One thought on “Aborting America”

  1. it is interesting to read this book after reading "The Hand of God" which was Dr. Nathanson's autobiography written recently, right before his death. Aborting America was written in 1979, when Nathanson was still struggling with the issue of abortion. In Aborting America, he supports some abortions – later he would become a committed pro-lifer. He would also go on to make the movie the silent scream, one of the most famous pro-life pieces of persuasive film ever conceived. It shows an unborn b [...]

  2. An excellent, if dated, book on the topic of abortion in America. It is written by the Doctor who helped to form NARAL and guided the pro-abortion cause through the late 1960s through the Roe v. Wade decision. The book begins with Dr. Nathanson's story as he enters medical school and follows his journey as he evolves into a pro-abortion OB/GYN. Dr. Nathanson is very candid with his thoughts and seems to be honest about how be came to be a supporter of abortion rights. He also tells the story of [...]

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