Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty YOUNG AND OLD fans will love this full color Little Golden Book retelling of Walt Disney s Sleeping Beauty the story of Princess Aurora and the three good fairies who try to protect her from Maleficen

  • Title: Sleeping Beauty
  • Author: Walt Disney Company Jacob Grimm
  • ISBN: 9780453030113
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Hardcover
  • YOUNG AND OLD fans will love this full color Little Golden Book retelling of Walt Disney s Sleeping Beauty the story of Princess Aurora and the three good fairies who try to protect her from Maleficent s evil spell.

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    2. Hi, Nostalgia. You're a really great friend, Nostalgia, and I always enjoy your company. What will you bring me today, Nostalgia? Ohhh, this Sleeping Beauty book I used to have as a child because I was so mesmerized by the pictures, even though ironically I actually never saw the movie as a child? Fantastic! And just holding that old, pink, hard-covered thing in my hand again after all this time almost has me convinced I flew backwards in time back to when I was in kindergarten. That's the close [...]

    3. Libro para Los Juegos de Booktube: Leer un libro infantil.Me gustó el libro, la historia tuvo fantasía, fue corta (se lee en menos de 2 horas) y linda, con unas ilustraciones a color geniales y me entretuvo pero tuve serios problemas con el INSTALOVE y es que hubo DEMASIADO! Fue muy exagerado que Aurora y Felipe como con 5 minutos de haberse medio saludado ya se sintieran "enamorados" y que con menos de una hora ya afirmaran querer casarse y juraran que ya NUNCA MÁS iban a querer a otra perso [...]

    4. Sleeping Beauty is a tale f a princess who has a spell cast on her by a witch. True love eventually breaks the spell and she ends up living happily ever after with her princess. This classic tale is one that is often well known throughout various generations. The illustrations depicted are simplistic in nature and depict a simpler time devoid of computer animation. Lessons that could be taught to school age children from the story include compromise, being a good friend, and happiness for others [...]

    5. I read this aloud to Natalie in a couple of sittings. While she is still too young to enjoy this story, it will make a nice bed time story or reliving of the movie when she is older. I liked how the illustrations captured some of the best visuals of the movie, especially the dragon, but overall the artwork was not as high quality as the movie. While not excellent children's literature, this is a satisfying telling of a classic fairy tale.

    6. Classic Disney tale about a wicked fairy who casts a spell on a princess, Aurora, that if she pricks her finger on a spindle of a spinning wheel before her 16th birthday, she will die. A good fairy quickly cast another spell, that if the wicked spell happened, Aurora would fall into a slumber and a kiss from a true love would awaken her. I think everyone knows what happened next, she pricks her finger, falls into a deep slumber and is kissed by a prince, her true love.

    7. Lovely illustrations in this adaptation of Disney's Sleeping Beauty, which focuses more on events that occur with the prince than with Aurora herself. Still, though, children who are fans of this tale and movie are sure to enjoy this. Recommended.

    8. My all-time favorite Disney story--not for the storyline or plot, but for the art, which for its time was tops. And the heroine is gorgeous, too (You will recognize Audrey Hepburn's eyes in Aurora's face)!

    9. He elegido este libro como "libro de mi infancia" para un reto de lectura que estoy haciendo este año. Me ha traído muchísimos recuerdos, no puedo darle una mala nota. :)

    10. I loved this book. It is a longer book but the kids loved it with pictures. They also liked it because it was made into a movie.

    11. I've had this one since I was little, and for some odd reason it's stuck around despite all my other childhood books disappearing. So now it's on the shelf with the rest of my baby's books.

    12. It you think I'm a sucker for Seuss than I'm really a sucker for Walt Disney. I love Sleeping Beauty, the Disney version.

    13. 327 - 2012Jadi ingat di versi Disney ini sang putri dan seisi istana tidak tertidur selama 100 tahun, serta sudah pernah bertemu dan jatuh cinta dengan sang pangeran sebelum ketiduran.

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