Ova djevojka je drukčija

Ova djevojka je druk ija Evie je druk ija Ne samo po tome kako je odgojena to je svakako neuobi ajeno nego i po svojim stavovima Pametna je samostalna samouvjerena razmi lja svojom glavom i spremna je za potpuno novi izazo

  • Title: Ova djevojka je drukčija
  • Author: J.J.Johnson Sandra Mlađenović
  • ISBN: 9789533165882
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Paperback
  • Evie je druk ija Ne samo po tome kako je odgojena to je svakako neuobi ajeno nego i po svojim stavovima Pametna je, samostalna, samouvjerena, razmi lja svojom glavom i spremna je za potpuno novi izazov kolu Ne, nije joj sedam godina, ve je cijeli ivot kolovana kod ku e.Ne e joj dugo trebati da otkrije kako je kola potpuno novi svijet, svijet pun neo ekivanihEvie je druk ija Ne samo po tome kako je odgojena to je svakako neuobi ajeno nego i po svojim stavovima Pametna je, samostalna, samouvjerena, razmi lja svojom glavom i spremna je za potpuno novi izazov kolu Ne, nije joj sedam godina, ve je cijeli ivot kolovana kod ku e.Ne e joj dugo trebati da otkrije kako je kola potpuno novi svijet, svijet pun neo ekivanih odnosa i doga aja Odjednom se suo ava s novim problemima, a kako ne poznaje pravila, tako ih i ne po tuje, pa predla e rje enja koja nisu ba uvijek dobrodo la i prihva ena Ona nije tip koji samo sjedi i eka, ona uvodi promjene Velike promjene No kada pokrene revoluciju, svijet oko nje po et e se uru avati.Za prvijenac J J Johnson, u izvrsnom prijevodu Sandre Mla enovi , zalijepit e se svi itatelji i u ivati u knjizi koja na potpuno druk iji na in govori o prijateljstvu, pravilima, granicama, mo i i koli.

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    1. I finished reading this book over a month ago, and I'm still at a loss on how to review it. I had a great time reading it, I really wanted to know how it ends, but I had nothing important to say about it afterwards. So instead of the usual review, I’ll just try to write down a few things that might help you decide whether you want to read it or not:• This Girl Is Different made me smile a lot. It wasn’t laugh out loud funny, but it was cute and endearing. It grabbed my attention on the fir [...]

    2. Miss J.J. Johnson:I love you.I want to send you a basket of cute fluffy kittens with golden ribbons and a tin of Thin Mints. Seriously. I can not convey my feeling for this book in words, no matter how many compliments I use, GIFs I add, or tears of joy I spill.When I was a kid, I was without a doubt very different. I spent my pre-school days taking long walks in the forest with my mom, listening to Enya and other Celtic bands, waterpainting spirals, inventing a new language, getting scrapes and [...]

    3. Initial Final Page Thoughts.So that’s what Mean Girls would have been like were it not for Ms Fey. High Points.A heroine who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. Homeschooling (a concept that, I guess, does exist in the UK but I’ve never met anyone who has been!) The environment. Diversity. Teenage rebellion, a particular weakness of mine. Really intriguing issues brought up that I haven’t read about in a YA book. The quotes at the beginning of the chapters- they were lovely and I wrote a fe [...]

    4. The title should have tipped me off that this book was not for me, but it didn't because I didn't know the context in which it would pertain to the story. As it turns out it meant that I would absolutely abhor the main character, Evie, and everything she does. I have never before so actively pulled for a character to fail.One of my biggest peeves in life is someone who has to perpetually point out how different they are and every time she said it to herself I wanted to throw the book. She gets e [...]

    5. This Girl Is Different was a breath of fresh air, as much as it irritated the crap out of me.Having been homeschooled for years, Evie's ready to go to school for real. Along the way she befriends a girl (Jacinda) and a boy (Rajas). School turns out to be not so cool afterall. Evie's used to eating selfmade organic foods & drinks, milking cows, feeding the (piranha) chickens, drawing snakes, living in a geodesic dome and calling her mother "Martha", it's quite a shock to discover teachers bei [...]

    6. Kada sam prvi puta vidjela ovu knjigu, imala sam osjećaj da bi se moglo raditi o nečem vrlo zanimljivom. Sada mi je jako drago što mi se sasvim slučajno pružila prilika da je i pročitam. Pošto sam i sama učiteljica, ova tema mi je bila i više nego zanimljiva. Bilo je vrlo zabavno i inspirirajuće družiti se s Evie, mladom, pametnom i neustrašivom djevojkom koja ustraje u svom naumu da promijeni svijet oko sebe na bolje. Prava priča o prijateljstvu i snazi da pomičemo granice.

    7. Evie je tinejdžerica koja se upravo sprema krenuti u zadnji razred srednje škole. Za Evie je to prilično velik korak, budući da nikada ranije nije išla u školu, već se školovala kod kuće. Školovanje kod kuće nije, pritom, i jedina stvar zbog koje će se Evie razlikovati od većine svojih vršnjaka i budućih školskih kolega: Evie je odrasla samo s majkom, koja ju je naučila da uvijek bude samouvjerena, emancipirana, slobodoumna i samostalna; da uvijek kaže ono što misli i da se bo [...]

    8. First of all i would like to thank Netgalley for giving me the chance to have access and finally to read that book, i hope that my review can be a bit helpful so i can give back at least part of what i have receivedIt is obvious that not only "this girl is different" but the whole book itself Evie is a teenage girl that was raised all those years just by her mother (who never calls her mom) Martha, she lives in "the Dome" a very special house that they have built themselves (along with her uncle [...]

    9. Well, this is absolutely a unique book with a take on homeschooling that doesn't veer into the weird religious road. So that was nice. But THIS GIRL IS DIFFERENT solidified my notion that I just don't like hippies. At all. Martha, Eve's mother, I wanted to beat her to death with her own Birkenstocks. I'm all for people wanting to have a self-sustaining lifestyle and all of that. I think that's fantastic. But those that don't follow it through, complain about "The Man" holding them down and then [...]

    10. 3.5I liked the book, don't get me wrong, but having a title like This Girl Is Different I was expecting something different, indeed. What I found was other high school story, a bit original in the inception, but same-same in the end Not disappointing, but not especially surprising either.I have no experience with homeschooling since that's not possible in Spain, so I'm not entering in details about how well-educated Evie was or her personality. For me as a layperson in these matters it was just [...]

    11. Zaista mislim da se život ne svodi na ono što si mogao biti. Život se svodi samo na ono što si pokušao. Ne pogađa me neuspjeh, ali nezamislivo mi je da bih sebi oprostio što nisam pokušao. (Nikki Giovanni)Kao što ste primjetili, analizu sam počela sa citatom. Citati se spominju na početku svakog poglavlja, te su izuzetno važni Evie, njezinoj majci, te jednom od profesora. A vjerujete, i meni se sviđa uz ovakvu knjigu pročitat nešto novo, te prepisat koji citat u svoju bilježnicu. [...]

    12. A hippie Mary Sue self appoints herself as the role of Justice in a nearby high school and fucks all shit up. She is a hypocrite, a phony, and has the biggest pride you'll ever see. She also never fails to remind you that she's different and special (she says the title of the book many, many times). Since she's a Mary Sue, everything works out well in the end despite the fact that she does nothing but talk the talk and run from the walk. Because she's a Mary Sue. Did I mention she's a Mary Sue? [...]

    13. At first I thought the story is shallow because of the cover, but I actually learned a lot from this book! This novel tackles a lot of issues that happens in reality. It reminds the readers not to abuse power, not to judge people, to stand up for what you believe in, and to always be cautious of what you say because telling the truth can sometimes hurt even if your intention is good.

    14. So, where to begin. When I first saw this book listed in Peachtree Publishing's spring catalog, it gave me pause. Why? Well, the cover first and foremost. You have to admit that's a pretty eye catching piece of artwork there and I just love how "different" is turned upside downnd of like Evie's world in the coming days. Second giver of pause, the story synopsis. It sounded just "different" enough to be interesting, but what I got once I started on my reading adventure.was a whole lot more. To ke [...]

    15. Summary from GoodReadsThis girl is different… That’s what Evie has always told herself—and it’s true. Home-schooled by her counter culture mom, she’s decided to see what high school is like for the first time—for her senior year. And what a year it is.As it turns out, it’s not just Evie who’s Different. Lots of people are. Many of her assumptions about others are turned on their heads as she makes friends with kids her own age for the first time, discovers what’s good and what [...]

    16. THIS GIRL IS DIFFERENT!!!Evie spends most of her education life being a homeschooled student. Now on her senior year, she decides to enter the public school to experience how it is being in a school. There she finds some facts about the injustice that happens in the school. She tries to stand on her own idealism, to fight for the justice and help others. But things don’t just go as what she has planned, she has to face some difficulty and accept that everything can be different in real life.Ev [...]

    17. Reading this book is like watching a feel good movie. It starts good, the drama builds, you question 'how is she going to fix this' then it all comes together nicely in the end. It was refreshing to have such a thoughtful, intelligent girl as the man character. Evie is awesome! Her vocabulary, her ideas, her naïveté. It's all perfect and very believable. Martha, her mom is the coolest. Although, I would have liked to have her explain why she called her Martha instead of mom. I love the way she [...]

    18. REVIEW FOR THIS GIRL IS DIFFERENT BY JJ JOHNSONEvensong Sparkling Morningdew (she prefers to be called Evie, if you know what I mean,) has been homeschooled her whole life, and with senior year coming around the corner, she decides to spend her last year at high school, where she'll do a little bit of pop culture research (and maybe experience some "normal girl" tendencies, like attendance and mean girls and falling in love.) The thing is, when Evie gets there, things aren't as great as they're [...]

    19. Eccentric, natural, different. The reader follows the journey of one homeschooler's chance to live out the complexities of public high school. From the excitement on the first day to the horrors that follow, the author gives you more than a taste of what could happen when a student shows her colors.All Evie wants is the experience. Her mother wishes for a spy. Evie becomes an advocate of student rights, but falters when her plan backfires. There are two themes that contrast each other in this no [...]

    20. Sooooo. This book was highly entertaining for a couple of reasons.First, Rajas. He is hot(well seems hot anyway). He has an Wesome personality and a great sense of humour. Though the labels thing is kind of a downside, he gets over it(or does he lol).Second of all, I love all the quotes in the book along with the quote arguments from Evie(love her name!). Brookner was always a creep for me and I was surprised that he liked her and not her cause here were all these signs that led me to believe it [...]

    21. Evie has been homeschooled her entire life, but just once she wants to try out public school, before going off to college. A big fan of John Hughs' work, she has ideas about school that are all about to change.I don't know why I didn't get to this sooner. I enjoyed the mix of idealist and realist that is Evie, I loved that she was capable of liking different types of girls, her feminism, and how her ideals are brought up against reality. The romance plot never relies on stupid contrivances to ke [...]

    22. This good, first, solidly teen novel lost me a bit in the last 20 pages (I didn't find the rally finale believable), but there's A LOT to recommend it. Smart, feisty, feminist, political, home-schooled heroine (Evie) going to public high school for her senior year, her savvy counter-culture mom, Martha; a very hot boy, plus everything you've always loved to hate about high school, which activist Evie tilts against to good, hilarious, and near disastrous effect. Will look for what's next from thi [...]

    23. I read this book as part of the United Methodist Women's selected books in their reading challenge program, and that is not to imply that there is anything "religious" in this novel, because there isn't. It was listed under the "Youth/Young adult" category. Now, with all that said, I found the book interesting with a good message (which is why I believe it was included in the UMW reading challenge). The story takes place in a high school during the senior year of the three main characters. It ke [...]

    24. This review was originally posted to my blog: Evie@BookishThis girl is Different is a debut YA novel by JJ Johnson. I got it in the mail just yesterday and was delighted with the way it looked. The cover art is beautiful, well-thought-out and it relates to the story inside in many ways. The texture of the dust cover and the way the pages are numbered are very unique and truly different from other YA books I've read so far. The heroin of this story, seventeen-year-old Evie, is anything but ordina [...]

    25. This is a light, refresh­ing story, one I enjoyed read­ing, though parts did get a bit too melo­dra­matic towards the end.Evie was a pro­tag­o­nist I ulti­mately liked, though my pos­i­tive feel­ings towards her did lessen as the story pro­gressed. She is con­fi­dent, cheer­ful, stands up for her­self and has a strong moral com­pass, but there were times when she came across as judg­men­tal and con­de­scend­ing (in regards to her, and her mother’s, way of life, how she vi [...]

    26. **4.5 stars**Originally published: iliveforreading/2**This Review is based on an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy). The final text may be different!**This is such a difficult book to review! I'm sitting here and thinking, because this is one of those books. The ones with profound meaning to them, which are really powerful and are so different (like the title!) and unique from books found today. It really looks at the discrimination and stereotypes of high schools today. We can see how the "norm" differ [...]

    27. Eversong Sparkling Morningdew je drukčija. Ne samo zbog svog osebujnog imena, nego i zbog načina na koji je odgajana. Evie je tinejdžerica, odgajana u uvjetima u kojima rijetko koji tinejdžer živi. Ona i njena majka Martha žive u Kupolastoj kući koju su same izgradile , ne posjeduju Tv ali zato Evie posjeduje hrpu citata koje skuplja čitajući različite knjige i nikada nije išla u školu. E sad, ne bacajte odmah predrasude jer Evie se školovala kod kuće i usprkos neobičnom stilu ži [...]

    28. Review Posted on Reading Lark 3/11/11: readinglark/2011/This book truly is about a girl that is different. So many young adult novels these days feature the damsel in distress and mean girl types as their main characters, but very rarely does a character like Evie get a chance to dominate the story. I found this to be a refreshing change. Evie is a strong, intelligent, independent teen who follows what she knows to be right in spite of what others may feel about it.Evie begins her high school ca [...]

    29. Imagine a manic pixie dream girl - she's not like other girls, she's not obsessed with being pretty or skinny or wearing makeup or nice clothes, but that's okay because she's just naturally very attractive anyway. Imagine that she has come to decide throughout her life that there are two types of girls: girly girls (bad), and smart girls Who Care About Things (good). The two types are mutually exclusive. Now imagine that she writes a book, in first person, of her extremely pretentious thoughts, [...]

    30. This Girl is Different by J.J. Johnson was indeed a different young adult book compared to others that I have been reading. The main character, Evie, has been raised by her single mom in the woods of northern New York, where her mom has been homeschooling her all of her life. For her senior year, Evie convinces her mom to let her go to high school. She petitions her mom to let her do this on the basis that it will be a social experiment. Evie who has grown accustomed to being outspoken and for s [...]

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