Fairy Houses ... Everywhere!

Fairy Houses Everywhere From rustic dwellings to fairy mansions this whimsical collection of photographs depicts fairy habitats in various places from woods and parks to backyard gardens and the beach and encourages childre

  • Title: Fairy Houses ... Everywhere!
  • Author: Tracy Kane Tracy Kane
  • ISBN: 9780970810441
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From rustic dwellings to fairy mansions, this whimsical collection of photographs depicts fairy habitats in various places from woods and parks to backyard gardens and the beach and encourages children to explore nature using creativity and imagination.

    One thought on “Fairy Houses ... Everywhere!”

    1. I really liked this book. The projects are so creative and amazing (and they and the idea gets a full 5 stars.) I so wish I knew about these when I was working with groups of children. Heck, I wish this idea had been around when I was a child; I’d have had a blast participating in/creating fairy houses. The photos of finished fairy house projects are wonderful, and they show a variety of settings and materials and objects made. I particularly liked the use of gourds but almost all of the mater [...]

    2. My eye naturally looks for places where faeries might live. The author of this book shows many minature houses created for the faeries. And the first quarter of the book was filled with dreamy landscapes and delightful little homes for the faeries.For a crafter, this book is great - it has detailed instructions on construction. Although I'd rather have had just a good photography book of faerie housese book provides artists with good ideas in creating unique pieces.

    3. I received this as a gift. After reading it I put it on my coffee table as it is so lovely and it still hasn't left my coffee table. It is a truly lovely book:"From rustic dwellings to fairy mansions, this beautiful collection of photographs depicts these small structures and whimsical habitats in woods, parks, backyard gardens, and even at the beach. Enticing a fairy to stop by for a visit, building fairy houses can be addictive for all ages and encourages exploring the outdoors, being creative [...]

    4. I am having so much fun looking at this book with my 4 year old granddaughter. We have been having a great time building our own fairy house and collecting treasures for the next. She was worried that fairies would visit the house and she wouldn't know. I told her she could tell they had been there because they leave behind fairy dust. So that first night, after building our fairy house, I went out and sprinkled glitter on the path we made leading up to the house. She was so excited that that wa [...]

    5. There wasn't much of a story line to the book but overall I thought it gave some fantastic ideas of how to get children back into nature. I know I loved (and still sort of do) the idea of fairies when I was little and would have spent hours looking for or making fairy houses. This is something I would do with children, and it's something that can be done wherever you live.

    6. This book has fabulous pictures of amazing faerie houses, made from natural materials such as twigs, flowers, gourds, seashells, etc. The pictures will inspire readers to want to go out and try building their own faerie houses!

    7. Mostly just pictures, but it did inspire the 6 and 8-year-old to go outside and start colleting material to build their own fairy house.

    8. E's book. We are planning to make one when she comes back next time.Mostly wordless with just a few paragraphs at the end about making them.

    9. We saw some of these delightful houses in Boothbay at the arboretum. Delightful pictures. A fun project to keep in mind for the kids.

    10. Actually kind of glad this book didn't exist when I was a kid. If it had, I likely would've become obsessed with fairy houses and failed grammar school.

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