Selected Sinners Series #1-7

Selected Sinners Series pages of fast paced romantic erotica Each book tells a stand alone story The complete award winning Selected Sinners Series in one purchase Seven Best Selling Erotic Romance Novels in one bund

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  • Title: Selected Sinners Series #1-7
  • Author: Scott Hildreth
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 3,000 pages of fast paced romantic erotica Each book tells a stand alone story The complete award winning Selected Sinners Series in one purchase Seven 1 Best Selling Erotic Romance Novels in one bundled set on sale for 10 days only Each novel has no cheating, an HEA, and can be enjoyed as a stand alone read.Book I Making the CutBook II Taking the HeatBook3,000 pages of fast paced romantic erotica Each book tells a stand alone story The complete award winning Selected Sinners Series in one purchase Seven 1 Best Selling Erotic Romance Novels in one bundled set on sale for 10 days only Each novel has no cheating, an HEA, and can be enjoyed as a stand alone read.Book I Making the CutBook II Taking the HeatBook III OtisBook IV HUNGBook V EX CONBook VI Money ShotBook VII Hard CorpsAuthor s note Although this series contains no cheating, and the heroes are protective and respectful of their female counterparts, the novels contain many graphically depicted sex scenes that are not intended for anyone under the age of 18, prudes, or the faint of heart.

    One thought on “Selected Sinners Series #1-7”

    1. I already have each of these books but if you are looking for a hot sexy MC series, then snatch this up! I can't wait to reread them on audio!

    2. Pricing has nothing to do with my rating, but first things first. EIGHT Best-Selling books for 99 cents? Holy shit. These eight books redefine the MC Romance genre for me. No cheating, no sex outside the relationship, no club whores, and a HEA in every one? Wow. And, they're biker books written by a man who is a biker, and has ridden in two MCs himself. So, realistic biker books. Now, that's a change for sure. These books touched my soul in one way or another. All different, all fabulous, and al [...]

    3. these books are absolutely amazing, and throw in the fact that they are on sale for pennies they are a must by for anyone who loves romance and MC stories!

    4. LMAO—this might be the easiest review I have ever written, BUY THIS BOOK!!!! Or I should say BOOKS… these EIGHT, yes I said eight, books that make up this pack of MUST READS. I have never read an MC series before this one and was unsure what I would find in the pages of these novels. What I discovered was page turning EXCELLENCE. Each of these stories is very different, but share the common thread of brotherhood. Gift yourself this wonderful box set, you will not regret it!!! If the price do [...]

    5. This series is my favorite MC series out there. It was this series that turned me onto the MC genre. It was this series that turned me onto Scott Hildreth and his amazing stories. Reviews for each book:Making the Cut:4 Crazy Stars!I really enjoyed reading this book. I did have an issue with one part of the book but it didn't take away from my enjoyment over all. I did like the dynamic between Axton and Avery. I didn't like Sloan's character. I wanted to slap the bitch. I'm eager to read more fro [...]

    6. He's Her Ride🐺🔪🔫🍆🌋✋BOOK 1. Making The Cut.🔪Avery, tall, skinny college student🎓💋, works part time at a bar 🍺 in Wichita, KS.Axton🐺🔫🔪, aka Slice, is President of the Selected Sinners, MC club from Winfield, KS, about 20 miles south of Wichita. They stay out of the federal eye by not crossing state lines or committing federal crimes. Axton🐺🔪🔫 also helps out local law enforcement in the small town when needed.He's a committed single man, about 35 years [...]

    7. Magnificent 7All I can think to say right now is “appreciate ya” to this author, because I’m still in a bookgasm head space. I need some after care cuddling! Talented writer! I will never look at Saran Wrap or half moon ice cubes the same way again. I now want to go for a ride on a real motorcycle (not the crotch rocket kind). I don’t want to ask some random dude tho. Lol. I love when an author writes what he knows and researches what he doesn’t. I was totally transported into this boo [...]

    8. All of the books!I love Scott Hildreth's books! Saw the box set and thought let's read them again. In one of the books " In my opinion, if an author of a book didn’t know the difference between two, to, too, four, fore, for, or their, they’re and there, they had no business publishing a book without the assistance of a professional editor." This is so true. I go I sane reading books like this. Thank goodness my fav writer Scott Hildreth does.Another great saying. The book is full of them. [...]

    9. 🔥😍🔥 AWESOME 🔥😍🔥I know that I am a little late reading this collection but it was so very great to read about all of the Selected Sinners members. With each story, I was in the SS world and really didn't want to leave. Only complaint was the ending of Jackson's story, meaning he looked and looked for Em, finally found her, then BOOM, the book ended. I was almost like the book reviewer Sienna in the next book and had a little fit like What the Hell ?!? Otherwise, LOVED ALL OF THE [...]

    10. The Selected Sinners Box Set is a fantastic series - I own all of these books individually and love them! Hildreth has a style of writing that blends the hardness of a biker with the softness of a heart in love. These men are good and honorable. These stories are by no means sappy romances, but rather, they are well written stories that draw you in with amazingly lovable characters. The sex isn't the main part of the stories, but they definitely ramp up the heat! And the dialogue is a so well wr [...]

    11. Seven books I dont know where to beginSeven books seven men seven women and I really fell in love with them all. I wont go into detail about each book individually but I will say that the Selected Sinners MC are a wild bunch with broken hearts, walls a mile high and the most passion I've ever read. The women in their lives are all different but have one thing in common their devotion to their men. Steamy sex scenes galore, these men are all good at what they do. This set has made me laugh so har [...]

    12. 5 stars not enough You ever have something that just consumes you? I mean gets in your head and doesn't let go? This series did that times 10!! The author did a fantastic job with the main and sub characters. I can't even pick a favorite but I will say that each hero and heroine were so well suited for each other. Not just some hot guy with a chip on his shoulder who blinks and is forever changed by a pretty girl. No there was depth to each story. Each story had a "money shot" and not one disapp [...]

    13. Can't say enoughThis series was justYeah. The stories are well written. The secondary characters, as perfect as, the main ones. They tugged @ my heart & I'll tell you why: It is of my belief in how I was raised, believe it with a bone deep conviction to this day, same for my husband that Yes, God is real, prayers are heard by God & HIS will is done ALL WHILE doing WHATEVER needs done, by ANY means necessary to protect what's yours from harm & no forgiveness is needed to be asked beca [...]

    14. New to me authorI was given this book to me by a friend when asked for her "must" read. I enjoyed the series but felt disappointed in the first 2 books until i realized the author writing style. The reason was, I felt the plot was lacking amd missing a MC storyline like i had read in many others. After the 2nd book i realized the authors intent was a story of a man and his life choices more than a typical MC style series.

    15. Down to earthThe characters in each book were strong, but down to earth. As I read each book I could picture meeting t hem on the street. Each book had a moral to the story which could apply to every day life, such as it is. If it weren't for the language, which I understand the necessity of, and sex scenes, I would have my preteen and teenage grandsons read this author. There is much to be learned, from the written word.

    16. I am a Sinner fan for life!This was my 1st book for this author and I have to say, it DEFINITELY WONT BE MY LAST! I absolutely love the storyline, characters, and the absolute love which came through each page! I definitely want more Sinner stories! The love these men had for their partners was truly beautiful! Well written and great humor! The men in these stories, wow! If I could only find one with their passion! Great Book, Great Series!

    17. Each story is amazing!I keep thinking that I am going to find a book I don't like. I honestly think each one I read gets better. I am so happy I've purchased these books because I know I will be reading them again!

    18. Loved all of the stories. Loved the fact they overlapped so we got another point of view. Biscuit will always hold a place in my heart. as my husband would always call me Biscuit or Bisc. A keeper and I will reread.

    19. Must ReadThis boxset was amazing loved each and every book in this series it certainly had me glued when I was able to sit down and read looking forward to reading more Scott , highly recommended this boxset set series

    20. Box setS great box set of the Dinners MC romances. Each book is a winner with strong women and hot bikers

    21. What can I say.Scott Hildreth delivers superb stories !!!! all the Sinners are amazing loyal men to the endOTT HILDRETH YOU WRITE AMAZING STORIES !!!!

    22. Perfect!!!Scott, Scott, Scott!! The Selected Sinners are perfect!! I mean, my goodness!! Words escape me!! It's so hard to choose q favorite book, I LOVED them all so much!!

    23. Another great readEnjoyed reading this book and reading about the characters and their story. Looking forward to reading more from this author.

    24. Love a box setWhen you can get the whole series in a box set, so much easier. Loved it from page 1 til the very end. Awesome read.

    25. AmazingMaking the cutAxton is one hot alpha male with a ton of self control. Avery is on firecracker of a woman. They make for in hell of a combination. Could not put this book down wanted to see what would happen. Taking the heatToad is one loyal complicated hot alpha man. Sydney is one sexy women. Loved the way they made each other whole. They have one hot connection. Loved that they were just what the other needed. Could not put this book down. Had to see what was going t. to happen. Otis Wow [...]

    26. I am not addicted to reading all of his books. I had never read MC books prior. These are a group of men who do what is needed in order to protect the ones they love.

    27. Series Deserves A 10 Star Rating!!I'm not sure I can put into words the impact this book has had on me. I was a bit hesitant when I began my Scott Hildreth journey but was almost immediately speechless. I follow Scott on FB and new he could be over the top but there is so much more to him. Mr. Hildreth's take on life in general and his obvious faith in God sold me on this author. Thank you Mr. Hildreth for opening my eyes.

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