Jax Sasha Rivard is an assassin with one thing on her mind eradicate werebear at all costs When she s captured and held as a prisoner she s rescued by the impossibly gorgeous Jax Vachon Her savior wants

  • Title: Jax
  • Author: V. Vaughn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sasha Rivard is an assassin with one thing on her mind eradicate werebear at all costs When she s captured and held as a prisoner, she s rescued by the impossibly gorgeous Jax Vachon Her savior wants her for something, and the truth she finds out might be worse than death Jax Vachon was beginning to lose hope he d find his partner for life when he discovers her in anSasha Rivard is an assassin with one thing on her mind eradicate werebear at all costs When she s captured and held as a prisoner, she s rescued by the impossibly gorgeous Jax Vachon Her savior wants her for something, and the truth she finds out might be worse than death Jax Vachon was beginning to lose hope he d find his partner for life when he discovers her in an unlikely place handcuffed to a chair in his living room When he whisks her away from certain death, Sahsa s not happy about what he reveals, and Jax must convince her that the species she hates most in the world is the one she s meant to be.

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    1. JAX-ROCKED BY THE BEAR #6 THRILLING & STEAMY ROMANCEWhat you'll find in this story; a cast of remarkably impressive and engaging characters, awesome storyline, picturesque and dynamic vivid scene descriptions, clever banter, unexpected surprises, agonizing moments, action, gripping suspense, horrific danger, life-threatening incident, tender moments, heart-pounding sensual romance, and a fabulous conclusion leaving you wanting more.Jax finds himself in a precarious situation, he finally fi [...]

    2. Title: JAX   Series: ROCKED BY THE BEAR             Mating Fever Destination: Book 6,  74 Pages Author: V. Vaughn Reviewer: Ingrid Stephanie Jordan Genre:  #Paranormal #BearShifters My Score:   #5stars  ☆☆☆☆☆♢■□●○♢■□●○♢■□●○♢■□●Well Ms. V did it again, in fact I don't think this lady ever has a dud, she's always right on the money. Of course in this book she has a little twist. It always amazes me the imagination it take to create [...]

    3. I received this for a honest review. You know in the pervious book we got to fall in love with Jax’s brother Jared and now in this book we got to fall in love with Jax. He was truly a sweet heart. As we know in the previous story Sasha was trying to kill Courtney and Jared. Her plan failed and now Sasha is in danger. Jay has plan protecting his mate. He will not let the warrior’s get her. Sasha was taught to hate shifters. They were monsters. She was taught when shifters were in animal form [...]

    4. WOW I loved the book. We follow up where we left off with Jax trying to save his mate. Will she stay or will she run? Will she open her eyes and see what is right there or keep the blinders that the Eradicators taught her? Will she try to save her mate or get him killed? What will happen next?

    5. GoodEnjoyed this series of Wearbears. . Don't recall anyone left for author to write about, but would be nice if there were more to follow. Enjoy this good read and series

    6. Jax: Mating Fever Rocked by the Bear Book 6by V. Vaughn ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I love love this series! I absolutely love shifters but Bears are definitely my favorite! I will never get tired of reading V. Vaughn books, I'm so enjoying reading her books I can't wait until I read whatever she writes next. I don't know about anyone else's but to me her writing is Spectacular. What I love most about her books and series is the camaraderie between the characters and It makes me smilie while I [...]

    7. Sasha is one of the Hunters that have been after the werebears from the clans for some time. She failed to take out the couple on her hit list and lost her partner in the battle. Now she has been kidnapped by one of her targets. He actually is rescuing her—for a very good reason. Jax knows that Sasha is his true mate.How does she feel being told she is part of what she has been taught to hate? You've heard of playing hard to get? How about hard to comprehend. When you've been taught one thing [...]

    8. Jax’s is the sixth book in the Rocked by the Bear series by Violet Vaughn. I recommend reading the fifth book Jared before reading Jax to understand some of the events in the story.Sasha Rivard is just over six feet tall with vibrant green eyes and works with the Eradicators. She has been trained to assassin wearbears at all cost. When she's captured and held prisoner, she's shocked to find out that a wearbear, Jax Vachon, rescues her.Jax Vachon, the hottest man ever with vivid blue eyes and a [...]

    9. Jax finally finds his fated mate…tied up in the kitchen? Sasha is a hunter, on a mission to take out Courtney and Jared; fortunately, she cannot take the kill shot and ends up tied to a chair waiting for the warriors to arrive. When Jax gets home and realizes Sasha is his fated mate he steals her away to Tori hoping to find a way to save her. Tori gives her a choice, embrace her werebear half and join those she thought the enemy, or be killed. Jax tries to bring her around and seems to be succ [...]

    10. the last in this series! at the end of the previous book we saw Jax reacting to the woman his brother and his new mate held captive. one of the hunters that are after them, killing any shifter they can find on sightw Jax happens to find his mate as being one of the people that are hunting his kind. his job now is convince her they're not bad, that they just want to live in peace and be left alone.Sacha is in for it now. being captures by those she's hunting and ordered to kill, but none of them [...]

    11. I have read all the books in the Rocked by the Bear series and this is my favorite. Sasha and Jax should be enemies but they are actually fated mates. Sasha is saved from death by Jax but has to learn to accept that the werebears she has been trained to hate and kill are not what she thought. Jax knows immediately that she is his mate and wants to save her life and give them a chance together. She will have to learn to love instead of hate in order for them to have a life together.It is a great [...]

    12. Review for JAX-Rocked by the bearSasha is a member of the hunters group called the ERADICATORS. Her mission was to kill Jared and Courtney. However, she was captured instead by them and that is where she meets Jax, Jared’s brother. Jax recognizes her as his true mate and takes her to Tori to try to convince her to accept her bear side. Sasha really doesn’t believe she is part bear but plays along so she can plan an escape. What she doesn’t count on is falling for Jax or developing feelings [...]

    13. What do you do when the one thing you fare meant to hunt and destroy turns out to be the one that you love? After a failed attempt at killing the werebears, Sasah Rivard is now being held at the mercy of Jax Vachon. Sasha was raised to be a hunter, it’s the only thing she knows, but after her mentor was killed Sasha tried to take on her first assignment alone and failed. Jax knows that Sasha his true mate, but convincing her that she is what she hates the most will be the difficult part. Heate [...]

    14. This is the 6th book in the Rocked by the Bear, Mating Fever series.Jax Vaxhonis the last unmated were-bear of the group, while Sasha Rivard is part of the Eradicators that hunt and kill the shifters. Jared captured Sasha and Jax, while he realizes Sasha is his mate,he was ordered by his alpha to bring Sasha in. Sasha doesn’t make this easy. Besides needing to keep her safe,he must get her to realize she has been lied to about Shifters all these years and talk her into becoming a bear as well [...]

    15. I couldn't wait to read what would happen to Jax, especially with how 'Jared' finished, although I also didn't want to start reading 'Jax' because it is the final book in the series. After finding out his mate is someone his clan usually kills on sight, Jax is driving to his alpha's territory, his companian is his greatest treasure, but also on of a were-bears biggest foes. Trying to convince her that the propaganda she's learnt for most of her life is false during the road trip'Jax: Mating Feve [...]

    16. Received the book for an honest review Jake Danniken was tasked by his brother, Erik, to hunt down a bunch of rogue wolf shifter bikers who are causing trouble near Jamesburg. While tracking these rogues, Jake notices that they have a girl surrounded and they aren't playing nice. Mali Alexandra finds herself the centre of attention when a biker gang makes her their new chew toy. Even though the fight is onesided, Jake has surprisingly survived. Mali didn't fair as well. Jake is drawn to Mali and [...]

    17. Excellent addition to the series! Sasha has been trained since birth to hunt down and destroy werebears, but on her first assignment she is captured by those she hunts. Jax has been looking for his mate for years, longing for the one woman who will make him whole and love him forever. He never expects her to end up being someone who has vowed to kill him and all like him. In order to save her, he has to run away with her, but will they ever be able to get over her being a hunter and him being th [...]

    18. Oh boy! This was so good. Jax is a werebear and Sasha is an eradicator - one of many determined to kill off werebear. They also happen to be true mates. Jax tries to show Sasha werebear aren't the monsters she believes them to be while Sasha determines how to kill him. This book quickly brings into the story and doesn't let go until the last page is turned. It will definitely leave you wanting more. While this can be read as a stand-alone, I think it would be more enjoyable if you Jared first, s [...]

    19. this is the last book in the series Rocked By the bear.This part of the series is about Jax and Sasha.Sasha is an assassin for a group called eradicate this group is against werebears.Sasha just tried to kill Jax's brother but she could not pull the trigger. When Jax first saw her she was handcuffed to a chair. He told his brother that Sasha was his mate.Jax took Sasha to meat his alpha.Sasha had to make a choice between becoming a werebear or die.Will she make the right decision. Received this [...]

    20. Jax is Jared's twin and when he learns that his brother and his mate was almost assassinated he wants revenge. Instead he finds his true mate. Sasha was taught at an early age to hate all werebears and is trained as an assassin. When she fails her assignment she is taken prisoner where she knows she will be killed instead she is told that she is part werebear and she is the true mate to the brother of her intended target. Jax knows what he wants he just has to get Sasha to agree. This is a fast [...]

    21. A man bent on saving his fated even if she is the enemy, a woman whose worst nightmare is being captured, but can she honestly love this handsome werebear.Sasha doesn't want to be captured now but she definitely doesn't want to be killed either like her partner. But when all she meets is kindness and compassion from the evil feral bears. She realizes there maybe more to what she has been brainwashed with.Jax is mad at his fated but loves her all the same the moment he scented her. He wants to ke [...]

    22. Sasha rivard is an assassin and werebears are who she has been trained to kill. Jax Vachon is a werebear looking for his mate but he never thought he would find her handcuffed to a chair in his livingroom. That was so not how he planned to meet her or that dhe would be a hunter out to kill his family. Great action and storyline. I love the characters v. Vaughn created. Lucky for Jax the mate bond takes off fast or he would have been in trouble. The bad guys in the story adds awesome drama! Shift [...]

    23. Jax is book 6 in the Rocked by the Bear, Mating Fever series and is a short but very good 58 page book.Sasha Rivard is part of the Eradicators that hunt and kill the shifters and she has been captured, her release comes from an unexpected source. Jax Vachon a were-bear shifter realizes Sasha is his mate,he must now keep her safe but also get her to realize she has been lied to about Shifters all these years. What happens? Do they get a happy ending or do the Eradicators hurt Jax? I was gifted a [...]

    24. Absolutely wonderful!! Love this series!l A definite must read! Very well written with characters that draw you in. I couldn't put it down! An assassin captured but saved win its found that she's Jax's mate. He takes her to safety until he can convince her that not all werebears are bad. Can she overcome years of conditioning or will she betray them all? I can't wait to see what comes next in the series!I was given this e-book by the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. My conclusions [...]

    25. The Eradicators band together to kill werebear, and protect humans. Sasha is an expert sniper for the group; but can't bring herself to make the kill. That's how she is captured. Jax saved her and is determined to protect her; she's his true mate. Can she be trusted?Engrossing, paranormal tale. Jax is a gentle giant involved in Sasha's intrigue. Excellent quick read.Book free for honest review.

    26. I love all of V's writting, but this story of Jax and Sasha, I just fell In Love with. Drama, action, betrayal, fast paced, and panty melting, you won't put this book down you are finished. All of this series ties into each other but can be read alone. This book is a must read

    27. Wanting moreI have read every series so far and love ever one. I hope you bring everybody together to meet and find their werebear father. Mix it up some and a werebear woman finds a half man. Plus forces are united to finally get rid of the war between both worlds.

    28. Hunter and the huntedWow that was intense. Looks like Jax and Sasha are going to be very important in what happens next with the hunters. Always twists and turns with this series. Can't believe how exciting this series is.

    29. What happens when enemy's are mates???Kindle Unlimited standalone in series. Enjoyed this book and like how it showed how people can change. Hot scenes and a HEA that almost didn't happenhopefully more to come.

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