The Cozy Life: Rediscover the Joy of the Simple Things Through the Danish Concept of Hygge

The Cozy Life Rediscover the Joy of the Simple Things Through the Danish Concept of Hygge In today s world we re constantly rushing from one thing to the next and are struggling with information overload We re disconnected from ourselves and our loved ones than ever before Rediscover the

  • Title: The Cozy Life: Rediscover the Joy of the Simple Things Through the Danish Concept of Hygge
  • Author: Pia Edberg
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In today s world, we re constantly rushing from one thing to the next and are struggling with information overload We re disconnected from ourselves and our loved ones than ever before Rediscover the joy of the simple things through the Danish concept of Hygge in The Cozy Life This book will inspire you to slow down and enjoy life s cozy moments Learn about the DaIn today s world, we re constantly rushing from one thing to the next and are struggling with information overload We re disconnected from ourselves and our loved ones than ever before Rediscover the joy of the simple things through the Danish concept of Hygge in The Cozy Life This book will inspire you to slow down and enjoy life s cozy moments Learn about the Danish cultural phenomenon of Hygge, and the secret to why Denmark is consistently rated the happiest country in the world Embrace the little things and take simplicity and minimalism up a notch Add Hygge into every aspect of your life with practical examples and tips Say goodbye to the Winter Blues and live a healthier, centred life This charming little book, filled with hand drawn illustrations, beautifully addresses that yearning we all have for a authentic life, created by ourselves instead of external forces What s stopping you from living a meaningful and connected life

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    1. This is a sweet little book that you can read in about an hour and will help you incorporate the concept of hygge into your daily life. “These pages hold the ingredients for creating a richer and deeper experience in everything we do. So if, perhaps, you want to wrap yourself in a lifestyle that feels like a warm hug, then this book is for you.”I realize, after reading it, I have been hygge-ing most of my life! It’s about surrounding yourself with people and things you love; making your ho [...]

    2. I really enjoyed reading this and having recently completedThe Little Book of Hygge, the two books complement each other well. Although there is some overlap in content, The Cozy Life has more of a focus on the lifestyle of hygge, with very few references to any statistics or studies. The subjects are well organized and the drawings are cute, which adds an element of visual peacefulness. Very hyggeligt, as I am sure it was intended to be.There is one passage in the book that sums up the definiti [...]

    3. Such a cute little inspiring book! This book made me so happy and motivated to celebrate and enjoy the little things in life! :)

    4. The writer tells us what Hygge is and how to apply the concept of Hygge in our lives so that we can lead a minimalist life that is uncluttered. Reading this book gave me a feeling of comfort and I found it very pleasurable. She gives many tips on how we can make our lives more enjoyable by creating a Hygge home.

    5. The third and probably last book about Hygge I've read. After reading the first one, I wanted to get some alternate viewpoints based on some of the reviews. This one looks self published and is definitely the lower physical/professional quality of the three. I mainly picked it out because it had the most holds at my library of all the Hygge books. The main thing that I gained from reading three books on the subject is that everyone's hygge is a little different. Some focus more on social connect [...]

    6. Got the paperback. I am obsessed right now with the Danish concept of hygge. This book is adorable. It has suggestions for incorporating hygge into you life in every wayrough food, activity, rituals, self-reflection, and establishing traditions that focus on simple pleasures.I also love the minimalist component.Lovely book and inspiring concept for life!

    7. HYGGE ALL DAY EVERYDAY. Favorite and this book is adorable w/the sweetest little drawings. Srsly cute cute cute and cozy cozy cozy and love love love.

    8. It seems I'm hearing about the Danish concept of Hygge everywhere these days. So when my GR friend (thanks Dana!) gave this such a great review I picked it up. I'm so glad I did. The Danes are said to be the happiest people on earth and Hygge is what helps get them through the long dark winters. Hygge is about discovering the joy in simple things, and being more mindful and intentional. It's about being instead of having. At my age this resonates with me. I regularly purge and feel a strong desi [...]

    9. I may have to rename my "cozy blanket reads" shelf to "hygge reads" because that totally encompasses what a cozy blanket read is for me. I'm so enamoured with the concept of hygge, it totally fits my aesthetic and the desires of my heart :) The writing is very simple but that works for the concept of this book as well.

    10. “Hygge was never meant to be translated; it was meant to be felt.” - ToveMaren StakkestadNevertheless, Pia Edberg does her best to explain it. She sums it up as “the joy in simple things.” It’s joy in relationships. It’s coziness, homeyness, and contentedness. "In a big departure from modern culture, we intentionally enjoy the domestic and personal aspects of life. It’s really about simplicity."Edberg says the Danes have perfected the art of hygge because they are less materialisti [...]

    11. I'm so intrigued by hygge. Reading this book i discovered that I do a lot of these things already. For me, it's about slowing down, putting down my phone, and making people a priority. I want to do that more this year. This book also inspired me to declutter, which is something i really need to do. Glad this was my first book of 2017!

    12. 2.5 stars. It was a cute book, and I like the hygge concept, for certain! That said, the content was a bit repetitive (lots of talk of candles) and could have been whittled down further. More personal stories about hygge in Danes' lives would have improved things, but overall a pleasant and fun read.

    13. A sweet book about creating and treasuring moments with family, warmth, good food and drink, that sort of thing. nice to know there's a word for it!

    14. Marketed as "the first ever book written about hygge," I expected something quite a bit morebstantial. I suppose my expectations were a little too high and I probably shouldn't have assumed that just because it is, apparently, the FIRST one written (according to whom? Any evidence?), that it would be that much better compared to the loads of others that have been written since. I had a couple big issues with this book that in the end left me with more questions than answers.The author is half-Da [...]

    15. I've been interested in the Danish concept of hygge for awhile now but wasn't sure which book to pick up (there have been SO many "how to hygge" books published in the last little while!) When this one showed up on Kindle for $4.99 I decided to give it a go. This was an incredibly fast read - I have a newborn and was able to finish it in one sitting. It reads more like a collection of informal blog posts than it does deep, thought-provoking non-fiction but that's okay. I was looking for a brief [...]

    16. This is a very quick read on a lovely topic. The author's interview with her Danish father about his impressions of hygge was interesting, but the rest of the book is filled with superficial, familiar tidbits: take a hot bath, wear a cozy sweater, enjoy a latte with friends. I appreciated the information about hygge but finished the book still wanting some deeper or more meaningful insight into hygge. This reads like a string of hastily written blog posts; not bad, necessarily, but I'm not sure [...]

    17. |Review in EN & FR|I have Swedish and Polish origins: countries where winter is long and rough, so I bathe in a "hygge" universe since childhood! I'm particularly sensitive to this cozy atmosphere, turned towards the well-being, that's why I enjoyed so much this book. I didn't learn much but I recommend it if you want to discover this way of life and improve yours!+ : it's a feel-good book with very simple advices to apply and often not expensive (even free), the pleasure of reading my daily [...]

    18. A super quick read, full of hygge. If you're new to the concept, it's full of gems, but for me, it didn't contain very much that was new or inspiring. I've pretty much been aggressively pursuing cozy for years. I'm part Danish, so I'm eager to try some of the recipes and get in touch with my heritage. And while I've been practicing some parts of hygge for ages (coziness, simplicity, tea, etc) I haven't been as faithful to say, take long walks in the cold. I'll have to get up the courage to do th [...]

    19. This book was a sweet, simple introduction to the concept of "hygge." It's a short book and a quick read, but I enjoyed meandering through it a little more slowly than I normally would a book this size. I don't know that I learned anything new about hygge, but I did pick up some practical tips for incorporating more hygge into my life. I think that I will now skim through the book again and try incorporating different aspects of hygge into my day (otherwise this is just going to plant in my brai [...]

    20. I read this because I missed the coziness of my Christmas decorations. It wasn't what I expected but still a good intro to 'hygge'. As it turns out, that concept appeals to me - from my sweaters, to my books, to the way I like my food, to the peace that I often crave (except I'm not much for hosting in my home, but I can work on that). The best parts were the traditional recipes and the stories from her father. And my house (at least my living room) is still sweet and cozy and welcoming even aft [...]

    21. A great book on returning to the simple life based on the happiness of the Danish people. Pronounced Hoo-gah, it focuses on cozy activities, well-being, intimacy, warmth with yourself, candles, blankets, fireplaces, picnics, etc. Since my husband works with a Danish company and I've been to Copenhagen twice with him (in a brutal winter and a beautiful fall). In our world of excesses and high-tech, this little book reminds you to focus on the little things. Similar to the minimalistic movement an [...]

    22. cute little book and readems I've been living my own personal Hygge life and didn't even know it!! Yay Me!!! :)

    23. Good tips on living a simple and cozy lifeGood reminders for living a simple, minimal, and cozy lifestyle. I really enjoyed this book. It was short and sweet. It was kind of basic and included a lot of things I already knew, but also had quite a bit to offer that I didn't know. I knew nothing about the Danish "hygge" before and this was very informative on it.

    24. Another book about positive over negative, comfort in oneself, your surroundings, your life, minimalism, being cozy, slowing down, being mindful in our daily lives. It was a nice Danish insight into what is Hygge, the development and how to create Hygge in your own life. I've read the Swedish version and several American versions, avoided the Japanese version and pretty much got it now. In fact, I could probably write this book. I will say, it's a good reminder for us to slow down and create the [...]

    25. Great book for beginners who want to understand what Hygge is! I enjoyed a peaceful afternoon with my coffee and sunshine reading away.

    26. The Danish concept of hygge raises self-care to an artform and makes it seem like a cultural norm, something that happens as naturally as breathing. Pia Edberg offers practical tips and advice we can all use to organize our live, our homes, and ourselves in a way that puts comfort first so we can express our care for ourselves and for each other in an easy-going way. I had never heard of hygge before, but love the idea! The ideas in the book were explained clearly which will make them easy to im [...]

    27. I loved the challenge at the end of this read. I was just browsing some things around and found the word Danish concept of happiness. You can tell I fell for this concept and wanted to augment it as quickly as possible. I mean, we have to strive to live a meaningful life. Anything less is not acceptable. Right? I think so. I loved the part when the author referenced the quote "You will never be free until you have no need to impress anyone." It is so true. A simple life is the life we all yearn [...]

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