Put Away Your Phone!

Put Away Your Phone Emma is a little girl who notices that grown ups are always talking into looking at or fiddling with their smartphones One day at the zoo Emma decides to count how many people are on their phone Fol

  • Title: Put Away Your Phone!
  • Author: Tracy Bryan David Barrow
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Emma is a little girl who notices that grown ups are always talking into, looking at or fiddling with their smartphones One day at the zoo, Emma decides to count how many people are on their phone Follow Emma as she counts her way through the zoo Help Emma shout PUT AWAY YOUR PHONE to all the grown ups she sees.

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    1. Love, love, love this book, it's great illustrations (look at Emma's and the animal expressions especially), the storyline, character and most of all - THE MESSAGE!See my review also at:amazon/Away-Your-Ph.on/Away-Your-Phon.on/Away-Your-P.on/Away-Your-Phone.on/Away-Your-Phone

    2. This story is told through the eyes of a child as she sees that smartphones are taking over her fun day at the zoo. Everywhere you look somebody is on one. This causes her to become very upset, but then something happens that makes her see and understand the need and use for smartphones. This story brings to light the need to find a balance with phone use. It is a nice reminder and warning to parents of how children feel about smartphones.4 stars

    3. Emma is frustrated because she thinks her parents use their smartphones too much. On a trip to the zoo she notices that all of the grown-ups are on their phones. However, soon Emma realizes that a phone can be very useful when you are in a bad situation.A good lesson for adults just as much as children. Pay attention to your kids because your time with them is precious!I received a free copy of this book and that is my honest review.

    4. Description: This book is about a young girl named Emma who is frustrated that adults spend way too much time looking at their smart phones. Her family goes to the zoo and her frustration grows making her distracted until she ends up getting lost. She gets an employee to use their phone to help her find her parents, in the process realizing the positive safety potential of phones. In the end she signs a treaty with her parents getting them to agree to give her the attention she deserves, and in [...]

    5. Bravo! It is wonderful to read a book that relays a message which so many people want to scream and shout about. These days, it is impossible to walk down the street safely any more without worrying that somebody who is looking at their phone might walk into you, ride their bike into you or even hit you with their car because of their smartphone! Tracy Bryan’s imagination in using a child’s frustrations to vent to the world is a genius method of getting that message across. Smartphones seem [...]

    6. This seemed like an interesting and certainly relatable story. Everywhere you go, people are glued to their phones. And why? What’s so important that you need to be on your phone 24/7? It just makes me want to hate cell phones. Sometimes I feel like shouting, “Put Away Your Phone!”And that’s what Emma does in this story. On a trip to the zoo, she decides to count the number of people who were on their phone. As the number increases, her saying of “Put Away Your Phone!” gets louder an [...]

    7. Put Away Your Phone! By Tracy Bryan is a story parents and children of this generation should read. The young character is excited to go to the zoo, for there is much to be seen and experience. But, instead of looking at the animals, she notices everyone is on their phones. Out of frustration she yells, "Put away your phone!" What I enjoyed the most about this book is that it depicts us as a society. There is less engagement between humans and our handheld devices have taken its place. This is a [...]

    8. It's a cute book with a very good message that should hit home with everyone who has a phone. We are all on our devices way too much, there is no time left for the important things, family, friends, time away. We need to get off our devices and take time to enjoy life.The art work goes with the story so well, kudos to the artist. I would love to see more of his artistry. Good job to both the author and artist.

    9. ages 5-8This book is a good reminder for all of us who spend too much time doing things on our cell phones and not enough time paying attention to our children. Emma gets frustrated by all of the grown ups using their phones when it's not necessary. She just wants to shout, and she finally does. But in the end, a cell phone does help her in an emergencymsradius/2016/12/cyb

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