Jared Courtney Jennings has had a crush on Jared Vachon since they first met She may have painted a few images of him too so when she sees him jogging she takes a moment to notice his ahem artistic lines Th

  • Title: Jared
  • Author: V. Vaughn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Courtney Jennings has had a crush on Jared Vachon since they first met She may have painted a few images of him too so when she sees him jogging she takes a moment to notice his ahem artistic lines The flash of a gun interrupts her muse and makes her take action to save his life, using a side of herself she didn t know existed Once Courtney discovers what lurks witCourtney Jennings has had a crush on Jared Vachon since they first met She may have painted a few images of him too so when she sees him jogging she takes a moment to notice his ahem artistic lines The flash of a gun interrupts her muse and makes her take action to save his life, using a side of herself she didn t know existed Once Courtney discovers what lurks within, she s not so sure she wants that part of herself to break free Jared Vachon is in love with Courtney the human and Courtney the bear But his true mate fears her animal side will ruin everything, except that s not the real danger.

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    1. V. Vaughn has delivered another great book in the Rocked by the Bear series. It takes off at a run (literally) and keeps up the pace throughout the book. I couldn't put it down! I'm certainly on pin and needles for the next book and series that the author has planned, I can't wait to see what happens! This book can be read as a stand-alone, but it will have you wanting more. I can't wiat to see what happens next! I received a copy of this manuscript from the author in exchange for an honest revi [...]

    2. I love this series so much, I wish there was more books. I would like a read a book about there weddings. That would be great

    3. Jared: Mating Fever Rocked by the Bear Book 5by V. Vaughn ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️OMG! WOW I'm in love with these book. All five of these books are Magnificent! I am a Bear Shifter fan, I just love reading V. Vaughn series. This is a awesome addition to the other four books I have read. These books are compelling, sexy and everything I love to read. I just have to say it again WOW. I get it that everyone may not agree with what I'm writing and I understand this genre may not be the for you [...]

    4. JARED-ROCKED BY THE BEAR BOOK #5-CAPTIVATING & SIZZLING ROMANCEWhat you'll find in this story; a cast of awesome impressive and engaging characters, spectacular story-line, picturesque and dynamic scene descriptions, fabulous banter, gut-wrenching moments, gripping suspense, action, life threatening incidents, emotions skyrocket, camaraderie, heroic deeds, horrific danger, skyrocketing sizzling romance sensual romance, and a melt your heart conclusion that leaves you wanting more.In her wi [...]

    5. Title:    Jared  Series: Rocked By The Bear              Mating Fever Destination: Book 5, 65 Pages  Author: V. VaughnReviewer: Ingrid Stephanie Jordan Genre: #PNR #WereBearShifters #HuntersMy Score:   #5stars  ☆☆☆☆☆♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡Another fantastic read for this series, it's the twins time and Ms. V did a marvelous story in the Mating Fever, Rocked By The Bear Series It seems tha [...]

    6. Courtney loves the kids she teaches art, unlike the principal whose goal seems to be to make her life miserable. She should be preparing the plan he demanded even though it was Friday. Instead she had to take some fresh air time at the the park. At least it was supposed to be relaxing until she saw her crush of the last year jogging--then blood and it was a vision she had to change. Talk about a bang up meeting. If she hadn't tackled Jared, the bang would have been a bullet in him. No time to fi [...]

    7. I received this for a honest review. The thing I love about this series is you get characters from a previous series called Tempted by the Bear. Oh, don’t worry if you have not read that series. This book is a standalone. I thought it was something that Courtney Jennings had a crush on Jared Vachon for a long time. You would of thought that something would of kicked in for Jared when they were in college were he would of know she was his fated mate but I guess that is how fate is. Fate knows w [...]

    8. Jared: Mating Fever is the fifth book in Rocked by the Bear series by Violet Vaughn. This book is standalone. Courtney Jennings, is a first year art teacher at Willow Elementary. She had a crush on Jared Vachon since she met him and his twin brother, when they transferred to Bowdoin College. She may have painted a few pictures of him too; so when she sees him jogging she takes a moment to notice his - ahem - artistic lines. The flash of a gun interrupts her thinking and makes her take action to [...]

    9. Courtney Jennings really liked Jared Vachon since she first met him. He didn't take any notice of her so she kept her distance. When she runs into him one day, she is pushed to take action to help him. It reveals to her a whole new side of herself she had not idea existed. It scares her to realize the changes her life will take.I have read all the books in the series as well as the author's two bear shifter series. The stories in this series are about women who have no clue that one of their par [...]

    10. Courtney Jennings is an elementary school art teacher who has had a crush on Jared Vachon since laying eyes on him when he and his twin brother Jax transferred to Bowdoin College. What Courtney doesn’t know is that Jared returns her love, he is a WereBear and she is half bear herself.While Courtney escapes her principle’s demand she seeks Jared jogging towards her, she gets a vision of him being shot. She just reacted and jumped in front of the bullet to save Jared. Surprise! Courtney become [...]

    11. A woman who loves a man from a distance ever since she spotted him, a man who doesn't know that a woman who speaks her mind will be his soon. And a hunter will either bring them together or tear them apart.Jared is the oldest of his brother. Always out to get his bear calm. Things must be done his way. Also he is a cello player so things must be perfect. But all the perfection won't stop a little spitfire from running into him quite literally to save his hide.Courtney is the quiet, artistic, pas [...]

    12. courtney always had a crush on jared but he never really noticed her around. doing the thing she loves most she surprised when all of a sudden some kind of vision overtakes her senses, a vision that shows jared running towards her, a shot being fired and jared being hit.when she looks out of her window she see jared running up, without hesitating she runs outside shouting and running up to him to tackle him to the ground. thrust together by circumstances out of their hands jared and his bear fin [...]

    13. Review for Jared-Rocked by the bearCourtney Jennings is an elementary school art teacher who has had a crush on Jared Vachon since laying eyes on him. Unknown to her, Jared is a bear shifter and so is she. Courtney will find this out very soon when she has a vision of someone trying to kill Jared and she steps in to save him. When that happens she is thrown for a loop. She accepts him and his bear, seems ok with her being half bear and even tells him about her visions and being different all her [...]

    14. I was left wondering about what would happen to 'Jared' I'm so glad the series hasn't finished yet. Jared & his brother are trying to finish college, whilst the band is touring the country, on a run through the woods Jared is knocked to the ground just missing the bullet aimed at him. Courtney has always seen things just before they happen, so when she notices a glimpse of silver then has a vision, she takes action 'Jared: Mating Fever' is book 5 in V. Vaughn's new series "Rocked by the Bear [...]

    15. Courtney has had a secret crush on Jared since she first met him, when she sees him jogging and gets a vision of him being shot she tackles him just in time. From there things move fast, after escaping from the shooter, she learns about Jared’s secret nature and the fact that she is part of his world. Of course, she is skeptical but when Jared is in danger, she finds herself acting outside her normal nature to save him. Despite finding the love of her life loves her in return, she is not sure [...]

    16. Courtney Jennings is crushing on Jared Vachon bad so when she see's someone is going to shoot him she has to save him. That's when she gets more then she bargains for because her dream guy is more the just a guy. He is a werebear and Jared just found his mate! Now who is trying to kill him? Great story lots of fun and action but doesn't tell much about the hunters. I an thinking that might be in the next part since his brother found his mate at the end of the story. I can't wait for the next boo [...]

    17. Courtney has had a crush on Jared since she was in college, and he was the last person she would expect to see jogging on her way to the park. Little did Courtney expect her visions to kick in and she would end up saving Jared's life from a hunter. When Jared confesses that he is a werebear and that he and Courtney are true mates and that she herself has the same bear in her. When Courtney and Jared's lives are out in danger, will they be able to complete the true mate process it will Courtney's [...]

    18. This is the 5th book in this series. You do not have to read them in order This on is about how Jared met his true mate Courney.Courney was at her favourite spot she goes to when things are getting her downshe had her eyes closed because she was thinking of the her feelings for Jared whenshe saw in her mind how someone wad going to kill him so with out thinking she jumps upAnd pushed Jared to the ground. This is the start of the journey that they take together.I received this book from the autho [...]

    19. Ms. Vaughn is back with another winner in her awesome bear series. This one features Jared and Courtney, a school art teacher and who has a crush on Jared since they were in college. When she saves his life he knows that she is his true mate and now has to convince her that they are ment to be especially since she is scared of her animal side. This was a fast paced story and I loved how Jared was patient with Courtney as she tried to embrace her bear side. This is a standalone in a continuing st [...]

    20. A wonderful addition to the series! Love this series!. It's hot, sexy, and romantic. Courtney saves her college crush. Jared realizes she is his mate as she realizes she is more than human. Can she accept her bear? Can she accept Jared for who he is?. The understanding and romantic way Jared is with Courtney will melt your heart. I definitely regiments this read!I was given this e-book by the publisher for the purpose of an honest review. My conclusions are my own. I was not compensated in any w [...]

    21. Magic, love, and bears, oh my! When Courtney senses that Jared is about to be shot, she saves his life, and in turn hers will change forever. As she learns about her heritage and future, she will have to make some difficult choices. But Courtney is conflicted with her new life, will she ever be able to embrace her inner bear? Jared loves Courtney and her bear, he just wishes she would love her bear too. With danger lurking in the shadows, they need each other more than ever. I was given a copy o [...]

    22. Received the book for an honest review. Another great addition to the Rocked By The Bear series. This is Jared and Courtney's story. Courtney Jennings has had a crush on Jared Vachon since they were both in college. Destiny steps in and throws them together when Courtney rushes in to save Jared when a hunter shots at him. Courtney discovers she's a werebear and Jarred's true mate. This story is action packed from beginning to end. It certainly does not disappoint. There's suspense, love, romance [...]

    23. Jared caught Courtney's eye some time ago. She couldn't help watching him jog. But that metallic glint she saw was menacing. With no thought for her own safety, she raced and threw herself on him, tackling them both to the ground, away from the bullet! To protect Courtney and himself, Jared has to change quickly! Courtney and Jared's story is action packed from beginning to end! Jared's twin, Jax, has the beginning of his own story here.Book free for honest review.

    24. I received an ARC of this book for an honest review,Oh I am so glad to read Jared and Courtney's story, Courtney was Olivia's roommate in college and has been in list with Jared since she first saw him, she also has her own magic, she sees things and can change the outcome of she wants, that is how she connects with Jared again. I love we get to see so much of Jax In this story as well. I can't wait for his book, and hope that there are more to come soon I adore this series!!!

    25. Wow this series keeps getting better. We follow Jared and Courtney. Courtney has been in love with Jared since college but never told him. When she has a chance to save him she does and it sets into place a bunch of life changing events. Will she be able to handle it? Will she accept it? Will she be able to still be here self just more id she makes that choice? I can't wait to see what happens with Jax next.I received an ARC version of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    26. courtney has been in lust with Jared for a long time.when she sees a vision of him getting shot she stops it ut it also puts herself at risk. jared k ows she is his true mate and wants her to turn , she is scared but knows it will keep them both safer in the end. When a huntsr comes calling they both have to use their heads and make decisions before someone gets hurt.

    27. Another hot sexy story about bear shifters and the humans that don't understand them. This story starts off full of action and suspense and keeps you ready to turn the page to see what happens next. I was gifted this book for an honest review and it's a must read as with this whole series

    28. Saving mateThe hunters are getting braver. If not for Courtney there would be no Jared. The bears are adding some very key players in their attempts to stop the hunters and this story doesn't disappoint.

    29. JaredGave it a five star rating. Loved the story. But it was too short I h that with Jax story it will extend the plot to what happens next.

    30. amazing amazing amazing it is soo good this was hott and sexy and wonderful. i loved this so much and the plot gets better and better and better love so much i am so glad i got to review it

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