Benny the Biplane

Benny the Biplane Benny the Biplane loved to fly He flew pilots everywhere during the war But then Benny lost his job Now he sits in a field with other jobless planes Benny hopes he can find a new job so he can fly onc

  • Title: Benny the Biplane
  • Author: Fritz Carmichael
  • ISBN: 9781945033117
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Benny the Biplane loved to fly He flew pilots everywhere during the war But then Benny lost his job Now he sits in a field with other jobless planes Benny hopes he can find a new job so he can fly once againNNY THE BIPLANE is a beginning reader for children ages 4 to 8 Typical of most picture books for very young readers, it uses easy words and repetition, providinBenny the Biplane loved to fly He flew pilots everywhere during the war But then Benny lost his job Now he sits in a field with other jobless planes Benny hopes he can find a new job so he can fly once againNNY THE BIPLANE is a beginning reader for children ages 4 to 8 Typical of most picture books for very young readers, it uses easy words and repetition, providing excellent reading practice for children still mastering the fundamentals of simple sentence structures and common word forms Atypical for its genre, however, BENNY THE BIPLANE incorporates historical black and white photographs of planes and a list of illustrations that indicates the model of each plane as well as time and location This extra information may create additional learning and discussion opportunities for children and their parents.The book s themes include jobs, joblessness, sadness, hope, and success, emphasizing that even when one s outlook repeatedly appears dim, the future may hold better opportunities than those that were lost.As a picture book, it s relatively short, so it s a great, easy read on those nights when a longer book won t quite fit the bill We hope you love it

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    1. Benny loves to fly and is saddened when circumstances change and he loses his job. He remains grounded until his unique appearance is spotted and he's returned to the sunny skies he so loves. Fritz Carmichael delivers an important message to young readers by reminding them that perseverance, hopefulness, and a positive outlook are valuable traits to have. In a world of uncertainty and instability, many children can unfortunately relate to concepts of unemployment, sadness, and loss. A timely her [...]

    2. I only have one complaint about this book: it was far too short! The story really touched me. Benny's plight is the same of so many. The use of graphics throughout the book was excellent, and explaining what each one was at the end really added to my enjoyment. I would recommend this book to anyone with airplanes and small children. I happily passed it along to my niece. I received this book for free through Giveaways. It is autographed.

    3. This is a very simple and short story about a biplane and its several owners and jobs. I enjoyed seeing some actual photos and realistic illustrations used, rather than the typical cheesy, google-eyed illustrations that try to make machines look like people. My kids seemed to enjoy it too.(In compliance with FTC guidelines, I disclose that I received this book for free through LibraryThing Early Reviewers. I was not required to write a positive review.)

    4. My mother won Benny the Biplane in a Giveaway, and gave it to my 2-year-old daughter. We read it to her, and at first glance, I wasn't sure she would be that into it. I couldn't have been more wrong. She really loves the book and it has been the book of choice for car rides for some time now. It's sitting in the car now and she enjoys the pictures and reads it out loud to herself by memory. (It's really very cute!)I don't know what it is about Benny that so resonates with a two year old but it [...]

    5. This was a quick and easy read . Great for younger children who do not have a long attention span. As an adult I loved the old photos. After reading this book. I had to keep going back to look at the photos. I love the historical feel of this book. I thought it was so neat to be able to go to the back of the book and it will tell you about each photo. I won this book on and am pleasantly surprised how much I liked it.

    6. I won this book from .The 4 year old little girl who is getting the book will now want to see one of these planes. She is precocious and is obsessed about keeping her books in perfect shape. After reading this, I can guarantee that she will love it.

    7. Great little book for children. I won this as a Giveaway on the site. Will be going to my 9 year old grandson. He will enjoy, I think, the photos.Love the vintage photos of planes, etc. as adds much to the text.An amazing book for youngsters, say age 5 and up to 8 or 9.

    8. What a fun book for kids that teaches them a little something too. I won it in a contest and it was a good read!

    9. Hello, Benny,What an honor it is to meet you. Thank you for your service to our country in training Navy and Army pilots during World War II. After having such an important job, I'm sure it was frustrating to be out of work when the war ended. I would have loved to have seen the stunts you performed in the carnival where you found work. Better yet, I would have loved to have gone for a ride with you. I can imagine the wind blowing through my hair as we soared through the sky. I would have passed [...]

    10. *received as part of librarything's early review*This was even worse than expected. Photos from wikimedia commons put through random instagram style filters, combined with a drivel of text that is neither a story, nor interesting, nor even just fun to read aloud.

    11. This grandma loved it! Of course there is the nice simple story line, and verbiage well suited to an early reader. Here's what I envision happening next to my copy: aviation addict son will reluctantly share it with sons 8 and 6, and daughter 3 prior to the next air show in Ohio, then squirrel it away with his own collection of historical aircraft books. I am very fortunate to have won the book in a LibraryThing Giveaway!

    12. An informational book about planes for our little one. He is two and loves planes. This book does a great job of showing pictures of real planes and then giving information about the plane itself. Has a great message of looking to the future of what is to come in a very simple and easy to understand way. A giveaway winner!

    13. I asked for this book for my great grandsons. Of course I have not read it but it looks very interesting and I love the pictures.I am sure they will enjoy this book . thank you .

    14. As the author of six books, I know how attached writers become to their works.What we create becomes almost sacred. It is impossible for us to understand why the world doesn't cover us with praise.When I taught writing classes to newspaper “stringers,” I told them to put their finished articles in a drawer for as long as their deadlines allowed. I told them they would be surprised to read their pieces days or weeks after they walked away from them. Still, once we put ink to paper, it is very [...]

    15. I won Benny the Biplane in a Giveaway and I am providing an honest rating and review:I liked this simple book for children. The book explains the use of biplanes in the war both simply and clearly, while not getting into too much detail about war that children wouldn't understand anyway. Well done and well thought out on that point. I particularly liked the last page that states, "And up in the sky, Benny smiled, and his engine purred." I closed the book with a smile. The illustrations are fun, [...]

    16. Updated: Won this in a giveaway!!! So happy! Can't wait to share this with my son ❤He loved it! As did I! The publisher also sent me 3 other books of theirs since there was shipping issues so I will have to rate those as well once we read them. Love love LOVED this book

    17. I received my copy as a Giveaway. This unlike any other children's book I've ever read - it is also the only children's book I've ever read that has a reference section. there are not really illustrations, but images of WWI biplanes instead. The narrative is sweet, simple and Carmichael's passion for WWI biplanes is very clear; I felt a warmth in his desire to share this passion.Children who are used to Disney cuteness and colors in their visuals might be put off by it, but kids who like machin [...]

    18. Benny the Biplane by Fritz Carmichael Benny the Biplane by Fritz Carmichael is a cleverly written children's book for ages four to eight. It has real photographs and is educational. I gave it four stars. Benny was built for use in the war. When the war ended, he lost his job. He went to work for a carnival. It shut down and he was back in the field stored with other unused planes. Then he delivered toys and food for children and loved his job. This is recommended for very young readers and use [...]

    19. A very short and simple story, good for young children who like planes. The book is dedicated to "every child who's ever wanted to fly", which I think is a nice touch. I also liked that, rather than using drawings or cartoons, the author chose to use pictures of real planes, from various sources, though it might be a little better if all of the pictures weren't in black and white. Note: I received this book for free through Giveaways.

    20. I got this book from giveaway. The story is very short but it's nice and cute. It's illustrated with black and white photographs so if your child feels like it, it can try to color them.

    21. Benny the Biplane loves to fly. He was made to fly in a war, then the war ended and he was grounded. Then he got to fly with a carnival where people did tricks, but the carnival closed down. Finally, a woman chose Benny for an important mission of delivering food and toys to children and Benny was happy. This is a wonderful story, perfect for children 2-6. Simple, short sentences paired with real photos of biplanes are able to keep the interest of children, especially ones that love things that [...]

    22. The war was over and Benny needed a job. Benny was busy flying pilots on great missions but those days were done. Will Benny find a chance to fly again?What a cute little story. I had my first grader read this to me. He gave it two thumbs up and so do I. When I asked him his thoughts, he said he was sad for Benny but was excited to see him happy.This is a fun short read that is excellent for young and old. I enjoyed it and I know you will too.*Please note I received a copy for an honest review. [...]

    23. I received a copy of this book from the publisher. I am giving this 4 stars because my boys that are 4 and 6 enjoyed the book and enjoyed the pictures of Benny. I did not feel like this story had a flow at all and was actually surprised when I came to last sentence and realized it was the last page. I feel like this could use a bit more cleaning up but the kids seemed to enjoy it.

    24. Beautiful, wistful and a perfect read for children that incorporates fun with learning. I loved it and would recommend it to everyone The book was beautiful and engaging with a plethora if information for a children's book

    25. A cute story about an airplaneBenny the Biplane is a cute picture story about an airplane. This educational story is good for early readers or to read to younger children who love planes.

    26. Very cute book with pictures of historic planes and a really nice story. I would have loved to see some color in the book because little kids love color. This book will be on it's way to my great nephew this weekend and I'm sure he'll love it. I won this book through .


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