Větrné duše

V trn du e Sedm p pad inspektorky Malin Forsov Vzduch se chv je horkem Na Link ping se ene letn bou ka neobvykl s ly V pe ovatelsk m dom je nalezen dev tasedmdes tilet Konrad Karlsson ob en na e od signaliza n

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  • Title: Větrné duše
  • Author: Mons Kallentoft
  • ISBN: 9788074915475
  • Page: 395
  • Format: None
  • Sedm p pad inspektorky Malin Forsov.Vzduch se chv je horkem Na Link ping se ene letn bou ka neobvykl s ly V pe ovatelsk m dom je nalezen dev tasedmdes tilet Konrad Karlsson, ob en na e od signaliza n ho zvonku Okolnosti mrt ukazuj na sebevra du V ichni, kdo Konrada znali, v ak tvrd , e m l i p es zdravotn probl my silnou v li t U person lu byl oblSedm p pad inspektorky Malin Forsov.Vzduch se chv je horkem Na Link ping se ene letn bou ka neobvykl s ly V pe ovatelsk m dom je nalezen dev tasedmdes tilet Konrad Karlsson, ob en na e od signaliza n ho zvonku Okolnosti mrt ukazuj na sebevra du V ichni, kdo Konrada znali, v ak tvrd , e m l i p es zdravotn probl my silnou v li t U person lu byl obl ben a pro Malininu dceru Tove, kter je v domov na letn brig d , se stal jak msi n hradn m d de kem Podez en , e se ve skute nosti jednalo o vra du, posiluj i v sledky pitvy Vy et ov n je v pln m proudu, ale nic do sebe nezapad , informace si proti e A nav c kdo mohl t it ze smrti nemocn ho starce, dokonce i ve spole nosti, kter kv li pen z m p est v db t o lidskou d stojnost

    One thought on “Větrné duše”

    1. My first Mons Kallentoft book. This is not the first Malin Fors book; it is number seven, and so for me I was meeting the central characters for the first time. I enjoyed the story line and although it was neither a cliffhanger nor overly suspenseful it was well written with a good crime mystery at its centre and I felt Malin was well developed. The other people from family, to old flames, colleagues, suspects and (possibly returning from previous books) bad people all played a part to the story [...]

    2. As with the previous novels in this series, Souls Of Air focuses on social-political concerns; this time the injustices of commercialised nursing care for the elderly. Thankfully, unlike previous novels, central character Malin Fors appears to be on top of her previous drinking problems, although now seems to fear the problem could be hereditary and gets anxious if her daughter Tove so much as drinks a glass of beer. Tove features far more prominently in this novel than previous ones as she work [...]

    3. Efter det ganska lyckade återseendet med Malin Fors i Vattenänglar så såg jag faktiskt fram emot att läsa Vindsjälar. Man tycker ju att jag borde ha lärt mig nu att det inte alltid funkar så bra att läsa böcker i en serie för tätt inpå varandra. Nu kom jag plötsligt ihåg vad jag retade mig på i de tidigare böckerna. Nej, riktigt så illa blev det inte, men kom ihåg gjorde jag. Läs mer på min blogg

    4. Het is voor mij een eerste kennismaking met Mons Kattentoft. Dit boek is een vervolg op Engelwater en deel twee in de serie over inspecteur Malin Fors, maar kan zonder een enkel probleem los worden gelezen.In de proloog wordt onder meer de titel Lichthemel verklaard.Het is een spannend boek van het begin tot het eind. Malin Fors is behalve druk met de moord ook erg druk met zichzelf en haar omgeving. Dat maakt haar heel menselijk. Je leert alle personages goed kennen door de manier waarop ze bes [...]

    5. fan van Kallentoft,na "Zack"-een topboek,toch terug de moeite waard!Leuk is dat de dode(n)af en toe ook aan het woord gelaten wordt-sterk,maar misschien voor sommigen voorspelbaar einde.

    6. Number 7 in the series with police Malin Fors. It is not just a crime novel, it is an evaluation of the society we have built up around ourselves.

    7. Two weeks ago today my 95 year old aunt who spent the last two years in a nursing home passed away. I had no idea what the subject of this latest Kallentoft installment of the Malin Fors series was, but the opening chapters were almost exactly the conversations I had with my aunt only a month ago. Her nursing home purchased by a new company, the staff reductions, the loss of long-time staff to other jobs that paid more, the degradation of care and the horror of unappetizing, cold or lukewarm mea [...]

    8. I musKt remember that, of all Swedish mystery writers, I like Kallentoft least! The subject and story are interesting - nursing homes are being increasingly turned over to money=making companies, concerned more with their profit than the health and comfort of their patients. Disgusting development in much of the world. A young woman, daughter of Malin Fors (Kallentoft's main police character) is working in this nursing home and her favorite patient, a very elderly man, has either committed suici [...]

    9. Love the way Mons used Tove to be Malin's conscience and how she takes after her father and goes to Africa. Malin solves the case that takes everything into account. Zeke is in a new relationship with Karin. Everyone is in a turmoil and it is comforting to see it happen. The story has many turns that have all the characters changing their ways. It's also a time for Mons to figure out if Malin is going to take over for Sven? I would read this if you know any of the old characters because Mons has [...]

    10. Another great read by Mons Kallentoft. As all the previous books, there is a big focus in the social injustices of the world. Malin Fors is on top form once again and seems to have got her demons under control although she's always fighting hard to keep it that way. Personally I would have liked to see more of Elin Sand, but because she's new to the department she still has to earn her stripes so to speak. The story flows nicely throughout and you sort of guess who the killer was but not for the [...]

    11. Felt a lityle "in-between" as far as the police soap opera side goes - Malin is sober and single, her daughter is showing signs of following in her mother's severely alcoholic footsteps. The mystery was good (with a simpler solution than at first apeared). Sad ending though, and what was all that about a smell in the flat? I was expecting something gruesome under the floorboards at least, but we never find out (unless I missed it!)

    12. As I'm used tp stumbeling over books that are quite gruesome, I find crime novellas to be soothing for my mind. They keep me focused, they keep my brain open for new experiences.And I kind of like these series of fictional crime that has a repeating group of criminal investigators, something I didn't like when I just started to read crime novels. This is the second group of books from Mons Kallentoft, with titles that somehow belong together, I've read three from the first one and I was not disa [...]

    13. I was disappointed in Mons Kallentoft's latest effort. It just didn't seem to have the same suspense as the previous books such as Water Angels and The Fifth Season. The characters, even Malin, seemed much more subdued and I have always felt that the daughter occupied too much of Malin's thoughts, although now she is actually breaking away from her mother. All in all, a very quick read and an interesting premise but it just didn't "grab" me like his previous books did.

    14. nja ok bok inte mer. vanvård och miljonvinsterna känns sådär vet att det förekommer och viktigt att ta upp men kändes ändå uppstyltat. Att Tove verkar på väg mot alkoholism kändes ju bara B slut på idéer eller måste det alltid finnas en alkoholist i en kriminalroman? Verkar så eftersom det oftast finns med en frånskild avdankad polis enda skillnaden här är att det är en kvinna annars följer kallentoft mallen precis

    15. I sjunde bok Malin Fors tänker på sprit och hennes dotter dricker det. En åldring blir mördat över ingenting och så måste det utredas. Mycket tråkig bok, men tre stjärnor blir det ändå bara för seriens skull, och för att Kallentoft kan skriva även om han väljer en urtråkig tema.

    16. Goed boek. Actueel onderwerp, de bezuinigingen in de zorg en de gevolgen daarvan voor bewoners en personeel, gecombineerd met de op te lossen moord en de boeiende verhaallijn van rechercheur Malin Fors en haar dochter Tove.

    17. 5. A mystery or a thriller. (meeeh jag tänker räkna deckare som thriller) Jag hade glömt hur mycket jag tycker om Mons Kallentoft. Jag menar en deckare som kritiserar nermonteringen av den svenska välfärdsstaten? Sign me up!!

    18. Inte den bästa av Kallentoft, bättre kan han! Att göra Tove till alkoholist känns inte som ett fräscht grepp och hela gestaltningen av girigt vårdbolag med omänsklig VD samt den stackars arbeterskan dom "tvingas" till brott luktar 70-tal lång väg.

    19. Har bestämt mig nu. Jag gillar inte riktigt Kallentofts böcker. Vi är liksom inte på samma våglängd

    20. Well, the easiest read by Kallentoft not meaning i didn't enjoy it at all, though. I liked previous books much better because of their ominous dark atmosphere. Here it is quite relaxed i'd say.

    21. Větrné duše. Jak moc se může omezovat péče o staré lidi v domovech důchodců? Kolik jsou toho ošetřovatelé schopni zvládnout? A kdo a proč zabil jednoho staříka? Zajímavé otázky, napínavé řešení.

    22. Tyckte boken var förvånansvärt kass, med tanke på hur bra Kallentoft skriver i sina andra böcker om Malin Fors. Inget jag skulle läsa igen, om man säger så.

    23. Yet another fast, easy-read book by Kallentoft. A fast language, and a good enough plot. Malin Fors is less haunted in this book - a nice differense

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