A Mate For The Bear

A Mate For The Bear Download this book FREE when you join Emma Alisyn s Howl List smarturl HowlList Fated mates Hidden enemy Her heart and his loyalty will be put to the test Annina must wrench the leadership of Clan F

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  • Title: A Mate For The Bear
  • Author: Emma Alisyn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Download this book FREE when you join Emma Alisyn s Howl List smarturl HowlList Fated mates Hidden enemy Her heart, and his loyalty, will be put to the test Annina must wrench the leadership of Clan Fire Eagle from her ailing, erratic grandfather Their enemies watch and wait for any weakness to exploit for Clan Fire Eagle controls rights to the most profitable rDownload this book FREE when you join Emma Alisyn s Howl List smarturl HowlList Fated mates Hidden enemy Her heart, and his loyalty, will be put to the test.Annina must wrench the leadership of Clan Fire Eagle from her ailing, erratic grandfather Their enemies watch and wait for any weakness to exploit for Clan Fire Eagle controls rights to the most profitable resource in the Territory But because of feuding between the shifter Clans, the Council has sent an Alpha known as The Bear to intervene in the Territory politics Canny, the Clans invoke an ancient tradition and offer him a mate for a year and a day The female he chooses will wield influence influence Annina desperately needs in order for her Clan to remain powerful As overlord, Kavanaugh must remain neutral in territory politics, and though he wants a mate, he is reluctant to choose among the daughters presented It is only a trap But the curvy, fire eyed daughter of a prominent, troublesome Clan captures his interest and tugs at his heart He wants to keep her but he is no woman s puppet, even if she is an Alpha in her own right Stubbornness and anger tear them apart but Annina must put aside ego, and Kavanaugh must balance duty with love in order for them to end the threat to Annina s life and bring peace to the Clans With a matebond and an unexpected pregnancy hanging in the balance, they have no choice but to soften dominance with passion This is a steamy paranormal shifter romance novella for readers who like their alpha males hard on the outside with a gooey center If you enjoy standalone stories featuring feisty bbw, surprise pregnancy and happily ever afters, A Mate for the Bear is for you For a fast paced, emotional romance, download now.Previously published in 3 separate installments, Mate for the Bear I, II, III

    One thought on “A Mate For The Bear”

    1. I liked it. It was an intersting plot and I liked Annina. She did want her own way and was arrogant at the same time, but her reactions to me were real life. You defend your family and at times you still defend even if they are wrong. Kav was hot and all alpha, but to me he was fair, but when he wanted something he sure did take it! I liked the other characters in the book Zeke and Hal. I really wanted more from them. They seemed really intriguing. The stuff I didn't like it was going good, but [...]

    2. Kavanaugh is the Bear, more or less the king of the bear shifter clans. He solves problems and keeps the peace between sometimes troublesome clans. Annina is one of the female bears to be offered to the Bear for a year and a day. The female that is chosen will be granted a boon of her choice. There is a major problem between Annina's clan and their neighbors. Can she persuade Kavanaugh to side with her family?. A complicated story with good strong characters.

    3. I hadn’t read anything from this author before but I enjoyed this book. Annina & Kavanaugh’s relationship had its ups and downs but despite external influence, they completed their mating bond. The journey they travelled was fraught with danger, suspicion and betrayal but as in all good romances, it had a happy ending. I would recommend reading this book to all lovers of shifter romance.

    4. Great short read. I laughed for a lot of interactions with Annina and Kavanugh. Kavanugh is sent to oversee the clans and Annina is picked to be his concubine for a year and a day. Will it work? Can they get along? Can Annina run her clan? I received and arc for my honest review.

    5. A mate by accidentA shifter story with some substance, though the ending was a bit abrupt and left some lingering questions. I'm interested in Zeke's quest for a mate. A new book, maybe?

    6. 4.5 stars This is an excellent contemporary paranormal romance. Clans are clashing therefore 'The Bear', Kavanaugh has been sent to oversee the issues. Annina has been chosen to represent her clan as the heir to her grandfather. Kav has to make decisions to benefit all even as Annina asks him to consider her request. The author keeps the readers focus as intrigue, suspense, traditions and romance occurs. I look forward to reading future books by this author.

    7. As always, there is something about Emma Alisyn’s writing that pulls you in. Sometimes, I think that it is how relatable her characters are. Other times, I think that it’s the stories themselves. Most, if not all of the stories that I’ve read from her are interracial and one of the best things that stand out in her stories is that neither side is too “over the top or stereotypical.” The women strut their stuff and hold their own, while the men can be strong, supportive, and even bend a [...]

    8. Fire BearAnnina wanted to save her clans fishing rights. She knew her grandfather was getting to old to remain clan chief and she was his second. If she could get the attention of the new Overlord, she knew she could sway him to help.Kavannah knew he needed to pick a consort. He wanted someone smart, sassy and some meat on their bones. When he saw Annina he knew she was the one to be his partner for the year.The problem with Annina's family turned out to be bigger than what she knew. Add on two [...]

    9. The Council has sent The Bear to intervene in the Territory politics due to the ongoing feuding. There is an ancient tradition in which the Clans offer him a choice of mate for one year and a day. Said mate will have a lot of influence over some thing, and Annina is going to make sure she is the chosen one. Kavanaugh and Annina are a great couple. She is young and stubborn as well as headstrong. He is older, wiser and maybe just calm enough to handle her outbursts. At first, I was starting to ge [...]

    10. I liked the story but did not like the heroine.Annina came across as a spoilt, stubborn, immature young woman. She would cut off her nose to spite her face type. Her behaviour when she did not get what she wanted was juvenile. As she is the heir to her clan this seemed a bit wrong. I also felt like she sold herself for power.I also did not understand the time frame for this book. I kept thinking I was in Native American times but it had modern items in it.Liked Kavannaugh and loved that he was a [...]

    11. This was a nice, quick read. The concept of the bears, clans, and councils were pretty interesting It wasn't drawn intricately, but there was enough of it to get me interested and for me to enjoy reading the book and peek my interest in any books/stories to follow.The thing about the age between the MCs was kind of weird. Mainly because it was and wasn't fully explained. You just know that he is much older than she is. I would think that would add another facet to the relationship they were havi [...]

    12. The Fire Eagle Clan holds controlling rights to the most profitable fishing resource in the Territory and other clans want it, because of the fighting the Council has sent an Alpha Bear to be a mate to a single lady for a year and a day. The lucky lady will hold influence over the resource at the end of the time. Annina must win to keep her clan in power, Kavanaugh is the Alpha chosen to be the male who is to mate the woman.Can to head-strong Bears find a balance for that time? What is the hidde [...]

    13. A Mate for the bear by Emma AlisynThis was an ok read. I liked the relationship that formed. It took a while for them to get to the point that I was happy with.The heroine was hard to like at time just because she pretty much slept with him for power. I know it was part of the plot, but it really got on my nerves.I got confused a lot by the use of other names in context to people. I like the old time feeling this book had but it wasn't too overdone. Overall it was a cute steamy read. I give it t [...]

    14. Overall this storyline was a quick read and I am looking forward to more from the author. I did feel like the heroine, Annina overreacted to some situations but I felt Kavanaugh, her mate was wise and handled her beautifully. I think some of the drama around Annina was because she was a "young" clan elder and she had a lot to learn about everything. I think this story is a classic, "Can't see the forest for the trees" situation and sometimes you just need someone else to see the situation clearl [...]

    15. I voluntarily reviewed and Advanced copy of this book. I have to say I was a little confused at first when I began to read it. However; once you start reading more of it, it gets really really good and a lot of the lost points at the start come to fruition. Annina is an Eagle Fire shifter that is trying to save her family business that has kept the clans thriving for years, but she comes to find Bear, who is the governing shifter of the clans, and is looking for a mate. Man has this feisty shift [...]

    16. 3.5 starsThis was a good story, I did enjoy the overall plot but something wasn't quite working for me, there were too many different names ! Kavanaugh had the title of bear, But they are all bears ? So that isn't really a title to denote his position And it took me a while to realise Blade and Terrance were the same person as he was referred to by both names at varying stages of the book. Also the heroine was very immature considering her position as heir.Overall it was an enjoyable read.

    17. Kavanaugh, the King bear of the territory, came to take a woman for a year and a day from the offerings the clans gave. Kavanaugh chose Annina, an alpha female who was a wonderful challenge for him and not a "yes alpha" type of woman. Kavanaugh and Annina had to deal with assassination attempts, arson, skimming money from clan books, and a budding courtship with love attached. I. received this book for free for an honest review.

    18. The bears clan's in the area have been fighting so regional council sent someone to over see them, and an archaic year and a day abligation is being offered to the new leader to pick one of their daughter to be a concubine for a year and day. Annika gas been picked. She is from the fire eagle clan. The story has great action , lots of mystery and spice. Twists and turns are great. Great add to shifter library

    19. Great StoryI choose this rating because the story pulled me in from the beginning. I lost my self in their life. Ninna and the Bear had some real issues to deal with and overcome. Zeke was falling for her cousin and dealing with the danger they are in. Ninna is attacked twice in this story will they figure out who is behind that? What will happen next?

    20. Clash of the TitansLoved this book. Annina and Kavanaugh were great characters as they both were stubborn and strong.He was the more seasoned in bear politics and life.She would do anything for family but was naïve thinking none would betray her.Received this book in exchange for an honest review for the author.

    21. Quick and steamy, with nicely developed characters and enough twist to keep it interesting. A heroine with sass and class, and a nicely heroic hero (although she is rather good at saving herself).Enjoy!

    22. Big Bear little bearVery entertaining, love reading books on bear shifters. Surprised her grandfather turn on her and tried to kill her but he lost his mind . loves how author uses curvy women in her stories.

    23. A Mate for the BearI thought this was an interesting twist on bear shifter romance with more focus on the politics of how they live than on some happy accidental meeting like most stories. I think the ending leaves a lot of room for sequel or spinoff stories.

    24. Was a good storyline and the intricate details of the characters was refreshing. I didn't like the heroine, she seemed spoilt and entitled. She wanted to chuck a tantrum whenever thing didn't go her way, even if it was for the right reasons. Overall a great book that I would recommend

    25. This story captures your attention and never lets it go. Finally a book with a female alpha and a strong character in her own right.

    26. OkOK, just a bit confusing with the names , could have been better. Annina is loyal and stubborn to a fault, she meets Kav who is just dominant enough to tame her.

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