Sword Witch

Sword Witch Love spells are illegal The Council sends witches to jail for much less But when Sally falls for the new guy at the office resorting to a Fae s help will be her only hope If only this Fae was as harm

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  • Title: Sword Witch
  • Author: C.S. Wilde
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Love spells are illegal The Council sends witches to jail for much less But when Sally falls for the new guy at the office, resorting to a Fae s help will be her only hope.If only this Fae was as harmless as Tinker Bell

    One thought on “Sword Witch”

    1. Got as freebie via instafreebieSword Witch - 3.5 * I wish it were longer. The story had too much potential.A Courtroom of Ashes (preview of the first 4 chapters) - 5* Amazing read!

    2. Sword Witch is a short novella by C.S. Wilde that tells the story of Sally, a sword (warrior) witch and her fight for the love of a human, Joseph. She enters into a deal with an evil Fae in order to accomplish her goal, while risking her own freedom. And of course, it leads to an epic battle involving her half-Fae Brother, Neil. I liked the give/take between Sally and Neil.This was a fun and entertaining. I also think this story would have worked as an even longer story, if the author chose to. [...]

    3. Great Story!I like this story. I hope there is a follow up story with Neil finding his one and only. If you like magic and love this story is for you.

    4. I was given the opportunity to read an electronic copy of Sword Witch via the author, C.S. Wilde. I was under no obligation to provide a review, but this is my honest opinion of the book."Keeping a low profile was a must for a witch" was just one of the rules that the Wizardry Council established to help all magical beings live in harmony with humans. Salander "Sally" Willshire has a job as an accounts manager and a crush on the new human, Joseph. Conjuring the fae to help with a little love spe [...]

    5. I got this book from Instafreebie. And I read it very quickly. Engaging, interesting, and way too short.Sally has a crush on Joseph. Sally happens to be a sword witch. And all that leads to a very interesting story. Fae are not cute. Sword witches fight critters. And humans like Joseph are generally bit players in this world. Sally meet Joseph. Sally crushes on Joseph. Sally asks for something she shouldn't, not from Joseph, but from a Fae. And then Neel, Sally's half brother basically saves eve [...]

    6. While the story and writing could still use some touching up and smoothing out (so much went unanswered and the girl just got away with everything, despite "rules"), I found myself enjoying the book anyway it was one of the few books that actually made me smile in a really long time.

    7. 3.5 starsis book was short but packed with details about one witch's quest for securing the love of a human and what happens when you do dumb desperate things to obtain it instead of going with your instincts! I enjoyed this story and look forward to reading more from this author.

    8. Received for free from instafreebe. Fantastic story great characters. Story even has a villain. I fell in love with the excerpt from courtroom of ashes - bought that book have to know what happens.

    9. Witch vs FaeThis novella is quite a lot of fun to read. Yes, it's your typical girl gets desperate enough to engage the help of a tricky character. This time she has a brother who loves her unconditionally enough to help look for an out from the grip of this malevolent Fae. I would have loved to have seen more trauma for the Fae but hey, that can always be another story ~

    10. I received a free copy of this book.It was shorter than I expected it to be. The characters were interesting enough and the premise was engaging enough. The plot seemed strong but I did feel that there wasn't a lot going on with this. It left me feeling a little underwhelmed but it was still a good enough read and certainly enjoyable to read. I guess it can be classed as an easy and good waste of a couple of hours or so in your day. I hope to see more out of this world with maybe a little more a [...]

    11. Lots of magic and love. Sally falls in love with the new guy at the office and so the story goes on , until you're finished. Nice and short and a pleasure to review.

    12. Great story, but poorly executed. The writing was fine, but it didn't pull me into the story. The characters were likeable enough, but 2 dimensional. In many ways, the plot was predictable. But there was so much potential.The problem with a first-person POV is that if the narrator isn't compelling, the story won't be either. Sally, the witch and narrator, was simply - well, simple. She wasn't relatable and she wasn't terribly interesting. She didn't describe things in a way that made me feel I w [...]

    13. You CAN turn tricks around on a Fae.Sally is a Sword Witch, but hasn't been called to duty in a very long time. She sees herself as very plain, but a handsome co-worker falls for her. She loves the idea of being in love but wants to make sure it lasts. Unfortunately she calls on a very tricky Fae to grant her a love spell. It always costs when asking favors from a Fae, so Sally is sure that she'll tell Joseph and the favor will be nullified & she'll have Joseph forever.Joseph doesn't see it [...]

    14. I received Sword Witch as a free copy from the author. The gifting did not determine the review/rating, which reflects my honest opinion. The story line was interesting, but I disliked Sally right from the start and she didn't get any more likable as the story progressed. Who is so desperate they risk a life of slavery in order to get a guy to like them? The whole deal that set this story line in motion felt defective and one-sided from the start. I expected some badassery from a sword witch, bu [...]

    15. I was given a free copy of this book for an honest review - and its great, really humorous at every turn:-) Although witches existed, they had to keep a low profile around the humans. And any mistakes are dealt with severely by the witches council. Sally is a sword witch and has falled in love with a human and stupidly employs the services of a Fae to set up a love spell, trouble is all faes are crooks but this one is the worse of the worse and like a devil's contract it's a con. I won't tell yo [...]

    16. Few characters so very easy to follow this fun story. Sally, one of the most powerful sword witches out there made a deal with Bjorn, one of history’s most vicious Fae for the love of a human, Joseph. Things get out of hand but with the help of her half fae brother Sally gets her man, her dream job and realises that love is the most powerful of magics.

    17. Another book that holds promise but fails to deliver. The characters could have been given more depth but they never get a chance to fly off the pages to live the life. Each chapter could easily give more feeling and reality if there were to be a second edition.

    18. Free from the author, but I would have paid for it! Shorter than I like, but a fun read. Left me wanting to know more. Lots of room for expanding. Easy to read and I will be reading more of this author!

    19. This is the first book I've read from this author and I don't plan on it being the last. Great storyline, if you like witches, the fae and happy endings you'll love this book. Received ARC FREE for an honest review.

    20. This is a short, fifty page, story that is fun and full of action and Romance. I really loved the twisty plot and the ending. Don't miss this quick and satisfying read

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