Broken Promise

Broken Promise The Dentons are the ultimate crime family involved in drugs sex illegal fights gambling and much They re vicious but yet there is a rumor that whispers of a deeper legacy than that of their crim

  • Title: Broken Promise
  • Author: Sam Crescent
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Dentons are the ultimate crime family, involved in drugs, sex, illegal fights, gambling, and much They re vicious, but yet there is a rumor that whispers of a deeper legacy than that of their crime heritage It is said that a Denton will only fall for a woman once, and he will fall hard They will not settle for any other woman, and those that do, end up breakingThe Dentons are the ultimate crime family, involved in drugs, sex, illegal fights, gambling, and much They re vicious, but yet there is a rumor that whispers of a deeper legacy than that of their crime heritage It is said that a Denton will only fall for a woman once, and he will fall hard They will not settle for any other woman, and those that do, end up breaking hearts Jacob never believed the family stories, but the moment he sees Louisa Moore, he knows the tales are all true He falls for her instantly, but there s a problem she wants nothing to do with him Lou is shocked when Jacob Denton takes notice of her No matter how many times Lou tries to push him away, Jacob will not stop He wants her, and he will do whatever he can to get her With her twin brother, Riley, on his side, Jacob knows he will win Lou s heart However, what will happen when tragedy strikes Will Lou give herself to Jacob, or will she cut him off For the first time in his life, Jacob has something to fight for, but will he win

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    1. 3.5 stars (:I liked this book :DThe idea of the legacy is really cute and I enjoyed itThats all really :PI think Im going to be reading book 2 soon, just for fun xD

    2. This is a good book, the hero is crazy possessive and once he see's the heroine she is it for him. He doesn't even look at other woman(win) but they both talk way too much about his past and the fact that he has had many woman in the past. I get it if you are with someone you should know these things but after that lets move on. We know your past is your past and you won't apologize for it but I only need told that once. This wasn't horrible but after the second and times after that I was like l [...]

    3. OMG THIS BOOK, MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! To say I LOVED IT doesn't even cover it!!!! It was unputdownable !!! Sam Crescent never ever disappoints me, I am such a huge fan of her books!! Yes, I love myself some good contemporary erotic romance from time to time, who doesn't?The story is awesome and even if the blurb may sound a bit cliche well it's not, or to say it in a more fitting way: it's a very good type of an almost cliche. This book has everything in order to make it work for the reader: awesome p [...]

    4. Jacob Denton was a bad man as all the Denton men were, but it took one women, Louisa aka Lou Moore to make him believe in the legacy that bestowed all the Denton men. One look or could I say just hearing her voice, Jacob knew that she was "the one." As his father, Maddox had told him so many times only he would know when the right one was for him, but his father neglected to mention that the woman would not see the love at first sight point of view. Oh, no because Lou had heard all the rumors of [...]

    5. ARC received from author in exchange for an honest reviewI don't think I will stop saying this but Sam Crescent just keeps surprising me and her books are just so HOT and so OTT alpha males that you can't help but fall in love with every book that she writes and this one was no exceptionSam you have done it again babes, another HIT! I couldn't stop reading from the minute I started and wanted to scream when it was finishedIf you haven't read any of Sam Crescent's books then start this one NOW!! [...]

    6. I love my men possessive,totally aggressive alpha and the heroine that will find a way to melt his heart.This is a book hold tight and doesn't let you go from the moment you begin to read it. I loved every single moment of the book and the story totally captivated and had me invested until the last page

    7. This is the first book in the Denton Family Legacy series by Sam Crescent. Maddox and Charlotte Denton have 6 sons and 1 daughter, Jacob is the oldest son, Tamsin is the youngest and the only girl. Maddox is also the head of a criminal empire which will eventually be passed on to Jacob since he's the oldest. There is a legacy amongst the Denton men, although some see it as a curse. When a Denton man finds "the one", his soulmate he knows immediately and no other woman will do. He will love her w [...]

    8. romanticcynicblog.wordpress.cBeware of Spoilers!Star Ratings:Heroine (Lou): 25yrs old – 3/5Hero (Jacob): 35yrs old - 3/5Plot: 2/5Grovel: noneCheating: noneHEA: yes with babiesTriggers: H constantly reminding us that he has slept with lots of women before meeting hAverage score: 2.5/5Best Line: h: “She hated food. No, that was an entire pack of lies. She loved food, but her body hated it.”Worst Line: H: “Do you know how many women there would be who’d love for me to take them out?”Per [...]

    9. The Dentons know one thing, they will find one woman and fall hard. Jacob Denton has finally found his, Louisa Moore. Louisa's family is bad news, with the exception of her twin Riley. Jacob quickly realizes Louisa is completely opposite from the rest of her family members. Louisa wants complete honesty before she will even consider going out with Jacob.Jacob decides he is going to court Louisa properly. He is completely honest about what he does and what she means to him. Louisa just has to dec [...]

    10. "Broken Promise" is the first book in Denton family legacy, and the story of Jacob and Lou.Jacob is 35, and knows about his family curse. Having never found the one he spends time managing his family legacy, and fckng women.A fight between his youngest brother Landon and his opponent Riley leads him to meet Rileys twin sister, Lou and after seeing her he falls head over heels.My issues with this story- I don't get the hero and his family threatening Lou to save the legacy- I know he wanted to sh [...]

    11. Great premise. The men in the H's family fall in love with only one woman and they are determined to have them. Unfortunately, the couple did not have any chemistry. The h was too b*tchy and not likable. She had an attitude problem yet everyone kept talking about how sweet she was. Why the hell would you want to work at a strip club when you don't have to? Plus, this was yet another story about a h with weight/body issues. The story didn't flow and some things just didn't make sense. Lastly, the [...]

    12. So with all the Legacy thing about the Dentons men loving one woman and being instantly obsessed with them, I was kind of excited to read this book. Unfortunately, the main couple didn't do it for me. I just didn't feel any kind of chemistry between them. Plus, the hero was a total douchebag. Calling the heroine 'bitch' multiples times was not cool. Definitely not something I enjoy reading. Also, the story had no flow. And to top it all off, the author killed a kind of important character and I [...]

    13. I really wanted to read this, I like the idea of the Hero finding one women out there for him and being instantly obsessed with her. Sadly the execution and writing failed.H told her she was being a bitch multiple times and that's just as bad as being called a bitch. He also kept mentioning he was a slut and liked pussy while the h was around! He had a little black book full of sluts who’d take his cock without any question. There had even been women he called who were in the middle of fucking [...]

    14. Sam did it again. Another series I'm hungry for. I mean, I wasn't even finished with this one and I already was wanting for the next books. Yes, books. In plural. I desperate not only for Jacob's brothers stories, but his parents and uncles, too.I love Denton family. And I can't wait to see another one fallow it's legacy.

    15. As usual Sam Crescent has hit it out the park. This book was fan-freakin-tastic, I wasn't even half way through it and i was looking forward to the next one. I could not stop reading it once i got started. So if you haven't read it yet, i suggest that you do

    16. Another great read by Sam Crescent!!What a great book!! I couldn't put it down until I was done. I look forward to the next book in this series. A definite must read!!! Happy Reading!!! :)

    17. NOVA ReviewsOkay so i need a couple of minutes to take this book in because I just finished it and I’m still feeling all the loss and the happiness that happened in the last chapters. Seriously, everything happened in the last few pages. People died, got married and lived happily ever after in 20 pages. That’s too much to take in in such a short notice!!! I was WTF'ing the whole time! Sam Crescent really did a beautiful job with this storyline. It’s not very unique meaning that we all read [...]

    18. The Denton Family: Jacob and Louisa/LouAn intense novel about the first born son of Maddox and Charlotte Denton: Jacob. Jacob falls for Lou very hard. The reader gets a look inside the Denton Family and their legacy. Louisa and her twin brother Riley are literally on their own but the Fenton's take an intense interest in the twins with Jacob attracted to Louisa/Lou. Jacob and Lou do get their HEA but it is earn with a tragic loss.

    19. Love Love Thank You Miss Sam Crescent, This Was Very Sweet And Hot. I Love The Denton Family, I Was A Little Sad Louisa's Twin Riley Had Die, For A Moment There I Thought Riley Would've Been Tasmin's Love Interest In The Upcoming Years But I Guess You Have Something Else In Mind, Overall My Rating Is 5 Star⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐For This Book, Can't Wait To Read The Next Denton Family Legacy, Until Next Time Miss Sam Crescent

    20. I'm not a fan of the heroine and the hero turned out to be very ordinary albeit an alpha. But many things were missing in this book. Detailings are crucial to me. They make an average book to extraordinary. Sam Crescent is known to write alpha possessive heroes who takes too much control but this one fell flat. I was not a fan of writing too. Perhaps good word building would have solved all the problems for me.

    21. Another great book by Sam Crescent!!This family is tough and arrogant but they stay together. This book starts out the family with Jacob and lou. She's a strong woman who don't take shit and he's the oldest son. They start out as two people who don't know each other and their relationship blossoms from there.

    22. great book one of the brothers should fall for a girl named Amber who lives in Alaska . now that would be an epic book lol . loved this one wtg Sam

    23. This book gripped me from start to end. I loved every single part of the story. I liked both Louisa and Jacob. I liked that Lou was a spitfire, she didn’t take any messing. I thought Louisa and Jacob were perfect for one another. Despite being in love with Louisa, Jacob didn’t rush her and was really patient with her.What happened to Riley broke my heart. I find myself crying at that scene, my heart hurt for Louisa. The storyline for this book is easy to follow and an enjoyable read. I canno [...]

    24. The Denton Family is a contradictive one which offers a criminal element with a code and standard which may mean killing those who forget the code. Lou is a fascinating character because she is the very best of what her parents could produce, but she can look at the worst of society and understand some things just have to be done for the betterment of all. In the beginning I was unsure if she was strong or weak because she was unable to stand against her parents, but dug in when it came to Jacob [...]

    25. Couldn't put it down and stalking for moreI've been waiting for this book from the first time I read about it. Let me tell ya it's all I though it would be and more. OK so we start with a little buildup about the Denton Family. They have a legacy of loving only one woman with everything that they have. So we are starting with the oldest Jacob. He thinks the legend is just that, a legend. That's until he see's Louisa (Lou). He sets out to make her his but this Legacy has a wicked twist. She doesn [...]

    26. OMG! what a hot and sizzling book. I absolutely loved this book. Sam Crescent NEVER disappoints her fans. I loved the Denton family. The Denton men are so possessive and protective of their women. It's a wonder they fall hard when they meet the right one. I loved Jacob. And I really loved Louisa. Together they were an amazing couple. And he certainly proved how much he loved her by the way he treated her during their courtship. Don't want to spoil it for those who haven't read it yet. I highly r [...]

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