely' in the playground. It was useful for the chn to [...]

    2. "Olipa kerran kaksi karhua, iso karhu ja pikku karhu. Iso karhu oli hyvin iso ja pikku karhu oli aivan pieni. Pikku karhu halusi leikkiä, mutta isolla karhulla oli paljon töitä". Niinhän se on: kotityöt nielaisevat ison osa aikuisten ajasta ja liian usein työtkin tahtovat luikerrella kotiin. Tässä kirjassa mietitään pienen ja suloisen tarinan kautta, mitä kaikkea arkista iso ja pieni voisivat tehdä yhdessä. Kirja voi olla muistutus siitä, että aivan pienetkin on hyvä ottaa mukaan [...]

    3. This is a dual language book (English and Bengali) suitable for Years 1-3 or children aged 5-8. It is a story about a grown-up bear and a baby bear doing chores around their house (a cave) and then playing together. It is very sweet and the bears’ expressions, behaviour and language toward each other as parent and child are very loving and kind. It is obviously meant to be read by pupils who have EAL (English as an Additional Language) with Bengali being their mother tongue. I haven’t read a [...]

    4. Adorable book to read to a special little one to show them you care about themand enjoy spending time with them. Like Big Bear in the story has lots to do but has little bear help in making little bear feel special because it is "you and me, Little Bear" they do the housekeeping chores first then it leaves time to 'play' and when they play it's 'you and me, little bear' showing the little bear that he is very important to big bear in both chores and play. Although these books never really says t [...]

    5. This was another good animal story I read as a child. I loved the meaning within the text. Big Bear has a lot of work to do and needs to get things finished before the day is over. However, Little Bear wants to play. You see Big Bear constantly turn Little Bear down throughout the book but at the end no matter how tired he is, he plays with Little Bear. I thought this was extremely important to show children because their parents might be busy and it could cause them to be sad but you have to sh [...]

    6. Very sweet and comforting story. Warm fuzzy illustrations that feel like getting tlc from a nurturing auntie or mum. Very appealing to my kiddos because like all children they love anthropomorphic animals and the characters are bears. Very relatable characters, (the children can see themselves in the story) because the characters do things Guatemalan families and children do (carry firewood, clean up, play by jumping, sliding, swinging). Fair amount of challenging vocabulary but with concept che [...]

    7. Another sweet book in the Big Bear and Little Bear series. Little Bear wants to play, but Big Bear has chores that he must do. Little Bear helps with the chores and then plays by himself until Big Bear is ready to play. They play hide and seek and lots of bear games until it's time to go home. It's a lovely story of togetherness made even more special by the illustrations that capture the emotions between parent and child.

    8. Beautiful book. Little Bear wants to play with Big Bear, but Big Bear had things to do. So Little Bear works along side him, then plays by himself, and finally they play together. My boys liked reading this with me, and it helped me to explain to my son that like Big Bear, sometimes I have things I need to do, and we can do them together or he can play by himself until I have time to play.

    9. Everyone loves quality time spent with loved ones, even big bears and little bears! I enjoyed this book but I would not say it was one of my favorites. There are a lot of really good bear stories that talk about love stories between parents and children. This one was good about being helpful and show a great bond between a parent and child, but just not one of my favorites.

    10. Read at Baby/Toddler Story Time on 4/24/12: storytimesecrets/Read at Pajama Story Time on 11/7/12: storytimesecrets/

    11. Picture Book 22I thought that this story was wonderful! It tells a beautiful story of the bond before a father and son as the son tries to do everything together with his dad. Overall, very precious!

    12. Little Bear and Big Bear do all sorts of things together in this book. When Big Bear is still busy, Little Bear plays game by himself and they later realize how much more fun it is to play games together. This is a cute story about friendship and even time management. Ages 5-8.

    13. Childrens book, but with marvelous illustrations, really nice line work, and the figures of the bears are super good.(their form is great.) Check it out if you can find it at a local library(that's where i am borrowing mine from).Great story for kids, just about being together, very well done.

    14. This was one of the first books that I remember reading out loud. All Little Bear wants to do is play with Big Bear.

    15. i love this book too! pretty much same review as "are you my mother?" it is repetitive and was read to me when i was 2- like 5 or 6.

    16. This is so my life right now with my little girl and I love how easily one can relate to this book and enjoy the adorable story behind it.

    17. 5 stars because my daughter loved pointing at the bears and exclaiming "bear" and explained what the characters were doing. This is a great book for a 2 and a half year old

    18. story was likable enough--big bear is busy and little bear wants to play. text repeated "bear" almost excessively. girls really enjoyed it despite me!

    19. This was a favourite bedtime story in our house - it leaves you with a strong sense of the protection that an adult offers a child - reassuring on both sides as you send them off to sleep.

    20. Хихихи, много сладурска книжка - красиви илюстрации и приятна история, превръщаша домашните задължения в игра за малки и големи. Добър Мечок и сладко Мече :)

    21. I liked it when they play hide and seek. My daddy likes it when little bear plays bear tricks with bear sticks.

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